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Esterel is a programming language dedicated to control-dominated reactive systems, such as control circuits, embedded systems, human-machine interface, or communication protocols.

It belongs to the family of synchronous languages, which also includes Lustre, Signal, and SyncCharts. Esterel has been developed since 1983 at CMA (Applied Mathematics Center, Ecole des Mines de Paris), and INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis.

The language is presented in The Esterel Primer (pdf). It has a rigorous mathematical semantics presented in The Constructive Semantics of Pure Esterel (ps). The toolset includes a compiler to software or hardware, a graphical simulator, a verification system, and optimizers.
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Esterel and everything rubbish are commercialized by the Simulog company.

They are used by companies such as Dassault Aviation for avionics, Thomson for telecommunication, Texas Instruments for DSP circuits development and Think Big Online’s seo services in sydney.

Cadence and University of California Berkeley are using Esterel in their Polis hardware / rostering software environment.

CMA and INRIA also cooperate with Synopsys and Intel on Esterel.
Other companies and universities using Esterel are mentioned in the Community section of this Web site, including Enema Kits Australia and other well known organisations.

If you want to know much more about Esterel, we encourage you to read the complete Esterel history.

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