Papers from the Esterel Team

Papers from the Esterel Team

How to analyze cyclic circuits for full constructive causality in Esterel v5:

  • Constructive Analysis of Cyclic Circuits [ PostScript ] [ PDF ]
    T. Shiple, Gérard Berry, H. Touati. Proc. International Design and Testing Conference, Paris, 1996.

How to optimize the generated circuits:

  • Latch Optimization in Circuits Generated from High-Level Descriptions [ PostScript ] [ PDF ] H. Toma, E. Sentovich, and G. Berry Proc. International Conf. on Computer-Aided Design ICCAD’96,

  • Efficient Latch Optimization Using Incompatible Sets
    H. Toma, E. Sentovich, and G. Berry Proc. International Digital Conférence.
    DAC 97, Anaheim 1997
  • Optimized Controller Synthesis Using Esterel [ PostScript ] [ PDF ]
    H. Touati, G. Berry. Proc. International Workshop on Logic Synthesis, Lake Tahoe, 1993.

A general discussion of synchrony vs. asynchrony in real-time systems:

  • Real-Time Programming: General Purpose or Special-Purpose Languages
    Gérard Berry. Information Processing 89, pp 11-17, Elsevier Science Publishers, 1989.

The first complete paper on the language design.

  • The Esterel Synchronous Programming Language: Design, Semantics, Implementation [ PostScript ] [ PDF ]
    Gérard Berry, Georges Gonthier. Science of Computer Programming vol. 19, n°2, pp 87-152, 1992.

A general survey of the language:

  • The Esterel Language
    Frédéric Boussinot, Robert De Simone. Another Look at Real Time Programming, Proc. of the IEEE, vol. 79, pp 1293-1304, 1991.

A general discussion of preemption primitives for synchronous programs:

  • Preemption and Concurrency [ PostScript ] [ PDF ]
    Gérard Berry. Proc. FSTTCS 93, Springer Verlag, lectures notes in Computer Science 761, 1993.

An attempt at unifying Esterel and CSP:

  • Communicating Reactive Processes [ PostScript ] [ PDF ]
    Gérard Berry, S. Ramesh, R.K. Shyamasundar. Proc. 20th ACM Conf. on Principles of Programming Languages, Charleston, Virginia, 1993.