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 The Esterel team cooperates with Industry

Dassault Aviation uses Esterel for avionics, and has strongly supported the development of the language and tools. Dassault has regularly funded the team through R&D contracts in the last 12 years. Dassault and the Esterel team are members of the french Genie project.

The Esterel Technologies company, a subsidiary of Simulog, has acquired a source code licence of Esterel v5 and markets the Esterel Studio environment for Esterel and SyncCharts programming and verification.

The Esterel team cooperates with the Cadence Design Systems company on hardware / software codesign and entry languages for system-level design, through a research grant. Cadence develops the ECL programming language, which is C enhanced with Esterel-style constructs.

The team cooperates with Texas Instruments, which uses Esterel for DSP system modelling and validation.

The team cooperates with Intel and Synopsys through a research grant, to explore the possible use of Esterel in aggressive microprocessor design and synthesis.

Within the Syntel project, the team cooperates with Thomson and Simulog on the use of Esterel in hardware/software codesign of wireless communication systems

 Other industrial use of Esterel

TRDDC, a branch of Tata Consulting services, markets “Keyareas/Systems Representation” a Human-Machine Interface system that uses Esterel for graphical objects behavior programming

Motorola Powertrain, Geneva, Switzerland, uses Esterel for engine control embedded systems developmnent.

 External research about Esterel and Synchronous Programming

Lustre Signal SyncCharts

Jester is an embedding of Esterel into Java, developed by M. Antoniotti at Parades

You can now program Lego Mindstorms Robots using the Esterel Language. All you need is:

A Lego Mindstorms kit, an Esterel compiler, and a sensors oriented Esterel program.

You can download the robot-dance program (tgz file) if you want to have explicit example (linux version only,NT not yet available).
You can also visit Martin Richard’s web site, dedicated to Lego Mindstorms programming with synchronus languages.

 Esterel teaching

Esterel is teached in several universities and engineering schools.

  • Ecole d’Ingénieur de Genève (EIG, site in French): rich and well detailed teaching material from the Laboratoire d’Informatique Industrielle (LII). Courses on reactive systems and their design. Documentation with a lot of programming examples, including Lego Mindstorms Robots programming using Esterel.

Please send us any reference, web link, etc. about Esterel teaching that could be mentionned here.