Best Anti-Perspirants

Top 10 Best Anti-Perspirants For Excessive Sweating Reviews in 2021

Too much sweating can ruin your life!

Many people refrain from raising their arms on a daily basis for fear that their halos are too large. However, to avoid this moment of embarrassment and shame , there are very effective care and treatments!

To put an end to excessive sweating, damp skin and halos under the arms, here’s what to help you find the best antiperspirant!

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The Best Anti-Perspirants

1. Etiaxil Unperspirant Roll-On Treatment for Armpits Sensitive Skins

Etiaxil Unperspirant

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Etiaxil Unperspirant is an anti-perspirant treatment which attacks the natural phenomenon of perspiration by acting directly on the sweat glands. Instead of simply blocking them, it actually makes it possible to treat and put to sleep its glands to regulate perspiration and reduce its flow, especially when it is excessive! Applied regularly, this treatment containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate is also capable of preventing and destroying the agents responsible for bothersome odors in order to offer complete protection and no longer feel complexed by your armpits. As a treatment, it can finally quite be used in addition to a classic deodorant, in particular to provide a pleasant fragrance.

Our opinion: The antiperspirant Etiaxil Unperspirant is one of the solutions we appreciate the most to calm our perspiration, and one of those that we have found the most effective! On the other hand, it should be clearly specified that it is an alcohol-based treatment, and that to avoid all the inconveniences that some people may suffer, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations. It can only be applied in small doses, in the evening on clean, dry skin, you should obviously avoid putting it on armpits that have just been shaved, and a sensitive skin version exists just in case. By following all these tips, the results are felt the very next day: no more feeling of humidity or smell, and the effects last as long as this treatment is applied regularly!

2. Driclor Antiperspirant

Driclor Antiperspirant

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Driclor Antiperspirant is also an antiperspirant treatment which acts directly on the sweat glands and ducts to decrease or even stop the flow of perspiration. Thanks to the aluminum chloride hexahydrate, the glands are put to rest and the diameter of the ducts is reduced, which guarantees real effectiveness against excessive perspiration: the armpits remain dry! As aluminum chloride acts at the same time on the agents responsible for the appearance of unpleasant body odor , the armpits also remain healthier. Finally, this treatment is applied according to a very precise rhythm: first two consecutive evenings per week to obtain a notable reduction in perspiration, then once a week then in maintenance, to maintain the effects.

Our opinion: The antiperspirant Driclor Antiperspiranthas the same formula as Etiaxil and since it works the same way, it is a treatment that we think of exactly the same! For anyone who suffers from excessive sweating, this is a really viable and very effective solution, as long as you make sure you apply the product properly. Be careful not to use too much to avoid itching and burns (it is still an alcohol-based solution) and especially to apply this product only on clean skin without sores. And once all these instructions have been respected, all the sensations of humidity disappear and you can finally enjoy your daily life!

3. SweatStop


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SweatStop antiperspirant is a treatment against excessive sweating formulated without parabens and from aluminum chloride to effectively fight against unpleasant sensations of humidity. But it also contains aloe vera and provitamin B5 to ensure benign use on the skin. Conditioned in the form of a spray, it can be practical for application to all areas of the body to prevent the formation of sweat and odors, whether in the armpits, bust, back, hands, feet or even the face. To be applied at night, to clean, dry skin, it then guarantees protection that can last from 48 to 72 hours. (The following applications are therefore made every 2 to 3 days.)

Our opinion: SweatStop is also an anti-perspirant treatment that we have found to be quite effective! If it hides a little behind the presence of aloe vera to make you forget that it works like almost all antiperspirants based on aluminum chloride, it is nonetheless very efficient. We especially appreciated it for its spray format which allows much easier application on large areas such as the back, for example. Applied 2 to 3 times a week, it really helps to remove excess perspiration, no matter the area, you hardly sweat anymore, and in addition, you can still use a classic deodorant when you like it. fragrance it brings. A good treatment, therefore, when you really need it!

4. Purax Antiperspirant

Purax Antiperspirant

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Purax Antiperspirant is an antiperspirant treatment specially developed for people suffering from excessive sweating. Thanks to its formula containing aluminum chloride, this treatment is able to neutralize the sweat glands in the epidermis to prevent sweating and thus reduce sensations of humidity. Applied 1 to 2 times per week, its effectiveness is such that it guarantees dry and odorless armpits for up to 7 days and that it is therefore no longer necessary to use other body care products such as deodorants , unless you want scented armpits! Finally, as a small amount is enough to control excess sweating, the 50 ml of the product can last for many months!

Our opinion: The anti-perspirant Purax Antiperspirant is once again a treatment based on the unique power of aluminum chloride: although it is not always well regarded, it is the most effective element to stop sweating, and we realize it again with this product! After a few days, you don’t really sweat anymore , your armpits stay dry all day long, and it’s a real pleasure not to have to worry about your halos anymore … As with other antiperspirants, you have to be careful. to follow precisely the application recommendations for maximum efficiency without inconvenience. But apart from this detail, it’s a treatment that works very well and that is offered at a rather interesting price!

5. Odaban Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray

Odaban Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray

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Odaban Spray is a treatment designed to resolve sweating problems, in men and women, regardless of the area of ​​the body most affected. Whether it is underarms, body or even face, the fact that it comes in the form of a spray allows it to be applied both conveniently and easily. Thanks to aluminum chloride, it acts directly on the sweat glands in order to put them to sleep and thus significantly reduce the amount of perspiration, while at the same time eliminating bad odors. Hypoallergenic, regular application (a few times a week, or even less) is enough to maintain control and keep skin dry and never wet, whatever the conditions.

Our opinion: The anti-perspirant Odaban Spray is another treatment combating excessive sweating which opts for a very useful spray version. When sweat and humidity affects not only the armpits but also other parts of the body, the presence of a spray greatly facilitates the application. In terms of results, like most of the products here that we tested, we were pleased to notice the disappearance of moisture from the skin, and that is what matters most. On the other hand, we still considered this treatment quite expensive, especially compared to its quantity since it is a spray of only 30 ml! To be tested if the SweatStop is not powerful enough, for example!

6. Vichy 24-Hour Dry-Touch Deodorant

Vichy 24-Hour Dry-Touch Deodorant

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Vichy’s antiperspirant treatment takes the form of a cream to be applied to areas affected by intense perspiration, and in particular the armpits. Thanks to its alcohol-free and hypoallergenic formula, it is a gentle treatment for the skin that is nevertheless very effective in targeting sweat pores, reducing their flow and gradually putting an end to sweating, up to 7 days in fact. ! Although its scent is very light, it also eliminates any unpleasant body odor that may arise during the day. To apply to clean, dry skin, you just need to make the cream penetrate well and let it dry before putting on your clothes to avoid any sticky effect!

Our opinion: Vichy offers here a rather original anti-perspirant treatment since it is not a liquid to apply or a spray to spray on your skin, but rather a cream to spread! This bias has both its advantages and its disadvantages: we liked the fact that the application is gentle and that we can target the areas that sweat the most, but on the other hand, the fact that it is a tube makes it quite difficult to access the cream when it starts to empty… But beyond these details, this treatment is on the other hand very effective and it quickly puts an end to sweating problems. The armpits stay very dry, without halos and odorless, and it’s really very pleasant!

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