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Top 10 Best Automatic Hose Reels Reviews in 2021

Watering your garden is a daunting task. We face the heat and in many cases, the material is not suitable. With an automatic hose reel, you will only have to pull the necessary length of hose and quickly water your plants and your vegetable garden.

You will be done with going back and forth to fill your watering can. No more waiting next to your rainwater collection tank, which is sorely lacking in flow. The freedom and time savings are yours.

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The Best Automatic Dispensers

GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 50-Feet

GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 50-Feet

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As with all your garden tools, the German brand Gardena has the answer to your needs. They have developed a good quality automatic dispenser ready to do you great service.

To water your garden simply and in a few minutes, nothing beats an automatic hose reel. You just have to pull on the hose and go to the watering point. Roll-up comfort models are fixed to the wall, as close as possible to the point of use. Then all you have to do is connect your connection hose to the tap and turn on the water supply.

Depending on the version, you will have a hose length of between 15 meters and 35 meters. Enough to face the largest fields and reach every corner of your garden. The winding system ensures a smooth return. It incorporates a centrifugal brake so as never to be dragged along by the force of the return. A very good point to be able to be used by everyone.

The hose will always roll up the same way following its guide, so you won’t have any knots or kinks. The life of the hose is exemplary thanks to always optimal storage.

The pivot of the wall mount allows free movement over 180 °. This greatly simplifies its positioning outside or in your garage. You will not need to worry about the orientation of the hose outlet.

Gardena has specially designed its material to make it more frost resistant than most of its competitors. You can install it outdoors without risk. In any case, remove as much water as you can before winter to take no risk and you are sure to find your equipment intact when the warm weather returns.

The kit includes, in addition to the hose reel, a garden hose and another for connection, a hose nozzle and everything needed for wall mounting, with support and dowels.

Kärcher CR3.110 Compact Hose Box

Kärcher CR3.110 Compact Hose Box

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If you are looking for a new way to water your garden, Kärcher has developed an automatic dispenser that is about to make your life much easier!

Let’s start by talking about what sets it apart from the competition: mobility. Here, it is not a wall-mounted hose reel, so there will be no drilling and no fixing. This is ideal for a tenant who does not always have the right or the desire to make holes that will probably be blamed on the inventory. For owners, it’s also a solution to not clutter up your garage. When you are not using it, you can store it in your garden shed.

In the case of the Kärcher model, it is a winding drum. All you have to do is connect the hose to your water supply and then walk to your garden or vegetable patch. It stands like a watering can and the hose unwinds upstream from the reel. All apartment gardeners will love this innovative solution, which perfectly fulfills its role.

Are you afraid of getting water everywhere? Not possible with Aqua Stop fittings. Slide the locking ring and lightly pull on it to disconnect them. The system immediately blocks the water supply and you will have no unintended flow. Everything will stay perfectly clean and dry.

It is particularly effective for apartments with a hose length of 10 meters. If you have a water point near your garden, you could very well use it in a house, remember to check the distance at each point of your vegetable garden.

Its main flaw is the weight you have to carry, especially if there are a lot of hose lengths left when you water. The hose reel weighs only two kilograms, but if the distance is small from your tap, then several meters will remain in the reel, and it will be loaded with water, which will make the whole thing heavier.

GARDENA Frost Proof – ”M” Hose Cart + Hose Guide

GARDENA Frost Proof - ''M'' Hose Cart + Hose Guide

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To facilitate watering your garden , the German brand Gardena has developed a cart on which you will have to place your hose. Equipped with a manual hose reel, you can get as close as possible to your vegetable garden to water effortlessly.

The stand is available in several sizes. The 13 mm model has a capacity of 60 meters, the 15 mm can accommodate 50 m and 35 m for the 19 mm version. You will also find it equipped with a hose or not. If you already have your own and want to improve your daily life, you can wind your own hose on the hub yourself and enjoy the extraordinary mobility that the Gardena offers you.

The support is designed to have excellent stability and not to fall when you pull to unwind the hose. Its use is then greatly simplified compared to other models of less good quality which require to unwind the length in advance.

Its resistance to frost and bad weather gives you the possibility of storing it outside. For the winter, be sure to drain the hose to keep it in perfect condition and find it intact when the warm weather returns.

If you have little space, the Gardena with its Kick and Stand support will suit you perfectly with its quick folding system. The base is foldable and can accommodate the handle. It is even possible to fold the crank and save more space. You will then obtain a compact unit that is easy to store.

You will understand, this device is simple, but effective. It simply lacks assistance in rewinding the hose after use. Here you will need to crank the crank yourself and make sure the winding is neat and without knots.

Hozelock Auto Reel with 40m Hose

Hozelock Auto Reel with 40m Hose

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Finding the perfect self-winding wall-mounted hose reel requires analyzing the market to have a product that meets all of our criteria and meets our expectations. The model proposed by Hozelock has many advantages to promote.

With this automatic dispenser, you will have a wall model, that is to say, you will have to start by attaching it to a wall, inside or outside, according to your convenience. We advise you, to keep your equipment as long as possible, to protect it from bad weather and the sun. Also, be sure to use wall plugs that match the type of wall material to ensure solid mounting.

The reel is designed to be practical and space-saving. This version has a new hull much more compact than the previous one. Hozelock still manages to hold 20 meters of pipes inside, as well as the automatic winding system. This model also has compartments to store your accessories and organize yourself efficiently.

Regarding supplies, the set consists of three distinct parts. On the one hand, you will have a connecting pipe. It is he who makes the link between your hose reel and the water supply. Screw it to the faucet and turn on the faucet to circulate the water to the watering point. The second part is the wire feeder itself. As it weighs 8 kg, remember to fix it securely. Finally, you will have 20 meters of hose (depending on the model, there is also 30 meters) and the watering lance at its end.

The fittings are provided, with a kit like this, you will not have any additional material to provide. The fittings are soft grip models with clips, push them in until the locking ring moves and that’s it! There is only the one that comes to connect to the tap that must be screwed on.

Hozelock 2450R0000

Hozelock 2450R0000

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The Hozelock brand has a wide range of hose reels. Some attach to the wall in your garage or outside, others are placed on the ground. Let’s analyze here their wheeled model which is designed to allow you to get closer to your vegetable garden in order to water it.

After purchase, you will have the happy surprise to find that the Hozelock with cart is already assembled. You will not have tedious steps, no waste of time. Use it immediately!

The biggest advantage of this manual reel with trolley is its simplified transport capacity for a long length of hose. There are two meters of hose to connect to the point where the water ends, then 40 meters to reach the place you want to water. In most configurations, this length allows you to reach every corner of your garden.

The protective casing is of very good quality. Plastics are resistant to impact and time. Its solidity allows you to store it outdoors during the low season. To do this, it’s very simple, fully unroll the hose and shut off the water supply. Then open the watering nozzle to let the water flow (remember to collect it in a watering can so as not to spoil anything). Then, meter by meter, lift the hose to let the water escape. In a few minutes, you will have completely drained your system. The winding guide will save you precious time and preserve the integrity of your hose by placing it neatly around the central hub.

Regarding maneuverability, no worries thanks to the ergonomic handle and the large wheels that adapt to all terrains.

This model has almost no defects, except the absence of an automatic system for winding. Many wall brackets have it, but carts generally lack this option. Because of this, you will have to turn the crank to store your hose.

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