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Top 10 Best A3 Printers For Architects Reviews in 2021

Whether you are a professional (graphic designer, architect, etc.) or a demanding individual, an A3 printer is sometimes essential. The problem is that the choice is far from simple, there are so many different models!

Don’t panic, I am offering you a complete guide to the best A3 printers of the moment according to your budget and your use:

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The Best A3 Printers

1. HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225dn

HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225dn

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The HP brand has for many years been the world’s number one selling computer hardware such as desktops, laptops and printers. So, if you are looking for a good A3 printer, turning to the models offered by the HP brand is a wise choice. Here, we find in particular the HP CP5225, an A3 pro printer which has multiple qualities. It is a professional machine with superior print quality and unmatched reliability. Are you looking for a professional printer that can meet all your printing needs? This model is particularly recommended.

Branded product: As said above, the HP brand has long been the number one brand for all things computing, namely desktops, laptops, hybrid computers which are currently all the rage (mi laptop mi tablet), and of course, printers. By choosing an HP brand printer, you are also choosing quality and reliability.

Versatile: This A3 A4 printer is very versatile, and will satisfy you no matter your printing needs, whether you want to print postcards, spreadsheets, marketing materials, customer presentations, or any other large format document. If you are looking for a very versatile color printer, we can only point you to this model.

Robust: This machine will delight small or medium-sized businesses, as it is able to withstand a steady pace. Indeed, this model falls into the professional category, and targets work teams of 3 to 15 users. The brand also announces a monthly duty cycle (on A4) of up to 75,000 pages. However, the recommended monthly page volume is 1,500 to 5,000, to optimize the performance of the machine as well as its lifespan.

Efficient: One of the qualities that also appeal to this device is its good cruising speed. Indeed, this HP CP5225 is capable of printing up to 20 pages per minute, whether in black and white or in color. If you only have one page to print, this machine will go even faster, with a speed of 16 s for the first page printed in black and white, and 17 s for a color page.

Ready to use: This machine ships ready to use, without the sheets however, but you will have HP Color Laser Jet black print cartridges for approximately 7,000 pages, and cyan / magenta / yellow for approximately 7,300 pages. Note that the device also incorporates HP ColorSphere toner which is already preinstalled which guarantees consistent high quality results for your business documents, not to mention the sheet trays (100 and 250 sheets).

Automatic two-sided printing: Here is a feature much sought after by users, the automatic two-sided printing function, available on this HP CP5225.

2. Brother HL-J6000DW

Brother HL-J6000DW

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By researching the market well, and by making the necessary comparisons, we can come across a cheap printer, which nevertheless offers particularly interesting characteristics. This is precisely the case with this Brother HL-J6000DW. First of all, the Brother Group is a professional who strives to design high-performance products aimed at making life as easy as possible for its customers who, thanks to their Brother machine, will also be able to control their printing costs. He is also a professional who invests a lot in innovation in order to develop products capable of “leaving the best possible imprint on paper”.

Affordable price: Obviously, this is the first criterion that jumps to the eyes, when we come across the page offering this model. Indeed, this printer is particularly accessible in terms of its price. Afterwards, when we take a look at its technical characteristics, we are also pleasantly surprised by its many qualities.

Efficient: It turns out that this printer is particularly efficient in terms of printing speed. One would be tempted to say that it is the Lucky Luke of the models on the market, which pulls faster than… the others. Indeed, this machine is capable of outputting the first page in just 6 seconds, which is super fast. Apart from that, it is also capable of reaching print speeds of up to 22 pages per minute in black, and up to 20 pages per minute in color.

Modern \: This device fits well in our era where new technologies are coming together. With this model, take advantage of new ways of printing, for example from your smartphone or tablet thanks to the different applications such as iPrint and Scan, Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, etc. This machine also allows you to easily access various cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc.

Multifunction: This Brother HL-J6000DW is a multifunction printer, a 4 in 1 device which is thus capable of copying, scanning, faxing and of course printing. It thus offers you many advantages, starting with substantial savings (no need to buy other devices), or even space saving (a single device is sufficient for these different tasks).

Quality prints: With its pigment ink cartridges, this printer will provide you with great print quality, with more vivid colors and more intense blacks. In addition, this device also allows intelligent personalization of prints, thanks to its adjustable paper feeder, which greatly facilitates printing on unusual media such as envelopes, special papers, etc.

Easy to use: This printer is particularly easy to use, especially thanks to its color touch screen on which you can easily configure the device, navigate through the menu, choose between the different functions, etc.

3. HP Officejet Pro 7740

HP Officejet Pro 7740

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When looking to buy a new printer, it is important to know how to define your needs, in order to be able to choose the model with the appropriate technical characteristics. For example, an A3 printer for graphic designers will not have the same technical characteristics as a professional printer, the latter will offer an excellent capacity to print a high number of pages on the monthly.

4 in 1: It is always interesting to be able to benefit from a device that is versatile and offers many features. This HP A3 printer offers just 4 functions in one device. It is capable of printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing. Thus, you will no longer need to buy other devices separately, it will also be beneficial in terms of space. Note that this machine is also capable of double-sided printing, a quality particularly sought after in terms of printer.

Efficient: This Officejet is particularly efficient, especially in terms of printing speed. Indeed, this machine is capable of printing up to 21 pages per minute, whether in black and white or in color. In addition, this printer is also among the fastest on the market in terms of first page out speed. Indeed, it only takes 10 s to complete this action.

Robust: This device has been designed to be able to withstand a fairly sustained rate of use. The brand effectively advertises a monthly usage rate of up to 40,000 pages, which equates to over 1,000 pages per day. Of course, it will be difficult to reach such a quota, which will also optimize the performance and the life of the machine. As for reliability, you can sleep soundly, this machine is of genuine origin and comes from the European Economic Area ( EEA ).

Quality prints: This machine is also renowned for its high print quality, with high-quality color and crisp, page after page, using Original HP toner cartridges with Jet intelligence, a technology that delivers toner formulations as well as features designed to optimize and enhance your printing experience.

Ease of use: This printer also appeals a lot with its great ease of use. We immediately note its large 2.7-inch touch screen allowing easy control and management of the various functions of the machine. In addition, navigation through the menu is very intuitive. We also note the presence of a USB printing port, Ethernet and wireless connectivity, to offer you multiple possibilities in terms of printing.

How To Choose An A3 Printer?

Choosing an A3 printer may seem simple at first glance. You may think that all you have to do is do a research, and select a model from a good brand. This can obviously work, but you are very likely to come across an unsuitable device. Also, it seems important to determine a small list of criteria to check when choosing, in order to find the model that will best suit your needs. To help you, here are a few.

Laser or inkjet printer?

When doing a printer comparison you will inevitably come across these two types of machine, one is a laser printer , and the other is an inkjet printer. The choice between these two will depend a lot on your needs. But in a nutshell, here are a few pros and cons of each model:

An inkjet printer is of great interest to individuals and small businesses, among other things for its affordable price, its dimensions which are often less bulky. Inkjet printers are also known to provide very good color print quality. In contrast, cartridges are often expensive, run out quickly, and run the risk of drying out if left unused for long periods of time, hence the need for “head cleaning”.

For its part, a laser printer is therefore much more voluminous, and is aimed more at professionals, or demanding individuals. However, it offers great speed of execution, while being less noisy. It is also a particularly efficient machine, in terms of printing speed. In addition, it is much more expensive because it is intended for particularly intensive use. It is also renowned for the average quality of its color prints. However, everything will depend on the model and the brand.

Brand and model

It goes without saying, one printer will be different from another, from one model to another and from one brand to another. You should then know that there are, for example, models much more comfortable with photography at the Canon brand, just as there are models much more comfortable as a printer that scans in A3 at the brand. Epson, just as there are also models much more suitable for beginners from the Brother brand. In any case, it is important to clearly define your needs and expectations, while also keeping an eye on your budget, as prices can vary greatly.

Features and options

Of course, we are looking for an A3 printer. But you might not say no to a machine that can also fax, scan and copy. This is called a multifunction printer. There are also very modern models, adopting for example wireless technology including WiFi . With this feature, you can easily pair your Smartphone or tablet with your printer, and print documents or files on it. We also have printers with a USB port, which therefore do not necessarily need to be connected to a computer. You will easily browse the contents of your USB key thanks to a touch screen, and select the files to print.

In addition, there are also other technical data that also deserve to be checked, such as the resolution, printing speed, the ability to print (and / or copy and / or scan) automatically on the front, back. Of course, the more options and features there are, the more the price is likely to go up.

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