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Top 3 Best Bathroom Mirrors Lighting Reviews in 2021

We sometimes forget that we spend every morning in front of the bathroom mirror. It is therefore very useful to invest a few dozen euros in a quality model! Be careful because the choice is not easy among the different brands either by price range or by functionality (LED, anti-fog, connected…).

Here is a buying guide that will help you find the best bathroom mirror of the moment based on these criteria

How To Install A Bathroom Mirror?

Previously, installing a mirror in the bathroom (or any other room for that matter) was very easy. All you had to do was find the right height, hammer a good nail (or two, depending on the model) into the wall, and hang the mirror there. Nowadays, the principle always remains more or less the same, the goal is to hang or rather to fix the mirror on the wall. But the methods as well as the tools have evolved. Here is in a few words how to do it today.

Some steps to follow for fitting a bathroom mirror

The most common process today is to start by measuring and marking the anchor points on the wall. These are in particular the points where it will be necessary to drill the holes which will accommodate the fixing plugs. The base of the product will then be fixed on them, and voila. Remember to bring the necessary tools, such as a good drill , a good screwdriver, a spirit level, a tape measure, etc.

For models which have electrical components, for example a bathroom mirror with plug, or with lighting, etc., they must be connected to the electrical installation. In general, these models are to be connected directly to the electrical installation, they do not have a socket. It’s up to you to see if you can do it on your own (it’s not that complicated), or if it is better to call an electrician, to avoid any disappointment.

How To Choose A Bathroom Mirror?

There are several possible places where you can find a mirror in a house. But we are almost sure to find at least one in a specific room, the bathroom. According to some interior designers, the mirror is even one of the centerpieces of the decor in a bathroom. It is then important to choose the model that will be installed in ours. But are there any selection criteria to take into account? Because the models abound indeed on the market. Here are some basic criteria.

Size, Shape, Design

Everything will depend on your bathroom (size), but also your tastes. For example, it would be inappropriate to choose too large a mirror for a small bathroom. You have to have a good sense of proportion. That said, mirrors have this quality of making a room bigger, of giving it more depth. It’s up to you to choose sparingly.

For the shape, we can find rectangular, square, oval, round mirrors, everything will depend on your tastes. But in general, it will be necessary to follow the trend found in the bathroom, through other furniture . Otherwise, many today opt for horizontal rectangular shapes with rounded edges.

By the way, it should also be noted that there are different types of bathroom mirrors. Among other things, we have the bathroom mirror with storage, the mirror is on the front side which opens to make room for the storage area (beauty or health products, etc.). We also have the full-length bathroom mirror, highly recommended when available space allows, or the bathroom mirror with shelf, etc.


At first glance, one might wonder what functions a mirror could offer. But once the question is asked, the answers come in droves, starting for example with lighting. If your bathroom has main lighting towards the center, this will end up behind your back, when you are standing in front of the mirror. It would then be better to have another lighting system on the mirror side. This is why some models have lighting systems on board, so that the user can benefit from them when they go to shave, when they go to make up, etc.

Still on the subject of lighting, it would be better to have a model that offers a dimmer. Because it is true that a bathroom can be used by several people. Thus, everyone can adjust the lighting according to their needs. In addition, a tactile or sensitive switch is also more and more common nowadays, because it is much more practical and undoubtedly safer than a traditional switch.

Apart from lighting, we could also talk about the electrical outlet, very useful for plugging in hair dryers, electric shavers, etc. But if your electrical installation has already provided for this outlet nearby, it will be duplication.

The 3 Best Bathroom Mirrors

1. HOMCOM LED Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Make Up Mirror w/Defogger

HOMCOM LED Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Make Up Mirror

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Design: In most cases, a simple design rhymes with class and sobriety, qualifiers that we find with this model. In addition, it adopts rounded edges, which perfectly follows the trend of the moment. Let us not forget either its LED lighting system around the periphery of the product, giving it a very contemporary design. In any case, this mirror will easily find its place in your bathroom, and will even offer the latter an atmosphere that is both chic and classy.

LED lighting: This model adopts LED lighting system integrated with the full contour of the mirror. This provides homogeneous and efficient lighting, which will be of great help when you go to apply makeup or shave. In addition, LED technology guarantees a long life for your mirror. This model has a lighting system with an estimated lifespan of over 50,000 hours under normal use.

Tactile switch: Already, the adoption of LED lighting is a sign of belonging to our era, where new technologies are omnipresent. But this model also incorporates a tactile switch which is located on the lower level of the product. This offers great ease of use due to its practicality.

Low consumption: This mirror will also be very popular with those who do not like devices that consume too much energy, which is the complete opposite of this model. Indeed, the latter will make you enjoy low consumption, with its low power of only 9 W. Remember that this model has no anti-fog function, a feature considered unnecessary by many, especially those living in hot regions.

2. LUVODI LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mount Mirror

LUVODI LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mount Mirror

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Design: In a bathroom, we can find many pieces of furniture contributing to the decoration, but the mirror plays a very important role. Some decorators even go so far as to say that it is the main element of the decoration. Here, we find a very elegant model with rounded edges, very trendy at the moment. Add to that the LED lighting around the perimeter of the product, which contributes to its very contemporary look.

LED lighting: On this model, the lighting has been specially designed to be really effective in any situation. The engineers therefore decided to place the LEDs around the periphery of the product, which offers a magnificent rendering. In addition, the LUVODI is equipped with a tactile switch, which further confirms its belonging to the era of new technology.

Three lighting modes: The LUVODI brand has understood that the bathroom is a room that many people use. The needs and tastes can thus differ from one person to another. Also, the brand saw fit to offer the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the lighting. In particular, you will have three lighting modes, the first for warm light, the second for luminescence mode, and the third for progressive light.

Anti-fog function: Like most mirrors in its price range, this model also incorporates the anti-fog function, very important especially for bathrooms where ventilation is not so effective. This function will guarantee you a functional mirror in all circumstances and in all weathers.

3. ANTEN LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

ANTEN LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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Design: Just looking at the product, we quickly understand that it is the top of the range. The brand presents this model as one of its most modern, complete and designer mirrors. This LED bathroom mirror will easily integrate and brighten up your contemporary-style bathroom. It will give a lot of character to this room in which you will start your day every day.

LED lighting: One of the biggest peculiarities of this designer bathroom mirror is not that it has LED lighting, because many models offer this technology, it is rather the original arrangement of each point of lighting, which also contributes a lot to the design of the product. Thus, you will find four light bars on each end (left and right) of the model which delimit the mirror and will also offer you the ideal lighting for makeup, shaving, etc.

Neutral white LED: Lighting a room or an area is quite an art. Sometimes it is better to go for warm light. But in the case of this model, the brand wanted to design a bathroom mirror with neutral white lighting, better suited to modernity and contemporary style. Note also the reliability of the LEDs, which have an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Large size: This model is also made for large spaces, with its large size. Indeed, its dimensions are 32-inch wide and 24-inch high, which will offer you a certain comfort, and will also help to optimize space by offering much more depth to the bathroom.


Nowadays, we also have the anti-fog mirror, very practical especially in a small bathroom where the ventilation is not very good. Thanks to such a system, you will no longer find any mist on the mirror after showering, or when your partner is still in the shower and you want to make yourself a little beauty, etc.

Otherwise, there are still many features that we could mention, such as the Bluetooth bathroom mirror to play your favorite music, the bathroom mirror connected to the Internet that will display information on the weather or road traffic or others. , etc. It’s up to you to choose the mirror and the features that are useful to you.

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