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10 Best Beer Dispensers / Kegerators Reviews in 2021

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Beer Dispensers : How Does It Work?

First of all, the connection of a beer pump at home is generally very simple since it is simply connected to the electrical network via a conventional outlet. However, care must be taken to install the machine on a solid and straight table or surface in order to avoid any disaster (and ideally out of the reach of children).

The operation of a beer dispenser is not much more complicated since it suffices to insert a beer keg while the device itself takes care of lowering and maintaining the temperature. My tip is to place the barrel in the refrigerator beforehand in order to save time (allow at least 8 hours). In the majority of cases, the storage of a was hard for a whole month from the first pressing.

Generally compatible with drums from 2 to 6 liters. The difference is ultimately not significant apart from the compatibility between the brands of beer, if it is not the reuse of the hose which differs. Your choice should therefore be made in priority according to your tastes so as not to end up with a machine incompatible with your favorite beer.

Note also the existence of universal beer dispensers which require a refill of carbon dioxide. More difficult to use for an individual, they are relatively rare to find on the market. Indeed, proprietary systems are now ubiquitous and it is even possible to find conversion kits between Beertender and Perfectdraft to solve faucet compatibility issues.

Finally, do not forget the cleaning of a beer dispenser which remains essential to ensure the longevity of the device (but also for a simple question of hygiene). Most models have a “drip tray” for easy maintenance. For the rest, a simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough for the plastic parts, taking care to follow the instructions in the user manual when changing the barrel.

How To Choose The Right Beer Dispenser?

In order not to regret your purchase afterwards, I suggest you take a tour of the most important criteria before choosing your Beer Dispenser:

System type and drum capacity

Today you have the choice between 4 different systems for making your draft beer at home:

  • Beertender : market leader, the manufacturer Krups and the Heineken brand have developed this highly efficient automatic beer machine system with pressurized 5 liter kegs.
  • Perfectdraft : the manufacturer Philips and the Leffe brand, for their part, preferred to develop their own proprietary system with slightly larger drums, especially for big evenings.
  • The Sub : on the contrary, The Sub models are more suitable for restricted use with small barrels of only 2 liters, i.e. less than 10 glasses.
  • Universelle (everything was): finally, there are still universal beer pumps with CO2 cartridges outside the barrel which are nevertheless rather reserved for professionals because of their complexity.

Compatibility and beer brands

  • Beertender : the system being developed in partnership with Heineken, we find all the brands of the group including in particular Pelforth, Desperados, Fischer, Affligem, Edelweiss, etc.
  • Perfectdraft : this system allows more choice with the Leffe in all its forms but also the brands Kwak, Stella Artois, Jupiler, Diekirch, etc.
  • The Sub : Many TORPs are currently available including Heineken, Desperados, Pelforth, Affligem, etc.
  • Universelle : as its name suggests, a universal beer dispenser allows you to make draft beers with any standard was, but the disadvantage remains the difficulty of use and safety due to the addition of dioxide cartridges of carbon.


In terms of functionality, do not forget to take into consideration:

  • The size of the barrels in liters (which depends directly on the system chosen);
  • The duration of storage of was (usually between 15 days and 1 month)
  • The ease overall of use (eg automatic cooling);
  • The time required for maintenance (eg removable tray);
  • The presence of temperature and level indicators ;
  • The presence of safety devices (especially if you have children at home).


Finally, your final choice will be based on the money you want to put into it. I advise you to take into account the purchase of a beer dispensers as an investment when calculating the cost price of the barrels to buy in the future.

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