Best Bikini Trimmers Reviews

Top 3 Best Bikini Trimmers Reviews in 2021

Each area of ​​the body has its own specificities. For example, the intimate area of ​​women is particularly sensitive. It deserves to be treated with great care and attention, especially during waxing. Because pulling out pubic hair is never pleasant. And many girls want the perfect swimsuit without experiencing pain or ending up with reddened skin.

So we have researched and listed some clippers specially designed for the bikini area. Less irritating than a razor, less painful than wax, the bikini trimmer allows a close, fast and efficient shave.

However, all devices are different. Electric or battery-powered bikini trimmer, waterproof or non-waterproof trimmer, portable or sedentary device, more or less expensive, more or less efficient… Each intimate trimmer has its qualities and its faults!

Best Bikini Trimmers Reviews

1. Philips Bikini Trimmer BRT383/15 – Battery Operated

Philips Bikini Trimmer BRT383/15 - Battery Operated

This Philips battery-powered bikini trimmer has many advantages. It is easy to transport. It is also designed to protect the skin against irritation and small cuts.

The Philips BRT383 / 15 trimmer has the advantage of being cordless. Because of its battery-powered operation, it is easy to transport. A nomadism which is accentuated by its design and its small size. Moreover, the design of this device is successful. This private area trimmer is ergonomic. The handling is easy, pleasant.

The rounded tips of the pimples protect the skin while clipping pubic hair. A mowing that is effective with the Philips BRT 383/15, and that can be done in the shower. This pubis trimmer is waterproof.

In terms of hygiene, this device still scores points. Its head is removable. It is therefore possible to clean it under water. In addition, a small brush is included. This additional accessory helps remove any stuck little hairs and clean the mower properly.

Also included in the package, a bag to store the bikini trimmer, as well as various accessories. Among these accessories, two clogs. They allow you to trim pubic hair to different lengths, 5mm or 3mm. Without a comb, this private part trimmer cuts hair down to 0.5mm.

With regular use, the battery of the Philips BRT383 / 15 trimmer is quickly used up. If you buy this device and you epilate often, consider stocking up on batteries. In addition, this trimmer performs well on short hairs only. If the hair in the intimate area is long, consider trimming first before mowing.

2. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-890 Facial Hair Removal for Women, Bikini Trimmer

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-890 Facial Hair Removal for Women

The Braun Silk-Epil is not just a woman’s pubic hair trimmer. This device also mows facial hair and hair in other small areas of the body, such as the armpits.

This model from Braun is versatile. It is not just for removing unwanted hair from the intimate area. It also helps to remove unwanted small hairs from the face. Eyebrows and hair can be plucked and redrawn with this device. The armpits can also be shaved with Silk-Epil.

With a weight of only 400 grams, the Braun Silk-Epil trimmer is light and portable. Practical for having an impeccable swimsuit, even when away from home! In addition, its small dimensions make it a handy object, easy to use.

The device has been designed with effective protections. Therefore, shaving with this Braun trimmer does not result in cuts on the bikini area or anywhere else.

Finally, with the Silk-Epil trimmer, Braun provides two clogs, a very thin head (especially dedicated to bikini shaving) and a storage bag.

For optimal and painless mowing, it is necessary to use this device only on short pubic hair. By mowing too long hair, there is a risk of tearing and, therefore, pain …

3. Remington BKT4000

Remington BKT4000

The Remington BKT4000 trimmer intended for the women’s bikini line is waterproof. It can therefore be used on dry skin, but also on wet skin, in the shower. Cordless, this mower is rechargeable. To charge it, just plug it into the mains. Once its battery is full, the device is autonomous for one hour. Long enough to wax your bikini line several times.

The Remington BKT4000 mower is particularly light and compact. It weighs only 400 grams. Small and discreet, it is therefore easy to carry, even in a small travel bag. Moreover, its design is ergonomic and the handling of this mower is pleasant. Quiet, this device effectively mows pubic hair, without cutting.

Finally, in the box of the Remington mower, you will find two clogs. These small accessories allow you to modify the length of the cut (2 or 4 mm). Knowing that the mower shaves to 0.2 mm without a shoe. A storage kit and a cleaning brush are also provided

The Remington BKT4000 mower has one notable drawback. The waiting time for a full charge is a bit long. It must be recharged for four hours to enjoy an hour of autonomy. However, to avoid waiting while waiting for it to be charged, just remember to put it back on the mains regularly.

How To Choose Your Bikini Trimmer?

Still not sure what your future private part trimmer will be? Here are six criteria to help you weigh the pros and cons of each device.

The brand

There are a number of brands offering clippers for pubic hair for women. However, one criterion makes it possible to be sure of buying a quality device, with a good guarantee: the brand.

Choose the major brands of household appliances, experts in female hair removal. Braun, Philips, Remington or Calor are among the “safe” brands.

Cleaning option

Want your bikini trimmer to perform well for a long time? Buy an easy-to-clean mower, preferably supplied with its brush, and washable under water.

Removing clipped hairs after each use will allow you to keep the appliance in working order as long as possible.

Power mode

Some mowers are rechargeable, equipped with a battery, while other mowers are battery operated. Battery power is a more energy intensive and expensive system. However, owning a battery-powered mower is more convenient, especially if you travel a lot.

A rechargeable bikini trimmer is less expensive in the long run. It is also less polluting, since there are no batteries to throw away. However, be careful of the grip if you are traveling the world. If necessary, bring an adapter to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Detachable comb

There are clippers with removable comb and others without. This little accessory is important. It helps protect the skin from irritation. It is also thanks to the removable comb that you can choose the perfect cutting length.

If your skin is particularly sensitive , and if you want to have the choice in your cuts, prefer a trimmer with removable comb.

The price

Completely subjective criterion, the price is however important. Before buying your next pubic hair trimmer, check that the price / quality ratio remains reasonable. Do not hesitate to compare the device you have chosen with other mowers, in the same price range. This will make sure you buy the right mower for your budget and your needs.


Last criteria to take into account when buying a bikini trimmer: design and ergonomics. As with the price, the aesthetic aspect is a subjective criterion. In addition, design and ergonomics are often linked. A compact machine with round shapes will generally be more maneuverable than a mower that appears big and heavy.

How To Use A Bikini Trimmer?

Discover five golden rules to enjoy all the performance and functionality of your bikini trimmer.

1. Use the trimmer on short hairs

To fully enjoy the performance of your trimmer, whatever it is, use it on pubic hair that is short, or previously cut. Clipping long hairs can cause painful pulling. Skin irritation is also more common when shaving long hair.

2. Use the trimmer on dry skin

In general, intimate clippers are used on very dry skin. However, there are now waterproof devices. These can be used in the shower, on wet skin, without any danger.

3. Play with the heads

If your mower has removable combs, don’t hesitate to use them! By playing with these different heads, you can create different cuts. You can also adapt the length of the hair according to the area of ​​the pubis (hairs closely shaved on the sides and longer in the middle).

4. Trim against the grain

A trimmer works like a razor. The mowing should be done against the grain. Optimal results are thus obtained, and ingrown hairs are avoided.

5. Allow yourself to perfect the shave

A trimmer does not do the same job as a strip of wax or hair removal cream. The mower mows, but does not remove the hair from its bulb. With a private part trimmer, therefore, you should not expect to have smooth skin, like after waxing.

Therefore, for a truly perfect hair removal, don’t hesitate to hone the work of your trimmer. Finish with a razor, cream or wax. You will have perfectly shaved skin, without any protruding hair.

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