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Top 10 Best Dry Shampoos For Fine Hair Reviews in 2021

Winter is finally coming to an end, you can now put away your hats and ear muffs. Make way for spring and with hair in the wind or in a ponytail!

The transition between two seasons is always a difficult time for our hair. Indeed, the generally quite low temperatures, the cold, the wind or even the friction of scarves are factors responsible for the capillary dryness .

Unfortunately, assume that if you have been very cold and endured this winter season somehow, your hair too. Thus, it is especially when the sun gently returns to illuminate our days that we realize that our hair is dull and coarse .

However, rest assured, dry hair is not in itself inevitable and there are simple and effective solutions to relieve it. These mainly need a good dose of hydration! Our team has concocted for you a top 5 shampoos tested and approved to find shiny hair in time for spring…

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The Best Dry Shampoos

1. Batiste Dry shampoo

Batiste Dry shampoo

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Batiste Dry shampoo is an express solution without water, ideal for cleaning hair without getting wet in an instant. Between two shampoos, in small touch-ups during the day or before a party, it restores freshness and volume to your hair.

Its unique formula based on rice starch powder effectively absorbs sebum from the root. Its discreet and light fragrance will offer your hair a spring freshness. The Batiste brand is currently the world’s No. 1 in dry shampoo.

2. Tigi Bed Head Matte Dry Shampoo, Oh Bee Hive!

Tigi Bed Head Matte Dry Shampoo

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The ultra-fine powder of this dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum that weighs down your hair, to refresh and restore volume while providing a natural and even finish. This volumizing spray combines the virtues of dry shampoo and hairspray.

The refractive index association technology encourages even slight refractions on the hair surface for a clear, pure and homogeneous finish. This product is ideal for all hair lengths and textures.

3. Garnier Invisible Dry Shampoo

Garnier Invisible Dry Shampoo

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Garnier Invisible Dry Shampoo creates dry shampoo with vanilla extract to cleanse hair without getting it wet. An ingenious and practical recipe that allows you to space shampoos. In 2 minutes, its light formula absorbs excess sebum and restores volume from the root, providing all the freshness and lightness of clean hair.

Vanilla, with purifying, moisturizing and softening properties, accompanies you with a fresh and subtle scent. In the blink of an eye, your hair is soft, healthy, fresh and light.

4. Keranove Dry Shampoo

Keranove Dry Shampoo

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Kéranove dry shampoo imagined, formulated and manufactured in France makes it possible to space out the shampoos by absorbing excess sebum from oily scalps. Formulated with rice powder and without aluminum salt, it adds volume to your mane.

Your hair will be fresh in a single step, without rinsing. Kéranove is a range specialized in the development of deep care for hair and scalps.

5. Nature Moments

Nature Moments

In recent years, we have been delighted to see a boom in products with healthier and more ecological compositions . This is mainly due to an awakening of consciousness when it comes to consumption.

In the end, going back to basics is not especially a bad thing. Quite the contrary! Taking care of your body while protecting the planet are two very reconcilable actions.

Schwarzkopf , the famous haircare brand (whose expertise in this area is well established), has decided to take the side of this responsible approach . They created Nature Moments, a range that goes green and acts in favor of the environment .

Coconut Water and Lotus Flower to hydrate dry hair

Our team fell in love with Nature Moments’ Coconut Water and Lotus Flower Hydration Shampoo. Some will ask what is special?

Make sure it is full of good points for you and for the planet :

  • A vegan composition with 92% of ingredients of natural origin (including water). Coconut Water is rich in minerals and Lotus Flower is synonymous with purity and beauty.
  • A recyclable packaging and composed of 30% of recycled plastic (excluding stopper).
  • A formula designed to rinse off more easily, which helps reduce your water consumption.
  • A certification of the European EU Ecolabel , which is a symbol of ecological quality.

Recommended for normal to dry hair , this mildly priced shampoo deeply hydrates your hair without weighing it down. Wash after wash, the hair is more shiny , supple and invigorated . In addition, the feeling of lightness left by the product once the hair is dried is very pleasant and lasts for several days.

Our hair is visibly revitalized and retains a delicate scent of Coconut Water and Lotus Flower which does not leave us indifferent …

6. Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Shampoo

Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Shampoo

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Kérastase has attracted many users looking for a product that could save their hair in difficulty . Each time, we find effective compositions that target the problem at its source as well as quality packaging .

Kerastase Nourishing Satin Bath Shampoo n ° 2 is designed for hair that tends to be more sensitive than usual, or suffers from dryness . Formerly known as Bain Satin n ° 1, this new version offers you a brand new formula. We are talking about a new hair technology called “Irisome Complex” .

This focuses on ingredients that boost the health of your hair. More precisely, we can find:

  • The lipids that prevent your hair from drying out completely.
  • The carbohydrates that feed towards the entire crown.
  • Of proteins , involved in the nutrition your hair fiber for softer hair.
  • From Iris Rhizome extract , which has an antioxidant role.

Thus, with this new complex , your hair is once again shiny and supple , without being weighed down by the nutritional effect of the product.

Another beneficial aspect that we wanted to tell you about when it comes to Kerastase Nourishing Satin Bath Shampoo n ° 2 is its detangling action . Indeed, Kerastase promises us hair that disentangles more easily. A small detail that makes it an essential product for everyday life!

7. Klorane Shampoo with Desert Date, Repair Dry, Damaged Hair

Klorane Shampoo with Desert Date, Repair Dry, Damaged Hair

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In this shampoo, Klorane uses the date palm from the desert of sub-Sahelian Africa, cultivated in a way that respects the ecosystem but also the surrounding populations .

This ingredient is full of fatty acids , which have virtues on dry, damaged and / or brittle hair . In addition, the date palm is a natural element made up of sugars and proteins .

Thus, it allows to gently wash the hair while giving them a dose of hydration . All this without weighing them down, which is sometimes the big problem with shampoos with moisturizing properties.

The cleansing base of Klorane Nutri-Repair Desert Date Shampoo is particularly gentle, non-detergent and paraben-free . In addition, this product respects the balance of your hair fiber. It is washed without being attacked, on the contrary, it is revitalized shampoo after shampoo.

In addition, Klorane shampoos are known to be quite liquid. Therefore, no need to use astronomical quantities, a small amount is enough to encompass the entire hair.

Finally, at Lucette we particularly appreciated its delicious smell , neither too heady nor too discreet and which leaves us a delicate fragrance on the hair .

8. OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Hydrating Hair Shampoo

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Hydrating Hair Shampoo

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If your hair is dull and noticeably lacking in moisture, OGX can be of great help. Indeed, this brand has a large number of products, each equally suitable for helping hair in difficulty . Each shampoo is combined with a conditioner for a hair routine that effectively relieves the hair.

Since its arrival in French supermarkets, the argan oil range has become a benchmark for treating dry hair or damaged hair .

Used in many hair and cosmetic products for its moisturizing properties, this oil deeply strengthens the hair and makes it smoother and softer . More precisely, its high concentration of Vitamin E and other fatty acids boosts the hair fiber which regains shine and hydration.

In addition, it has the particularity of quickly penetrating into the hair fiber . We therefore quickly obtain effective results and, from the first washings, the hair is softer , shinier and more flexible .

To top it off, the smell of OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Renewing Shampoo is divine. What convince us completely!

9. Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care Nutri-Silky Treatment Shampoo

Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care Nutri-Silky Treatment Shampoo

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How to talk about hair products without talking about Yves Rocher? Indeed, the French brand does not stop at make-up or face care. And yes, Yves Rocher has also consolidated his reputation thanks to hair care and other products for the body . You have surely already used or received the famous scented shower gels or bubble baths as a gift!

For every hair problem, a solution with an adapted routine . For dry hair and damaged hair , we have selected the Nutri Soyeux Nutrition Care Shampoo. It contains all the elements necessary to find beautiful silky and shiny hair.

Two ingredients that target dry hair
This dry hair shampoo is mainly enriched with avocado oil and organic agave.

The first ingredient is recognized for its high content of natural fatty acids . These fatty acids contain vitamin E and lipids, elements known for their nutritional power . Thus, the hair becomes more resistant and regains a beautiful appearance .

The agave bio plays a different role when it comes to dry hair. In addition, a healthy hair fiber goes through a healthy scalp . Consequently, this improves microcirculation in order to improve the growth and resistance of the hair as a whole.

The Nutri Soyeux Nutrition Care Shampoo from Yves Rocher has a creamy and smooth texture. Note that the washing base is of natural origin and silicone free . It perfectly encompasses the hair for a delicate wash that respects the fiber.

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