Best Effective Concealers

Top 3 Best Effective Concealers Reviews in 2021

Choosing an effective concealer can be complicated. Between the different brands, the different applications, the different shades… There is something to be a headache for! This is why I will try to answer all your questions

I invite you to discover 3 of the best concealers of the moment and I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages based on my experience and the opinions of users. And then I will explain to you how to apply your concealer!

The Best Effective Concealers

1. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Full Wear Waterproof Matte Concealer

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Full Wear Waterproof Matte Concealer

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This concealer is also a foundation, it is the ideal product for daily use.

Its rounded tip allows targeted application for the inner corner of the eyes or even imperfections. With its flat part, the foundation stretches easily over the entire face.

Thanks to its brush, it is very easy to apply and dose. No need for a body blender anymore. The brush also makes it easy to dose what you want to put in concealer and to distribute it to different places on your face.

The Infallible Concealer provides total coverage. You can use it on your dark circles or your imperfections but also to unify your entire complexion with a single product. It will also hide your puffiness or the swelling in your eyes. This is the advantage of the two-in-one! Add a little powder to illuminate the desired areas afterwards.

Its small size makes it easy to put in your purse. Throughout the day, you can then touch up your makeup with a gesture. And especially without putting it on your fingers thanks to its brush. It is the perfect companion on your outings.

It has a very long lasting effect as well as a concealer as a foundation. It is suitable for all skin types. No shine effect and it perfectly masks dry skin and imperfections. It will fix your makeup.

However, be careful about the shade you choose. The colors of the packaging do not exactly match the color of the concealer. The concealer is clearer. The best is to go try it in perfumery before ordering it if you have the possibility. Otherwise, you can always find out from other consumers in customer reviews.

The only real disadvantage of this concealer is its texture which is a little too thick. For a targeted application, this is not very troublesome. On the other hand, for an application as a foundation, I advise you to add a drop of moisturizer. The application will be smoother. But be careful not to put on too much otherwise the coverage will not be the same.

I therefore recommend this effective concealer for women who wish to limit the number of products used for makeup. It is a high-end product of very good quality and easy to use. Its long-lasting hold will allow your complexion to stay perfect from morning to night.

2. Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer

Rimmel Match Perfection

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With its long wear, pleasant texture and precise dosage, Match Perfection is a must-have from Rimmel.

Easy to apply, a body blender will be perfect or even your finger. By small touches on imperfections and by simply tapping on your dark circles to fade them. The texture is fluid and easy to spread. The concealer has a flowery scent, a little strong but very pleasant, reminiscent of summer.

Its pump system allows precise and rapid dosing without putting it everywhere. It is also very economical.

Its 5 shades are perfect for light skin as well as darker skin. The porcelain shade will go perfectly with very fair skin and the true nude shade will be perfect for dark skin. Thanks to its fluid texture, the concealer spreads perfectly and gives a uniform and natural complexion. It will illuminate the shadows of your face easily and adapt very well to the natural shade of your skin.

The Match Perfection is recommended for dry skin. It will hydrate at the same time as it will cover your imperfections which will prevent peels from appearing after putting on your foundation. Moisturizing your skin before using the concealer will allow your makeup to hold better and also protect your skin. It is the ideal concealer for sensitive skin as well.

This concealer has a very long lasting too. You can trust it to hide your dark circles all day. You can also use it to touch up your makeup. This time, I will advise you to use your fingers or a cotton swab to be more precise. Do not forget to tap to blend well and fix the concealer. If you have to take it with you, remember to put the cap back on, otherwise it will be disaster.

Its price is also very attractive. It is an effective and inexpensive concealer! The quality / price ratio is respected. It is therefore suitable for all budgets.

The downside is that it wouldn’t cover enough. For the summer, it allows a very natural effect but for the winter, it will be necessary to envisage a small powder to put on top in addition. But it is suddenly the effective concealer for men or for those who have clear skin but need to illuminate it.

The Match Perfection is therefore the perfect concealer for this summer! It will give you a natural and illuminated complexion in just a few steps. Thanks to its pump, you can easily dose the amount of concealer you want to put. Its fluid texture will hug your skin and hide your dark circles. To use it in winter, I will just advise you to add powder or a BB cream afterwards.

I strongly recommend this concealer for dry skin, sensitive skin and also for very light and very dark skin.

3. Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Concealer Light

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Concealer Light

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The eraser perfectly illuminates the complexion while camouflaging your imperfections thanks to its foam tip.

This concealer guarantees you a natural effect. Its fluid texture allows very easy application to the skin. Put around the eye, it will brighten your skin and reduce your dark circles. Starting from the corner of your eye outwards and tapping with the foam, you will light up your gaze.

The foam is very pleasant in contact with the skin. It does not scratch or irritate, on the contrary it is very soft. Its flexibility allows easy and fluid application. You can easily reach the inner corner of your eye or even pass over the bridge of your nose in one stroke. Its absorbent side avoids putting too much product and spreading it evenly. The dosage is easily done by turning the red collar. For the first use, you will have to turn it several times in a row.

The Eraser has a very good hold and its integrated foam allows you to make touch-ups throughout the day. For oily and combination skin, it is the ideal effective concealer, no shine effect, no greasy effect. By putting a powder after you will set the pigments of the Eraser and its hold will be all the more durable.

Its quality / price ratio is excellent. The Eraser suits all budgets with undeniable quality.

On the other hand, it tends to mark the dryness of the eye. It will be better suited to oily or combination skin. Otherwise, just put a little BB cream after applying the concealer which will prevent this dry skin effect. And above all, remember to hydrate your skin before applying the concealer. In particular the T zone which roughly corresponds to the forehead, nose and chin. Don’t forget to do the contour of your eyes as well.

In conclusion, it will be perfect for oily or combination skin. If you are looking to illuminate your face while masking your dark circles and imperfections, this Eraser is the concealer made for you.

How To Make Your Home Concealer?

Making your own natural and effective concealer is very easy! I’ll give you some easy, quick and reasonably priced recipes. And above all, effective organic concealer recipes!


For this concealer, you will just need honey and water. For it to be organic, you obviously have to choose organic honey.

You must pour a teaspoon of honey in 10cl of lukewarm water. Mix. Soak a cotton pad in your concealer and run it over your dark circles and your pockets. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with clear water.

If you have a little more time, after impregnating two cotton pads with anti-dark circles, put them in the refrigerator for 15min. Take them out and let them rest on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with clean water.

Honey is antioxidant and very hydrating. It nourishes the skin in depth to plump it up, restore its balance and stretch the features. It also prevents the appearance of wrinkles. And in addition to being organic, it is an inexpensive ingredient.

With Green Tea

Use whatever green tea bags you used. Place them in the refrigerator. In the morning, if you are tired, that you have more dark circles but suitcases, take out the sachets. Put them on your eyes and leave for 10min. Rinse with clean water.

Grandmother’s remedy par excellence, it is nevertheless very effective. In addition to speeding up the elimination of toxins, it speeds up blood circulation. Its antioxidant properties give it an ultra-effective anti-dark circle. It is also very ecological. Especially if you are a tea drinker!


Slice two nice slices of cucumber. And put them on your eyes for a few minutes. For more efficiency, make sure that the cucumber is very fresh. Do not forget to choose an organic one preferably.

Cucumber is 95% water, so it is a true natural source of hydration. It also contains copper which promotes the formation of collagen. This allows regeneration for the eye area which is very fragile.

At a lower cost, in summer, it is the perfect concealer and the essential food in your salads!

With Potato

Much less known as a remedy but more effective than cucumber, it is the potato. Just cut slices of about 1 to 2cm and crush them. Place them in a linen handkerchief without wrapping them too much. Apply them for about 20min.

The potato is ideal for stimulating blood circulation around the eyes. It also reduces the dilation of blood vessels. It also contains more vitamin C and antioxidants than cucumber. It is also the cheapest in-house effective concealer.

These 4 ingredients that I have selected for you are for me the most effective anti-dark circles treatments. They have the advantage of being inexpensive and of being easily found organically. Their effectiveness is impressive and if you like to make your own beauty products, these recipes are very easy to make and are quick to execute.

How To Apply Concealer?

To apply a concealer, there are simple steps to take. At the same time, so that it is well applied and also for the result to be perfect. Rest assured, I’m telling you everything!

As with any product you want to put on your skin, you have to do it with clean skin! It should also be dry and preferably hydrated. Hydration of the skin before the break of a concealer will allow better hold.

It is necessary to put the anti-dark circle before the foundation. Whether it is to hide your imperfections or illuminate your T zone , the result will be more natural by passing a light foundation such as BB cream after the concealer. The powder often tends to mark fine lines.

Obviously when you just want to touch up your makeup, you can. But please spread your concealer well to avoid “orange” marks. Put it in small touches.

Except for concealers which are already equipped with a brush or mousse type system for applying it, use as a body blender. You will not get your fingers dirty and it will allow an easy and even application of the concealer. What you should not do with a body blender, however, is to stretch your concealer by rubbing your skin. The coverage will not be total. Tap lightly, the result will be much better.

To apply your concealer, you obviously have to put it under the lower eyelid. Start at the inner corner of the eye going outward from the eye. Avoid putting concealer on your lashes. If this happens, you can clean it after using a cotton swab. Then, form a triangle using the two ends of your eye, the point of which will end at the top of your cheek. Now blend by tapping.

Making a triangle allows both to hide your dark circles and your pockets but also to illuminate your eyes. If your eyes are swollen, put some on your upper eyelid, it will hide the swelling a little.

To illuminate your T zone using the concealer, it’s very simple. Make small strokes between your two eyebrows just above your nose. Then go down along the bridge of your nose. Make a vertical line at the heart of your mouth. And finally, just do as for between your eyebrows but on the top of your chin. Blend it all off and continue with your usual makeup routine.

It is in fact to illuminate the shadow areas of your face. Your lips will be enhanced, your nose will appear thinner. And your face will be bright.

To apply a concealer, you must have clean, dry and hydrated skin. Avoid rubbing and tapping instead to blend, a body blender will be perfect for that! Remember that your concealer is used to hide your dark circles, your bags and your imperfections but that it also allows you to easily illuminate your face.

Remember that a concealer does not replace a foundation and that it will be necessary for a natural effect to use a liquid or powder foundation afterwards.

How To Choose The Best Concealers?

In front of the many concealers available on the internet, we generally do not know which one to choose. And we are alone in front of our screen without a saleswoman to help us. But rest assured, I’m here! And I’ll help you choose your concealer on the internet!

The first thing to do is to read the product description sheet. The manufacturers generally teach us all the elements necessary for the use of the concealer. You will also find the composition there which can be useful in case of allergies. Or just to find out what you are putting on your face.

If the concealer is intended for a defined skin type, this will also be indicated here. There are already a lot of elements that can allow you to sort out the concealers.

The second thing is obviously to read the opinions of customers who have tried the concealer! And not just the positive reviews, the negative ones too. The positives will allow you to get an idea of ​​the quality of the concealer and its value for money. Negative reviews will assure you of the quality of the concealer and show you its flaws before trying it. However, you have to be careful and remember that each person has different skin and different skin color.

So do a quick sort through what you read, while remaining objective.

Then, it is very important to think about going to several sites. Even if you have a favorite place to place your orders, going to different sites will allow you to read different customer reviews than on your usual site.

It should not be forgotten either that sometimes commercial offers are more interesting on competing sites. There are also flash sales sites where the prices are very attractive. That’s why you have to have an eye everywhere. It would be a shame to miss the great promo of the year!

Obviously the solution that I recommend you the most is to go on blogs! Someone has done all the research for you. You just need to sit down with a good coffee and read. Nothing’s easier. And the advantage is that generally the blogger will have thought of answering all the questions that you ask yourself. And often, if you have more questions, you can leave a comment or message the blogger. Or just follow several blogs!

In short, to choose the right concealer on the internet, you must read the description made by the manufacturer. Then read the opinions of other consumers whether positive or negative. Taking a short tour of different sites is a plus. The easiest thing for me is to follow beauty blogs. If you have the opportunity to miss a perfume store, testing the concealer is the ideal solution.

There are different ways and different reasons to choose a concealer. Each concealer has its peculiarities, advantages and faults. The only thing you need to do is educate yourself. You can find everything on the internet! Then it’s up to you to sort through the information found.

Otherwise, you can always choose to make your own homemade concealer. It’s a great way to save money, use organic and natural products and have them only when you need them. Gone are the tubes of creams that sleep for 3 years in the closet.

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