Best Garden Sheds For Outdoor Storage

10 Best Garden Sheds For Outdoor Storage Reviews in 2021

To store all your DIY tools, your mower or even garden hoses, there’s nothing like a garden shed so as not to clutter up your garage. You still have to find a suitable and solid model!

This buying guide has been published to help you choose among the best garden sheds around to suit your budget!

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Garden sheds have been around for a long time, but the older ones are rather difficult to make. At that time, it was necessary to cut wood, work it to make boards, and so on. Today, there are garden sheds “ready to assemble”, it is enough to carry out the assembly in one day maximum, and voila. Precisely, Keter offers us here a very beautiful garden shed, which will undoubtedly not leave you indifferent.

Aesthetics : One thing is certain, the aesthetic side of this model is one of its greatest strengths. The brand has been able to faithfully reproduce the authentic and aged appearance of wood, with a sanded wood finish with visible grain, for the walls, door and windows of this model. Your garden can only be prettier and more classy, ​​and this model will also help to give more character to your property.

Robust : One of the weak points often identified with garden sheds of this type is their fragility. On this point, this model fears practically nothing. It has a particularly robust floor that can support a maximum load of 150 kg / m². The roof can also support up to 100 kg / m² of snow. As for the whole, it can withstand winds up to 105 km / h. Suffice to say that you can practically live there at all times.

Maintenance free : The biggest advantage of the resin, more precisely the 20 mm extruded polypropylene that makes up this shelter, is that this material does not require any maintenance. You can wash your shelter by watering it with the garden hose, it has been treated anti-rust and anti-UV. It is therefore not afraid of bad weather.

Large storage capacity : Indeed, this garden shed provides you with a fairly large storage space, with an interior surface area of ​​5.24 m² (W: 201 cm, D: 261 cm, H: 230 cm). Its overall exterior surface is 6.6 m². It could very well accommodate a single bed with a few small pieces of furniture, although the large double-leaf door may not really be suitable for such use.

Easy to assemble : The panels of this garden shed are interlocking, with a tongue and groove device, which greatly facilitates assembly, especially with the help of the very detailed instructions. If the description announces a duration of about 6 hours for the assembly with 2 people, many users got by in less than 5 hours for two.

Customizable : This garden shed offers the possibility of painting the wall walls with the color that suits you best.

KETER Premium

KETER Premium

If you are among those who believe that it is too expensive in a garden shed, however beautiful it is, rest assured, because the Keter brand has more than one trick up its sleeve. . Indeed, why invest so much when the shelter will ultimately only serve as storage for tools, equipment and garden furniture. If you share the same opinion, then you may be interested in the Premium 86 model.

Resistant : This garden shed was designed in resin, which makes it perfectly waterproof, but also resistant to bad weather and insects. It will then be able to withstand very well in the face of harsh outdoor conditions, and will shelter your various materials and equipment without worry.

Easy to assemble : Often delivered as a kit, garden sheds must therefore be assembled once delivered. By the way, it turns out that this model is particularly easy to assemble. We are dealing with a tongue and groove system, with pre-cut and numbered panels. With assembly instructions that clearly explain what to do, assembly will be easy, even for those who are not too handy.

Good storage capacity : Who wants a tiny shelter that can only accommodate shovels and brooms. This model offers a good storage capacity of 4.4 m², enough to accommodate a wide range of tools and garden equipment. Even an XXL lawn mower will fit in. This in particular thanks to a double leaf door with a total width of 134 cm and a height of 184 cm.

Sturdy : It turns out that this garden shed is quite sturdy. It has an aluminum frame, and the thickness of its extruded polypropylene walls is 16 mm. The roof can even support up to 75 kg / m² of snow.

Maintenance free : The advantage with extruded polypropylene is that it is a material that does not require any maintenance, unlike wood or metal garden sheds, for example. This shelter can therefore be washed with water using the garden hose without any problem, while being waterproof and rot-proof.

Let the light pass : It turns out that its double hinged door with latch integrates two windows which will thus let in the light. The garden shed also has ventilation, all combined with its floor will guarantee a perfect seal.

METAL ROSAS – The Best Inexpensive Garden Sheds

METAL ROSAS - The Best Inexpensive Garden Sheds

For those who have little space and little budget for a garden shed, rest assured, there are many models that are not very bulky, and which are particularly affordable. In this register, we have the Metal Rosas model, whose price is unbeatable, at least in our list. And yet, it’s not because it’s a bad product. On the contrary, this model offers particularly interesting advantages, which could be suitable for a good number of customers.

Aesthetics : A point difficult not to grant to this model, it is really aesthetic, especially with its green color which will adapt like a charm with the natural colors of your garden, in particular the green of the trees and / or the grass. This garden shed will proudly confirm its belonging to this universe, while making you benefit from its super useful side.

Cheap : We can only be amazed by seeing how much Metal Rosas is offered. Suffice to say that this model is not expensive at all, especially compared to the qualities it offers. The affordable price is also often a quality common to metal garden sheds.

Resistant : It goes without saying that a self-respecting garden shed must withstand bad weather well, since it has no choice but to be installed outside, at the mercy of the rays of the sun, the rain, the winds. , snow, etc. At this level, this garden shed does not fear anything, it has been treated anti- rust , anti-UV.

Good storage capacity : Another important point among its greatest qualities, its good storage capacity. It is both suitable for small spaces, but it also offers enough space to store your various materials and tools, bicycles, firewood , paint, a mower, etc. It offers an area of ​​4.07 m², with a length of 1.91 m, a width of 2.13 m and a height of 1.95 m (overall dimensions).

Sliding doors : This is a significant advantage especially for small spaces. If the garden shed has a hinged or double-leaf door, the necessary clearance must be provided. With this model, you will not have this problem. The doors have handles, on which you can install a padlock.

How To Choose A Garden Shed?

The garden shed is a storage space that has existed for a long time. Indeed, there are many things that are not really meant to be stored in the house. At the limit, in the garage. We are talking about mowers, shovels, garden hoses, various tools, etc. If the usefulness of a garden shed is no longer to be demonstrated, it should be known that there are different types. It will therefore be necessary to take into account certain criteria to be sure to choose the right one.

Define Your Needs

This criterion often comes at the top of the list, quite simply because it is a question of finding a solution to your needs. Also, are you looking for a garden shed to store your various tools, or are you planning to make a living space like a guest room? What kind of tools do you think you would store in your garden shed, large tools such as XXL mower , generator, etc., or a few shovels, brooms, etc.

Available Area

It goes without saying, how could you choose a garden shed of 6 m² if the area available to accommodate such an installation is only 4 m² in your property. So remember to visualize in advance the place where you will install your future garden shed, and measure the usable surface. Remember to include the necessary clearance for doors and windows, if you choose a model with a hinged door and window. In some cases, space is saved by choosing a model with a sliding door and / or window.

Still talking about doors and windows, you should know that some models have them, while others will only have a large double-leaf door in the front. Again, everything will depend on your needs. Is it absolutely necessary to bring natural light into your garden shed? In this case, it will be better to choose a model with a door and window. A garden shed equipped with ventilation will always be preferable, to ventilate the space as well as possible and thus preserve your various tools stored inside as well as possible.

Building Material

The choice of material is very important, which will condition several things. As an example, a wooden garden shed will be very classy, ​​but will require regular maintenance. Wood is also an excellent natural insulator, so choose if you plan to make your shelter a children’s hut , or a summer bedroom, etc.

Another resin model will resist bad weather much better, and will be maintenance-free, while being easier to assemble (in most cases). Another steel model will be much less expensive, but its robustness often leaves something to be desired (depending on the thickness of the sheets). It will especially be necessary to learn well about the necessary maintenance for each model.

Roof Type

Just like houses, garden sheds can have different roofs. A flysheet or a single roof, or a flat roof, it’s up to you to see which one could best suit your garden. For example, if you are going to stick your shelter facing a wall, a single-sloped roof facing the garden will be more suitable.


This is another important criterion. A “shelter” is supposed to be sturdy, able to withstand inclement weather. But not only that, it is also necessary that its various elements are robust. For example, for a model with an integrated floor, remember to check the maximum weight that it can support. Also remember to check whether the garden shed requires a foundation (slab, wooden floor, anchors, etc.) or not.

Pay Attention To The Regulations

Although it is hardly mentioned in the product descriptions, it should be noted that the installation of a garden shed may be subject to certain conditions. In general, for any shelter with a surface area of ​​less than 5 m², no action is necessary. Beyond that, you will have to go to the town to find out and do what to do (declaration of work or request for a building permit).

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