Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

9 Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide – Help Your Hairstyle Look Gorgeous

More than simply blow drying your curly hair is possible with a better hair dryer for curly hair. You can dry your hair, produce a curly look, add texture, and, of course, blow dry any hairstyle imaginable in form thanks to creative functions and different accessories.

Your hair is covered during brushing and does not dry out too much thanks to cutting-edge solutions like Thermo Protect, as well as infrared and ionic technology. But how do they really perform, which ones sound right, and which hairdryers are the best?

In our curly hair dryer reviews on Esterel, we show you the 9 most famous models and their unique features so you can figure out which one is better for your hair. In the following guide, you’ll learn what else to look for when purchasing the best hair dryers for curly hair.

What Are The Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair?

1. Imetec Bellissima Hair Dryer S9

Best hair dryer for curly hair comes with powerful digital motor

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The Imetec Bellissima hair dryer has 1800 watts of power considering its limited scale. Like wide models, the permanent magnet motor guarantees steady airflow and high speed and fast drying, as reviews confirm. It is, however, much lighter and noticeably louder at 68 decibels.

You can choose between a cool setting of 30 degrees Celsius, a hot setting of 47 degrees Celsius, and a hot setting of 57 degrees Celsius. You can also go from cool to warm with an extra special tap. The three magnetic styling attachments that come with the package can be switched out instantly.

Static electricity is reduced by built-in ionic and bioceramic technology combined with far infrared heating, minimizing wearers’ after frizz and promoting smooth, shiny hair. The temperature is consistently maintained, and the overheating defense keeps the hair from being damaged.

2. Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanocare Brown EH-NA5B-T

Best Lightweight Curly Hair Dryer

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Panasonic Nano Care features cutting-edge technology that releases microscopic water particles into the hair (Nanoe) to replenish moisture. Simultaneously, the dual mineral technology disperses zinc ions, forming a protective coat.

The Panasonic isn’t just good for hair; it’s also good for skin, with an environment that uses the aforementioned hybrid technology to hydrate the scalp or ears. In this test, the Panasonic Nano Care was selected as the winner, and its price is on the higher end.

3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

Best hair dryer for curly hair with ionic technology

[amazon fields=”B003B6S36S” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Babyliss, a French brand, has introduced a high-speed hair dryer for experienced hairdressers. The product’s key benefit can be the acceleration of air to near-extreme speeds, which is aided by a brushless drive that is much more powerful than traditional motors and has a far more optimistic wear pattern.

It’s something: a hairdryer that costs 150 euros and is marketed as the Ferrari of advanced hairdryers, requiring 2200 watts of power from a brushless motor.

Brushless motors prevent power loss caused by carbon brushes, have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, and are ideal for continuous use in a salon, a large family, or especially hair. long and dense

The pose, however, continues: Precision 4.0 technology can give the 6000E Pro Digital the precision of a thin tool and enable it to form hair in a targeted manner with a very narrow centering nozzle.

The centering nozzle on the Babyliss, for example, must be four times more accurate, and the air speed must be 60 percent faster; much more practical, but not scientifically observable, is the sexy hairstyle that results due to the ion generator (“Ionic High Airflow”) with less statically charged and frizz-free hair, for more shine and softness.

4. Parlux 3800

Best hair dryer for curly hair very powerful

[amazon fields=”B08LQSW242″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Anyone who prefers the Parlux 3800 Environmentally Friendly isn’t looking for a venerable, long-established brand. Since the Milanese company Parlux is still relatively unknown in this region, despite its youth.

However, it has a strong reputation in other countries for the reliability and consistency of its hairdryers, such as England and Italy. The 3800 Eco Friendly lives up to its name: with 2100 watts, four amazing temperature settings, and an ionizing feature, it is clearly positioned as a top-of-the-line utility.

The data sheet impresses with well-coordinated functions even at first glance: the high heating output (2100 watts) does not always go hand in hand with the hot air. Since it has four temperature settings and two fan speeds, it provides the ideal temperature / air outlet ratio for all hair types and a variety of styling scenarios.

5. Philips HP8232

Best hair dryer for curly hair at a great price

[amazon fields=”B01KXZYLG0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Philips HP8232 is a standard example of the technical market, with different heating and fan functions. This technology also has a positive influence on the “CoolShot function”: the cooling phase that is given to repair the hair dryer not only blows lukewarm on the hair, but also very cold.

This is perfect for allowing the hair’s cuticle, which has been roughened by the hair dryer’s fire, to lay down again.

With its respectable 2200 watts of power, the model highlights the six different fan settings for different hair structures, as well as the so-called ThermoProtect technology, which avoids heat damage and unhealthy hair. It makes no sense if Philips rescued an ionic function; experiments have shown that this can be achieved without negatively charged particles as well.

6. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Best hair dryer for high-end professional curly hair

[amazon fields=”B01FIG1JIM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer stands out from the crowd at first sight, with its sleek, streamlined style that obviously has sense and intent. The ring-shaped optics are explained by Dyson’s traditional air multiplier technology, which guarantees even air and heat flow and eliminates the need for a propeller.

The Supersonics’ arrival was also aided by the V9 engine. Unlike a traditional hair dryer, which has a motor in the head, the Dyson has one in the handle. The benefit of this lightweight nature is that the weight is uniformly spread across the unit. The Dyson, on the other hand, should be kept closer to the body. Above everything, grooming from a higher vantage point is more convenient. This factor is also aided by the 63g weight.

The air multiplier technology combined with the digital V9 motor can result in an especially gentle brushing. The Dyson compensates for what traditional models do with high temperatures at the detriment of hair structure with above-average airflow. Hair pulled through the blow dryer shouldn’t be a concern since the propeller is missing.

The built-in ionic technology is supposed to shield the top layer of the hair structure, keep it shiny, and avoid static charge. The control knobs, which are unusually positioned on the back of the unit, allow you to select between three speeds and four temperature settings. The Dyson has three heating stages ranging from 60 to 100 degrees, as well as a cooling stage of 28 degrees.

7. Bosch PHD 5560

Best Hair Dryer For High Quality Curly Hair

[amazon fields=”B0007YVYF4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you’re looking for a hairdryer in well fan/temperature combinations, the Bosch PHD 5962 PureStyle is it – at least if consumer reviews are to be believed.

As is always the case for hairstyling gadgets, there are those that are remarkably familiar with rival brands and who seem to overlap their respective advantages and disadvantages, squeezing between consumer views on the Amazon Marketplace.

If you look at the other, much more valuable reviews, you’ll see a pattern: The Bosch PureStyle PHD 5962 hair dryer is a very understated hair dryer of medium quality with relatively usable heat/blower configurations and just as much strength. The experience budget starts at about 6 months when it comes to long-term efficiency. The switches can also be difficult to use at times.

It has a nominal consumption of 2,200 watts and one of the standard three temperature switching levels as well as two air flow levels, the higher of which seems to be too hot.

The cold level, on the other hand, will be reported as present but with no further information. In exchange, you can only predict a slight reduction in frizz from ionic technology. Nonetheless, it seems that the brand’s trust triumphs in the end: after all, you are accustomed to Bosch quality and will purchase the hairdryer again and again.

8. Rowenta CV8528

Best hair dryer for curly hair with long lasting performance

[amazon fields=”B00H4IP7P4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Rowenta CV8528 is a hair dryer that is designed to suit the needs of even the most discerning consumers. If the hair is styled with the 2300 watt power supply, ideal results as if conjured up by the hairdresser should really be possible.

There are two fans and three heating stages, each of which can be adjusted individually by a toggle switch on the handle. A true cold environment allows the hair to cool easily, resulting in a flawless finish.

Apps like the 2.5-meter-long cable and the two included concentrator nozzles should appeal to the novice hairstylist. The four-millimeter wide air outlet on the nozzle is suitable for targeted straight hair styling and drying, while the eight-millimeter concentrator provides volume.

An ionizer constantly emits negative ions with the goal of reducing or avoiding electrostatic charge. Furthermore, the flow of hot air is likely to neutralize the drying of the scalp.

9. Remington Salon Collection Air3D

Best hair dryer for curly hair with futuristic design

[amazon fields=”B07FJBZT3B” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Because of the hairdryer’s advanced structure, handling the Remington Air 3D D7777 should be very fun. Unlike other hair dryers, the motor was not located in the upper part of the fan, but rather in the handle.

This assumes the weight should be evenly distributed in the side. Aside from that, it has 1800 watts of fuel, three heating stages, and two fans. As a result, it has all of the qualities of a decent hairdryer.

The extra features show that it could be more than just a decent hair dryer: The streaming air is also visually reflected at the end, in addition to the LED displays on the heater and fan controls. There is a fan outlet.

Remington seems to have done an outstanding job with this commodity in the past. The delivery’s components, such as two grooming nozzles, a diffuser, and a plastic bag, seem to be of excellent quality.

Buying Guide For Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

You should compare the various devices based on certain significant buying requirements before deciding which type of hair dryer you want to use to dry your curly hair in the future. Continue reading to learn more about what’s important:


The temperature of a hair dryer will hit dangerously high levels. It makes drying the hair smoother, but as the temperature rises above 70 degrees, the hair suffers. As a result, look for a hair dryer with various temperature settings.

Person with long, sensitive hair, in particular, can lower the temperature. This shields the hair, preventing it from drying out, splitting, and fracturing. Many heating and ventilation settings, on the other hand, often raise the price.

Many hairdryers come with a cold atmosphere. It will lend your hairstyle more power. The swing holds best if the hair is twisted on a roller or a circular brush, heated, and then cooled. The system is also cooled by the cold environment.

Buying Guide For Hair Dryers For Curly Hair


A hairdryer normally works efficiently, even though you have to wait under a hood for years. Output determines speed. A hair dryer with over 2000 watts easily dries the hair. High quality, on the other hand, does not always mean a strong fan. Using a lot of watts typically means getting a lot of power consumption.

Lightweight And Quiet

If you try to blow dry long hair, you’ll need to be able to keep your arm still while using the blow dryer. It is preferable to use a hair dryer that is as light as possible.

Don’t believe that hairdryers made of plastic are often lighter. Hair dryers with a metal housing are also available, and are much lighter. Just a few versions are under 600 grams.

It’s also good that there isn’t so much noise. You can also listen to the radio when doing your hair in the bathroom if your hairdryer is quiet. It should also be quick to keep the hair dryer. This is where the form comes into play. Doing your own in-store hairdryer test is the perfect way to see how you get along with a hairdryer.

Additional Functions

Manufacturers enjoy promoting their products with different add-ons and accessories. Not all of them are worthwhile. However, some people do. A hair dryer with a retractable cord, for example, is ideal for neat cord storage.

After all, not every bathroom has an outlet right next to the mirror, so the cable should be at least two meters long. Of course, a hair dryer or a rechargeable battery may not pose this issue.

A hair dryer rack is useful for keeping the hair dryer close at hand and for properly storing it. The hair dryer will then be hung on the wall.

A diffuser is often used on hair dryers. This clip is particularly well-suited to curly or wavy hair. It adds more texture to your hairstyle. Hair dryers with a brush, on the other side, are required to create smooth hair.


The Dyson Supersonic is clearly different from other hair dryers as the best hair dryer for quality curly hair: its sleek, streamlined style has sense and intent. The ring-shaped optics are explained by Dyson’s traditional air multiplier technology, which guarantees even air and heat flow and eliminates the need for a propeller.

If you’re looking for a hairdryer with well-coordinated fan/temperature combinations, the Bosch PHD 5560 PureStyle is it – at least if consumer reviews are to be believed. The Bosch PureStyle PHD 5962 is a very understated hair dryer with medium efficiency, relatively usable heat/blower configurations, and the same amount of strength.

The Imetec Bellissima hair dryer has 1800 watts of power considering its limited scale. Like wide models, the permanent magnet motor guarantees steady airflow with high speed and fast drying, as reviews confirm. It is, however, much lighter and noticeably louder at 68 decibels.

Panasonic’s EH-NA5B-T uses cutting-edge technology that releases microscopic water particles into the hair (Nanoe) to replenish moisture. Simultaneously, the dual mineral technology disperses zinc ions, forming a protective coat.

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