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Top 10 Best Laptop Stands For Bed Reviews in 2021

Have you ever, while working on your computer, felt the need for a little cocooning moment? If so, there is one tool you should like a lot: the bed computer mount, which allows you to use your device in good conditions while you relax.

However, when making your choice, you have to be very careful. Indeed, there are many parameters to take into account: stability, dimensions, etc. We get lost quickly. To make things easier for you, we invite you to discover five products together, adapted to different user profiles.

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The Best Laptop Stands For Bed

1. Lavolta

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The greatest strength of this product is that it can be adjusted very easily, especially in height. So, it is suitable when you are on your bed, but can also be used to adjust the position of your computer when placed on other surfaces.

It has a particularity: it has an integrated ventilation system, which plugs directly into the USB port of the PC (without affecting the autonomy). If your device tends to overheat, this is handy. However, some buyers do not use this feature because they find it a bit noisy.

The support is solid and pretty (two colors are available, black or silver).

A tray for placing a mouse is provided, in order to benefit from optimal comfort regardless of the context.

As this product is light, compact and super adaptable, you can enjoy it at home, but also take it to work if you need to.


  • Adjustable according to your needs
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Mouse plate


  • Can make a little noise

2. Todeco


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Looking for a laptop bed tray that is primarily intended for relaxation, and is both practical and stylish? You should like Todeco’s proposal.

This support is very chic! It is actually made of bamboo , which has two advantages. First of all, it’s ecological and beautiful; then, it allows it to resist well to liquids. A particularity that is important, because a place is provided to accommodate a drink.

Indeed, you can also use the object as a lunch tray.

The design is very clever. A ledge lets you hold a lightweight computer, tablet or book in place, and there’s even a built-in drawer, for storing small items (glasses or USB stick for example).

Holes are made in the support to allow ventilation of the PC.

You have space for a mouse.

The computer tray is tiltable to five different positions. Before possibly buying, just be aware that this product is not ideal if you have a device dedicated to video games, quite heavy: you would lose a little stability during your games.


  • Ventilated bamboo design
  • Also practical for breakfast
  • Integrated drawer


  • Tilt not suitable for some PCs

3. U-Kiss


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Your PC is above all a working tool, and you are looking for a very solid laptop holder with a sober appearance? The model proposed by U-Kiss seems appropriate.

This support has a special appearance, with its dark and metallic color which gives it a small industrial style. It is in fact made of aluminum, a very good point, since this gives it a longer lifespan compared to certain competing models.

As for the joints, they are made of shock-resistant ABS plastic. They are sturdy, but it is a shame that they are not also made of metal. However, that probably would have pushed up the price.

The product is surprisingly easy to handle.

The legs are extremely flexible, and you can work comfortably at a desk or in bed. A removable side mini-shelf is designed to accommodate a mouse, and holes in the holder allow hot air to escape effectively from the computer.

To prevent your PC or Mac from falling, two plugs are provided. They are convenient because they can be moved, which allows you to hold various objects, such as a dictionary or a magazine, in addition to your device.


  • Essentially aluminum
  • Nice “industrial” look
  • Very flexible legs


  • Plastic joints



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Would you like to have a laptop knee stand, but are struggling to find a truly comfortable and stable model? The one offered by Huanuo is able to solve your problem.

This over bed table is designed for small computers (15 ” models hold, but may protrude a bit at the edges), and does not include a mouse holder.

If that suits you, you can take advantage of a smart product: the top is a wooden tray, and the bottom a cushion. It’s super convenient to place the stand on your lap. Or to go straight from work to a nap.

Thanks to the ledge, your computer (or your book) does not fall.

You benefit from truly above-average stability: it is possible to use the object as a passenger in a car without being disturbed.

It has a handle that makes it easy to carry, and which has another advantage: you can use it to hold the power cord, or a USB cable, in place while you work or watch a movie.

The object itself is really beautiful, and is original compared to competing computer stands.


  • Very successful design
  • Integrated cushion, ideal for the knees
  • Excellent stability


  • Rather for small computers

5. Nearpow


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Do you need a tablet for a large computer? The Nearpow Computer Bed Mount is an option worth considering, which many buyers are very happy with. This product is also suitable for left-handed people.

Two removable silicone edges are provided with this model.

They allow you to hold two objects at the same time (for example, a computer and a mouse), and can be placed in various ways, including one suitable for left-handers: a very good point, because the consideration of this audience remains too rare on this type of product (as on others).

Its other big advantage is that it is more spacious than average. Without the need for a mouse, you put a 17 ”computer inside.

It is a one-piece support, which also allows it to accommodate heavier PCs: this may appeal to video game enthusiasts.

The height is adjustable, and the top tiltable: you can easily find a comfortable position, whether on a bed or on a sofa.

The object is solid, made of aluminum and ABS, but it has one small flaw: the imitation wood color of the top is not to everyone’s taste. It is a product that favors practicality over aesthetics.


  • Two movable silicone edges
  • A lot of space
  • Particularly stable


  • Design that won’t appeal to everyone

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