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Top 6 Best Lip Balms For Dry Lips Reviews in 2021

Chapped lips that crack and hurt, it’s no longer possible!

Lip balm is almost a winter essential, but it is also a care that many people with fragile and easily dry lips should have with it all year round. The sun or the wind damage the lips as much as the cold!

But among all the references available, which one to choose? To help you make your choice, here is our complete selection of the best lip balms on the market!

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The Best Lip Balms

1. Labello Original Classic Lip Balm


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Labello lip balms are made with shea butter , an ingredient known to provide maximum hydration and nutrition to dry lips. This shea does not stop there, however, since it is also able to protect them and bring them softness, for 12 hours. The Labello skincare range is not content with only classic sticks, it also includes scented sticks (blackberry, cherry, etc.), which can color the lips a nice red or which can make them more shiny, as well as balms packaged in small jars to be applied directly with the finger!

Our opinion: Labello is the classic lip balm! It is one of the essential products that has succeeded in establishing itself with its practical stick format which slips easily into the bag, in a pocket, which does not take up space and can be taken everywhere with you! No need to discuss its effectiveness, we all know that Labello is ideal when the lips are dry or chapped and they need a good hydration. And the little extra with this brand is that it offers its product in many forms and scents, enough to vary the pleasures!

2. eos USDA Organic Lip Balm


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Eos lip balm is a treatment for dry lips that is both 100% natural but also comprising 95% of ingredients from organic farming. Presented in a small spherical box, it also adopts a rounded shape to facilitate application on the lips. Enriched with shea butter and vitamins E, it is also perfectly suited to take care of the lips by providing them with the hydration, protection and softness they need as soon as they start to crack. But to stand out from the competition, this balm is also available in original fragrances, such as pomegranate, coconut milk, blueberry or even sweet mint!

Our opinion: Eos offers lip balms here that are definitely unlike any other! Whether it is their shape or their fragrance, they know how to bring a touch of novelty and this is a detail that we really liked! Especially since in addition, in terms of composition and effectiveness, we had nothing to reproach them: our lips have been nourished and properly protected. These are small spherical lip balms that don’t take up much space in the bag, and with their rather greedy scent, it’s hard to resist running your tongue over her lips!

3. Alverde


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Alverde lip balm has chosen to be as natural and neutral as possible. Made from organic jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, organic calendula extract, it is also dye-free, synthetic preservative-free, silicone-free and also fragrance-free. It focuses in fact on its main action, namely the protection and hydration of sensitive lips, dry and generally damaged by climatic conditions. Thanks to a protective veil that it deposits with each application, it allows you to regain softness and vitality: the lips no longer tighten at the slightest smile!

Our opinion: A scented lip balm is nice, but sometimes you just want and need a treatment that just does its job, and nothing less! And that’s exactly what this Alverde balm does, which has real moisturizing power and does a lot of good for the lips, even when they are very dry or chapped. We particularly appreciated the fact that it left no white marks, and above all, that it lasted a very long time! It’s a bit pricey compared to others, but it’s partly organic and it totally deserves its price!

4. Amilab


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Amilab lip balm has been specially formulated to hydrate, relieve and protect damaged and dry lips due to various climatic conditions (sun like cold, wind like sea air). Enriched with active ingredients such as allantoin, it is particularly effective, in particular with regard to the healing of chapped skin, for example, and it also has the ability not to leave a visible film on the lips thanks to its transparent texture. With orange essential oil that goes into its composition, it finally leaves a fresh and discreet scent on the lips, which is not enough to just soothe them!

Our opinion: This Amilab is a lip balm that has always managed to repair lips, even when they were in a sorry state, and it is for this reason that we place it without hesitation in this selection of the best balms! Whether it is its texture or its smell, it makes no mistake, and even if its composition is not the most natural that can be found, we accept this time to close our eyes for its effectiveness. And with this set of 2 sticks + 1 free, it is also offered at a very reasonable price!

5. Bioderma Moisturizing and Nourishing Lip Balm


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Bioderma lip balm comes in the form of a moisturizing stick to soothe and repair lips that are too dry or too fragile. Made from shea butter, it has all the necessary abilities, including a strong moisturizing action, to regenerate the labial mucous membranes and heal chapped lips . Highly nutritious, it is on the other hand without allergens and parabens to remain a respectful care of the skin. This balm is finally equipped with a slightly scented formula so as not to be too classic: with its raspberry taste, it knows how to make itself greedy!

Our opinion: Bioderma is generally a brand that offers quality care, and this is once again the case with this lip balm. Without being more original than that, we have however found that it nourishes our lips very well, that it gives them good protection, and this raspberry scent is all the more pleasant as it does not leave traces or color. visible. Its little extra, the one that makes us interested in it, is that it is available here in a set of 3 (2 + 1 offered), enough to make it rather inexpensive and to be supplied during no bad months!

6. Le Petit Marseillais

Le Petit Marseillais

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Le Petit Marseillais lip balm has specifically selected 3 ingredients from the south, shea butter , sweet almond oil and argan oil, to offer this treatment a complete action on all lips, even more dried out. Moisturizing, nourishing, softening and softening, it is able to take great care of the lips, to repair them and to protect them against all the climatic aggressions, in any season. As it penetrates quickly thanks to its melting texture, its action is more immediate and the feeling of regained comfort is never long in coming!

Our opinion: Le Petit Marseillais is one of those brands that we appreciate without needing a real reason! However, in the case of this lip balm, the reason is obvious: its texture is very pleasant, its fragrance is just as pleasant, and it leaves a rather effective protective and nourishing veil on the lips. Our lips were well hydrated, and above all, they quickly regained their suppleness, which is pleasant when you easily suffer from chapping. And to finish convincing, it is more here about a set of 3 balms: it is thus almost given!

What Type Of Lip Balm To Choose?

It may seem like there is nothing simpler than choosing a lip balm, and yet there are indeed different kinds of balms ! Some are much richer in moisturizing agents than others and should therefore be preferred in case of very dry or chapped lips, while others are also able to lightly color the lips or give them a gloss effect. Not to mention the 100% natural lip balms that you can quite find or that you can even make yourself!

  • Non-greasy lip balm: Fairly not rich in moisturizing agents, it does not stick to the lips and it generally leaves no trace. However, it is not the most nourishing and it should be reserved for slightly damaged lips.
  • The classic lip balm: Generally made from a good moisturizing agent (such as shea butter for example), it moisturizes, nourishes and protects the lips properly, while repairing them in the event of cracking.
  • The “lipstick” balm: Often scented with red fruits, it leaves a slight color on the lips at the same time as it hydrates them. Even if it is no less effective, it is not recommended for men!
  • 100% organic or homemade lip balm: With its simple formula with natural ingredients, sometimes even organic, this lip balm ensures that only ingredients that are totally respectful of the skin are applied to your lips.

What Ingredients Should You Use For A Lip Balm?

To choose the right lip balm, you must also take a look at its composition: as with all the care you apply to your skin, it is better to make sure that it is of good quality! To recognize an effective lip balm, it must first of all be made from a good moisturizing agent , generally shea butter , jojoba oil or even honey. This is what will allow deep hydration. But it should also contain a restorative agent like aloe vera, for example, which makes it more effective for treating chapped lips . Finally, for the balm to hold on the lips that it creates a very fine veil to protect them, the presence of a wax (like beeswax) is also recommended!

And which ingredients to avoid?

When choosing a lip balm, whether it is 100% natural or not, it is also necessary to ensure the absence of certain ingredients that may be contraindicated. This is the case with mineral oils , for example, which effectively retain hydration but at the same time tend to prevent the lips from breathing. But we can also mention essential oils which are sometimes allergenic, and in some cases, further dry out the lips! While it is obviously necessary to avoid silicones and parabens (and not only in lip balms for that matter ), you must also be wary of balms that list water in the first elements of their composition. They tend to crumble and they don’t last very long!

How Not To Doubt The Effectiveness Of Your Lip Balm?

Sometimes, even following all of these recommendations, you may feel that the lip balm you have chosen is not effective enough! And it’s quite possible: all skin types are different, they all react differently to hydration, and sometimes certain ingredients work better than others to fight against dryness and chapped skin. If, even by applying your lip balm at least 3 times a day, the lips are still just as dry or damaged after a few days, it is because the chosen balm is definitely not the right one. It is therefore preferable to turn to another brand: there are also many different lip balms!

For a lip balm to work, you must also avoid constantly running your tongue over your lips ! Even though it’s tempting because the feeling of hydration is immediate (and when the lip balm is scented, it’s even harder to resist!), The saliva is actually quite drying and so it is not a good idea! And above all, even if even more complicated, it is necessary to refrain from systematically tearing off your dead skin! The lip balm is precisely designed to make them disappear by repairing the labial mucosa!


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