Best Volume Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

Top 10 Best Volume Mascara For Sensitive Eyes Reviews in 2021

The dreaded moment has arrived: the end of summer, the heat, days at the beach … The strength of makeup is that everyone is free to do what they want. Indeed, it is possible to wear a smoky eyes or glitter at work or on the contrary to adopt a no-makeup makeup. We like to think that in makeup, there aren’t that many rules to follow. However, by force of circumstances (and weather conditions), we go more naturally towards an effortless, light and comfortable look in summer. When, on the contrary, you want coverage, dark lipsticks and voluminous lashes in fall and winter.

That is why in this article we are going to tell you about the best volume mascara.

Autumn begins with its particular context where we all have to wear our masks religiously, either for a walk or for work. Under these circumstances, eye makeup takes on more importance than ever. Indeed, eyeshadows and eyeliners will be our allies, and as a final touch: mascara . If this was already a must-have product in every routine, mascara has become the king of our makeup bags this year. The question arises: what is the best volume mascara?

Fortunately, this year has seen many developments, improvements and novelties in the world of mascaras. In the Esterel team we decided to write this article to clarify this subject for you and give you our short list: best volume mascara

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The Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

1. Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

This is not the first time that a product from the iconic Maison Dior has found its place at the top of one of our selections. Indeed, Maison Dior products are always elegant, emblematic and unique . Dior keeps all of its promises with products that always deliver what they say.

Of course, this is the case with the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Spectacular Volume and Curve Mascara . This mascara is a reinvention of their classic Diorshow Iconic Overcurl. The version of this mascara promises a more powerful formula , with even more volume, longer wear and, on top of that, lash care ingredients . Of course, the Esterel team had the chance to test this little wonder and we must admit it: the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara Spectacular Volume and Curve

the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Spectacular Volume and Curve Mascara keeps all its promises. The decision was taken unanimously: in our opinion, this is the best volume mascara.

Why do we consider Dior’s Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Spectacular Volume and Curve Mascara to be the best volume mascara? We are going to reveal all the secrets of this mascara that stole our hearts to you.

The secret of this false eyelash effect volume mascara:

First of all, we wanted to highlight its curved bristle brush . The brush is a real technological innovation . She catches the eyelashes from the root and brushes them to the tips. From the first application, our lashes adapt to the brush and curl instantly . This method ensures maximum volume. The mascara is perfectly distributed throughout the lashes. This way the tips do not get heavy under the weight of the mascara. Result? Our lashes stay curved and voluminous all day long.

In addition, the formula of Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Spectacular Volume and Curve Mascara is enriched with cotton nectar . Cotton nectar brings real care to our eyelashes. Our eyelashes change day after day, we were able to test it ourselves! Cotton nectar protects the curvature and natural volume of our eyelashes. Its care action makes the application more and more easy and effective .

Finally, its intense black color magnifies our eyelashes. Our gaze becomes daring and seductive. The velvety black color amplifies the impression of volume, it is the icing on the cake. This volume mascara gives a real false lash effect .

The magic is in the details with the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Spectacular Volume and Curve Mascara . The best volume mascara according to the Esterel team has a lot of details that will make you fall in love.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre Pillow Talk

To occupy the second position, we chose the volume mascara Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes by Charlotte Tilbury . This makeup brand was created in 2013 by Charlotte Tilbury, a famous American makeup artist. Her makeup line was an immediate success, and her “Pillow Talk” products revolutionized social media, especially her lipstick .

The Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes volume mascara continues the phenomenon. The Esterel team is not the only one to consider it one of the best volume mascaras of the year.

We share with you what makes Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes an incredible volumizing mascara .
The formula of this volume mascara is enriched with polymers with a lifting effect . These polymers form a protective film that helps curl the lashes for a lifting effect . Moreover, Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes contains densifying carnauba wax and microcrystalline wax. These waxes work together, adding substance and texture to the formula. This little trick gives lashes more definition .

The star ingredient in this mascara is volumizing keratin . It provides an ultra-powerful volumizing effect on the fibers of each eyelash. The result ? A rendering and a sensation of densified eyelashes. In addition, the formula contains volumizing agents that enhance the functions of keratin. They give the illusion of elastic and elongated eyelashes for more volume.

Finally, Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes mascara doesn’t apply like any other mascara. Its double-sided applicator has a flat part and a brush part:

  • The flat part of the applicator allows mascara to be applied to the lashes.
  • With the brush part, you brush the lashes in a zig-zag fashion from roots to ends for a push-up effect .

This volumizing mascara is the second best volume mascara of this year!

3. At Lash’d Curve and Definition Mascara by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Mascara

Here is the third chosen: At Lash’d Curve and Definition Mascara by Marc Jacobs. Fashion house known to all, Marc Jacobs has become a trendy brand in the beauty world. Indeed, its face and care products are making the rounds on social networks. Marc Jacobs pays special attention to formulations and wins followers every year. Indeed, the formulation is the reason why At Lash’d Curve and Definition Mascara is among the best volume mascaras in our article. It is the best vegan volume mascara.

At Lash’d promises us an intense and more defined look. This mascara lengthens and curls the lashes while separating them to avoid clumps. The At Lash’d mascara brush has a classic style. Yet for a more effective application we can use the tip of the brush for the inside of the eyes where our lashes are shorter.

The vegan formula of At Lash’d Curve and Definition Mascara is enriched with vitamin B5 and Biotin Peptide to nourish the eyelashes:

  • The Vitamin B5 : pantothenic acid or metabolizes proteins and nutrients. Applied topically, it strengthens eyelashes and hair .
  • Biotin Peptide : Known to be the secret ingredient in horse shampoos, it is used to soften and boost the growth of hair and eyelashes.

Finding a good vegan volumizing mascara isn’t always easy. At Lash’d Mascara by Marc Jacobs is a real success . This mascara provides curvature and volume to the lashes, and lasts for several hours . In addition, vitamin B5 and biotin have a delicate effect on our eyelashes to prevent them from being damaged.

The little extra of this volume mascara:

The design of the packaging is not without interest. Marc Jacobs designed it so that its black lines resemble our eyelashes, lengthened by the effect of At Lash’d Curve and Definition Mascara . Moreover, lashes of eternal length combine with gold for a luxury effect.

We hope that each of you will find in this article the ideal volume mascara for yourself! Whether you are looking for a vegan formula , a bristle brush or the most volume, one of these mascaras is right for you! The Esterel team took the test to reveal the best volume mascara in this article Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

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