Best Petrol And Electric Brushcutters

10 Best Petrol And Electric Brushcutters Reviews in 2021

The brush cutter is the perfect addition to the lawn mower for places where the lawn mower cannot go. Whether in nooks and steep slopes, under hedges, around poles, lampposts and tree bases, or along fences and walls, the brush cutter will provide a perfect result. Each mowing is usually followed by a short time of cleaning the edges with an edger.

Our review is designed for those looking for a reliable and powerful tool that will help you clean up after mowing and remove weeds. Don’t worry, if there were only very expensive models out there a few years ago, most edger trimmers are affordable today. We have selected for you the best thermal and electric brush cutters for occasional to intensive use.

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McCulloch B40 B Elite – Best Professional Petrol Brush Cutter

McCulloch B40 B Elite

If you are looking for a petrol brushcutter for heavy duty use, the McCulloch B40 B Elite is our best choice. Equipped with a 2-stroke engine of 1500 Watts and a cubic capacity of 40cm, it is suitable for heavy gardening work for land of up to 10,000m² without any problem.

Users are particularly delighted with its grip and maneuverability despite its 7 kg thanks in particular to the harness. In short, a quality tool at a very reasonable price for the McCulloch B40 B Elite petrol brushcutter which also has a 2 year warranty.


  • Efficiency: this model is suitable for demanding or even professional users who need a brush cutter for large spaces that are difficult to maintain.
  • Reliability: Users note a product that lasts well beyond the two-year warranty.


  • Noise nuisance: like all petrol brush cutters, it is not very discreet in terms of sound volume.

Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW – Best Value For Money

Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW

The Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW electric brush cutter will suit most individuals for regular use. Very quiet, we have selected this model which is offered at an unbeatable price for a mid-range edger. It is also rather light with its 3.5kg and fully telescopic in order to store it easily in your garage.

The Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW edger is easy to use with its cutting line that unwinds by itself as you go and has a battery that will allow you to not worry about the line behind you. If a single battery will suffice for a cut of 3000m, you should know that it is possible to replace the battery during mowing to improve the autonomy of the machine. You can either take a break (recharge in one hour) or bring a spare battery.


  • Ease of use : the ideal edge trimmer for a large number of homeowners, both efficient without being exhausting to operate.
  • Lightweight and compact : our favorite model is less than 4kilo and folds up on itself to take up less space when stored.
  • Quiet : this is the strong point of an electric model compared to thermal edging cuts.
  • Value for money : It will be hard to find a cheaper reliable electric brush cutter with all of these features.


  • We can blame it for too little autonomy for very large gardens, although the battery can be changed in a few seconds. It is also possible to buy a 2nd battery to double the duration of use.

Bosch 06008A5000 – Best Cheap Electric Brush Cutter

Bosch 06008A5000

For small budgets, the Bosch 06008A5000 electric brush cutter is ideal if you need it for green spaces that are not too wide. It is reliable for occasional use, with the German brand widely recognized in the gardening community.

The Bosch 06008A5000 edger is particularly quiet, compact and lightweight. It is less practical than a battery-powered model, however, and you may even need an extension cord if you need to get to the back of your garden.


  • Price : It is almost impossible to find a cheaper price for a quality product these days.
  • Light and compact : ideal model if you do not want to burden yourself with a large edge cutter that will be used a few times during sunny days.


  • Ergonomics : if you are over 1.80m tall, you will have to bend down to operate this edger which can be annoying for a long mowing.
  • Limited use : a brush cutter with a low power cord is not suitable for huge gardens.
  • Corded : this is the weak point of edge trimmers without a battery, your device must be plugged into the nearest electrical outlet during use.

How To Choose A Brushcutter?

Electric Or Thermal Brush Cutter

For the majority of homeowners, we found no convincing argument for most homeowners to opt for a petrol brushcutter, even for a large lawn of 2000m². Electric models are quieter and easier to use, require virtually no maintenance and emit no harmful emissions. According to our tests, the runtime and cutting capacity of electric brushcutters is more than sufficient, except for the most extreme cleaning jobs.

Even the most powerful electric models we have tested do not come close to the noise nuisance of a 2-stroke engine. Not only is the tool itself quieter, but the easy nature of an electric brush cutter eliminates the need to keep the device at idle while walking from area to area. Indeed, an electric edging blow can simply be stopped and restarted in seconds at the push of a button.

In addition, the price of an electric brush cutter is generally less expensive than that of a thermal model without counting the savings on gasoline and long-term maintenance. The majority of petrol brush cutters have 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines, so they require the delicate process of always checking gasoline and oil. They also have a carburetor, an air filter or a spark plug which needs regular cleaning or even replacement. Out of season you have to drain gasoline engines of fuel and failure to do so can cause damage, yet another drawback of heat engine tools.

Corded Or Cordless Brush Cutter

To keep an electric string trimmer ready for use, all you need to do is place the battery on the charger after each cutting session. It’s as simple as that. The electric trimmers in our review all come with a single battery, so it’s crucial that they have a decent run time. The models we were able to test have the endurance to handle a very large lawn with a duration of about 30 minutes. Of course, thermal brush cutters are by definition wireless since they are equipped with a 2 or 4 stroke engine.

Alternatively, you can opt for a corded electric brush cutter. The advantage is that you will never have a battery failure, but the disadvantage is that you will have to drag the long extension behind you if you have a garden of a substantial size. Also, today we prefer models with battery given the quite suitable endurance of these. If you are worried about breaking down, it is possible to acquire a second battery to double the cutting time in one session. That said, corded brush cutters are generally less expensive.

When it comes to horsepower, the cordless electric edgers we looked at can cut regular lawn grass, but once they are dealing with more difficult conditions, like tall weeds, brambles or small weeds shrubs, we began to see significant differences between the models. Only the strongest managed to cut really thick plants, such as bamboo stems. Cordless trimmers don’t turn as fast as comparable petrol models, but for general use, no doubt, an electric solid model will do the job.


We hope that our guide has enabled you to find the ideal model for your use and your budget. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to suggest improvements by contacting us via our form. Finally, you can also browse our other reviews if you are looking for a product, especially the one on electric scarifiers to take good care of your garden.

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