Best Robot Mowers For Large Lawns

10 Best Robot Mowers For Large Lawns Reviews in 2021

If you own a garden, you know how painful it is to mow, especially in the spring. Fortunately, the big gardening brands have developed stand-alone machines, and the prices are finally starting to drop!

But be careful to make the right choice because not all models are created equal! To make it easier for you, I offer you a complete buying guide: here is a point on the Best Robot Mowers of the moment to start.

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Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310

The Swedish brand Husqvarna has not done things by halves with this Automower 310 mower. It even thinks that your lawn deserves the top of the range for its maintenance by offering you an autonomous, ergonomic, at the cutting edge of technology and fully connected. The figures are eloquent: up to 1000 m² of covered work surface, 40% slope easily crossed, discretion in the work with only 60 dB in noise level …

Discretion : Lawn mowers have a bad habit of being noisy, but not the Husqvarna Automower 310. With a maximum noise level of 60 dB, it is undeniably “silent” since this level corresponds to that of a normal conversation. This pleasant discretion will benefit everyone, you and your neighbors alike.

Efficiency : Once you have finished installing the perimeter limiting cables, you will no longer have to intervene to “save” or readjust the Husqvarna Automower 310. This device works like a clock and ensures you a uniform mowing. even on slopes or uneven terrain.

Among other things, it has a remote object detection system, automatic passage management to reduce wheel marks and rubber bumpers to prevent possible shocks.

Ease of use : First of all, the Automower 310’s control panel is clear, concise and easy to configure. 19 keys are available to do this. Thanks to the programming possibility, you can precisely define the hours and days of the week during which the robot will make its passages. Once the programming is done, you can let it work with peace of mind.

Autonomy : The Husqvarna Automower 310 robotic lawnmower is equipped with a Li-ion battery, an accumulator renowned for its robustness (high energy density for a low mass) and its lifespan (no memory effect and low self-discharge ). As soon as the charge level of this battery is too low, the robot automatically returns to the charging station to refuel energy.

Connectivity : New to the latest robotic lawnmower models is the ability to be fully controlled remotely by a smartphone. In fact, Automower® Connect @ HOME Bluetooth® allows you to start, stop, adjust the robot’s parameters and bring it back to the base within a range of 10 meters. The installation of an Automower® Connect module can break this distance limitation.

Anti-theft device : It is quite normal for a robot that works alone on a lawn to be the object of lust. On this point, it must be said that the design of the Husqvarna Automower 310 does not leave indifferent. However, this robotic lawnmower is equipped with an anti-theft alarm and cannot operate without a PIN code. Thanks to Automower® Connect you can track the device as soon as the alarm is received on your smartphone.

Mcculloch ROB 600 Robotic Lawn Mower

Mcculloch ROB 600 Robotic Lawn Mower

The Rob R600 is the youngest robot mower in the Rob series by McCulloch. As this original American brand is now part of the Husqvarna group, the Rob R600 therefore takes as a basis all the qualities and technologies of the famous Swedish brand. Simple, automated and discreet, the Rob R600 stands out for its small size. It can easily mow up to 600 m² of lawn, but the lawn should not be too complex or divided into isolated areas from each other.

The cutting method : The McCulloch ROB R600 uses mulching as a mowing technique. In short, thanks to its microblade cutting system, the grass is cut into tiny parts which are distributed evenly over the lawn. You will therefore no longer have to collect redeposited waste, because it immediately serves as a natural fertilizer for your garden.

Discretion : We can say with certainty that the McCulloch ROB R600 robot lawn mower is a silent device, because the sound level measured at a distance of one meter is evaluated at 60 dB, a level equivalent to the average of a normal conversation. At more than 5 meters, the sound level drops below 50 dB, the noise that a quiet restaurant makes. You can therefore consider mowing at night with this device, it is so discreet and quiet.

The mowing method : The McCulloch ROB R600 robotic lawnmower uses the principle of random mowing to do its job. Although it is initially thought that this method is not very effective, the fact remains that it is proven and that its results are quite satisfactory, because you will never see traces or annoying lines on the lawn. The only criticism of this method lies in the fact that the robot must do a lot of back and forth, and that the mowing is almost daily.

Ease of use : ROB R600 is fully programmable. In other words, you can tell him how to mow your lawn and when to do it. If you want to get the most out of your lawn, try scheduling mowing at night or when you’re away.

Safety : The R600 robotic lawnmower is fitted with very sharp rotating cutting blades. They then represent a significant danger for children and animals that walk on the lawn. A safety device allows the blades to stop immediately as soon as the robot is lifted, overturned or if it hits an obstacle.

Gardena Smart SILENO City 500

Gardena Smart SILENO City 500

The 19066–20 robotic lawnmower is one of the entry-level products of the Gardena brand. Also called Sileno City, the version presented below is suitable for gardens up to 500 m². The first thing that strikes you about this robot is its visual appearance. Indeed, it sports a modern design, with a much more aggressive look than its predecessors. In addition to being beautiful, the Sileno City 500 is smart, because this so-called Smart version can be controlled via a smartphone through the iOS / Android application associated with it.

Ease of installation : You have 200 fixing hooks and 150 m of cable to delimit the mowing space of the Sileno City Smart 500 robotic lawnmower. Although the task is not fun, it is nevertheless easy, because you can just hold the cable by the hooks at ground level. You can also bury it if you have the courage, being careful not to exceed 10 cm.

The intelligent function : The Sileno City Smart 500 is equipped with Smart Home Gateway technology, a type of modem that allows the robotic lawnmower to be connected to your box by local network. By this connection and thanks to the Smart System app (available in iOS and Android), you can control the start, stop, programming and also have an eye on the charge level of its battery. The application itself has a user-friendly and ergonomic interface.

Ease of maintenance : If cleaning the Sileno City comes down to a garden hose and a small brush, replacing the blades is also “child’s play”. By the way, 9 blades are more than enough for a year of mowing. Indeed, even if the brand recommends a replacement after 3 to 6 weeks, a minimum period of 3 months seems more realistic. Finally, you can also replace the battery yourself.

Discretion : With a maximum noise level rated at 58 dB, the Gardena 19066–20 falls into the category of “silent” robotic mowers. So that you can get an idea, a conventional lawn mower makes 79 dB of noise level against 80 to 92 dB for a mower powered by gasoline. If a doubling of volume is equivalent to an increase of 4 dB, the discretion of this Sileno City is not in doubt.

The price / quality ratio : The Sileno City Smart is manufactured by Gardena, a leading company in the production of tools for garden maintenance, which itself has been part of the Husqvarna Group since 2007. The quality of manufacture that makes the The reputation of these two companies is clearly present on the robot, while its price remains very affordable.

Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego

Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego

With this Bosch Indego 350, you benefit from the latest advances in German technology for cheap robot mowers. The Indego allows you, for example, to take advantage of the “Logicut” navigation system, the “Auto Calendar” function or the possibility of control by smartphone for increased efficiency and easy use. Intended for small surfaces not exceeding 350 m², the Indego has the particularity of being fast (40 cm / s), but also discreet.

The speed of mowing : If the majority of robot mowers opt for a random path in the way of mowing, the Bosch Indego 350 is based on a “Logicut” navigation system which prevents the device from passing twice. in the same place during his work. Mowing will therefore be done more quickly. The direction taken by the device will be changed automatically when mowing again to avoid the formation of unwanted lines.

The cutting method : The Bosch Indego 350 robotic lawnmower uses the mulching function to mow your lawn. This technique makes an extremely small cut of the grass and distributes it evenly over the lawn to ensure fertilization. You will therefore no longer need to collect green waste.

The Auto Calendar function : Proprietary Bosch technology, the Auto CalendarFunction allows the Indego to have the total area of ​​your lawn, to estimate the time required to perform the complete mowing, and to calculate the ideal mowing cycle. This cycle will be translated into a schedule which in turn will provide the Indego with an automatic schedule so that your lawn gets the periodic maintenance it needs.

Remote control : The Indego 350 is a connected device. Thanks to the IndegoConnect system and the special Bosch iOS and Android compatible app, you are able to control your mower no matter where you are.

You then have control over starting and stopping the mower, but also over its mowing schedules and status. The application is downloaded by scanning the QR code on the robot’s packaging. Note that it includes an FAQ to help you use your device.

Robot Lawn Mower: How Does It Work?

The use of the robotic lawnmower is developing more and more nowadays because of its autonomy, its ease of use and maintenance, and its discretion. The only obstacle to the total generalization of its use seems to be the still high price displayed by this type of product. Anyway, you should know that its operating principle is relatively simple. So how does a robot lawn mower work?

The principle of tracking: The robotic lawnmower mows the lawn autonomously. To do this, it orients itself through your garden in a random or precise manner. The only factors that change this orientation are obstacles, the signal from a perimeter wire, or data transmitted by GPS.

The cutting principle: Unlike other mowers, the robotic lawnmower is not equipped with a waste collection system. To compensate for this lack, he uses a cutting technique called mulching.

The principle is also quite simple: the grass is cut at the tip and reduced into tiny pieces which immediately fall to the ground. This detritus constitutes a natural fertilizer to nourish and regenerate your lawn, it is grasscycling. However, this technique requires systematic, even daily, mowing of the lawn.

The principle of recharging: The robotic lawnmower operates on electricity. However, to be able to be fully autonomous, it must have a battery on board to store the accumulated energy.

There are several ways to recharge this battery: either by direct connection to a mains socket, which therefore requires human intervention, or by self-management by the robot which is placed on its charging station in the event of a low energy reserve, or either by recharging via solar panels placed on the shell of the device (recent technology).

How To Choose Your Robotic Mower?

The purchase of a robotic lawnmower is a significant investment. With an average price, you might as well not make a mistake in the choice and make it taking into account the right criteria. Indeed, it should not be believed that any robot is capable of mowing any lawn.

In reality, it all depends on your garden, the area to be mowed, its size, its complexity, its condition, but also what you expect from your robot in terms of options. Here are the criteria to be taken into account for a measured and adapted choice.

State Of The Garden

The criterion seems a bit vague since when we talk about a garden, we really have to identify a lot of characteristics such as the surface, the slope, the narrow passages, the recesses, the obstacles, the borders, the irregular surfaces, the water points, the stairs… We can still highlight the following data.

Area: You should know that each robot mower model is made to cover a certain maximum mowing area. So you need to measure your garden and include in your accounts any future sod installations you are considering. To be sure you have the best machine, choose a model with a mowing capacity 20% greater than the area to be mowed.

Tilt: The second important point is the robot’s ability to climb. A bad choice on this point and you will be in possession of a practically useless robot. You should know that a simple glance does not provide reliable information. A small calculation is necessary to have the exact percentage of inclination. To do this, divide the height of the highest point in your garden by the distance to the lowest point (slope length) and then multiply it by 100.

Areas: If your garden has narrow passages, parts that are difficult to access or several obstacles, a robot capable of handling such difficulties is more appropriate.

The Principle Of Progression

3 factors influence the automatic change of direction of the robot, namely obstacles, periphery cable and geolocation.

The robotic lawnmower with perimeter cable: Whether or not you choose a robotic lawnmower guided by a perimeter cable is a great choice. Indeed, such a cable requires preliminary installations even before the use of the mower, either by burial, or by using the stakes present in the equipment of the robot. This installation is more thorough than difficult.

The robot without perimeter cable: The models that do not require the installation of perimeter cable allow an easier and faster handling. However, it is preferable that a border or a hedge delimits your garden otherwise your robot will risk mowing your neighbor’s lawn as well.


You should know that mowing with a robot is longer than that carried out with a conventional mower. Already because of the way it mows, which is often random for most devices, but also because of the time it takes to recharge when its battery reaches a low level. Opt for a long-lasting mower if your garden area is huge. At the same time, favor Li-Ion batteries which are both quick to charge and durable.


More and more robotic mowers offer an application on smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) so that you can control them. Although the controls are limited to walking, stopping, scheduling mowing, and reporting theft, having such an option is very useful if you want your robot to always work despite your absence. Connectivity can then be based on Bluetooth technology, WiFi or even the GSM network.

Maintenance And Upkeep

Depending on how often the robotic lawnmower is used, its blades must be changed, because worn blades severely limit the machine’s mowing capacity. So don’t forget to include the cost of these replacements in your budget. It is the same for the robot’s battery which must be changed after 2 to 5 years. Depending on the robot model you choose, the maintenance operation may be just a routine or a real obstacle course.

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