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Top 10 Best Shower Mixers Reviews in 2021

Those who have used a blender before know how impractical it is. Turning off the water and then having to return to its setting causes a great waste of water. A shower mixer will bring you unparalleled comfort with automated temperature management.

To make your choice, you will have to pay particular attention to the quality of the internal mechanisms and the solidity of the whole. At first glance, not much separates one faucet from another, however, we can guide you in choosing the product that’s right for you.

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The Best Shower Mixers

1. hansgrohe Ecostat 1001 CL Thermostatic Bath and Shower Mixer

hansgrohe Ecostat 1001 CL Thermostatic Bath and Shower Mixer

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The Hansgrohe Ecostat 1001 CL thermostatic shower mixer features a unique finish quality that sets it apart from many other models. It is able to make you realize big savings on your water bill thanks to an ingenious system which allows to reduce your consumption by 50%. The Ecostop function reduces the flow to 10 liters per minute!

From a temperature point of view, a shower that is too hot will overconsume you. Whether with a hot water tank or a thermodynamic version, you are bound to waste water. To avoid this very expensive phenomenon, the Hansgrohe brand equips its mixer with protection against high temperature. The 40 ° C stop allows you to take a hot shower.

This protection is also very good for your safety, because it prevents burns . If you have small children, you are more likely to put the water too hot.

Everything is made to last a very long time. Hansgrohe is so confident in its design that the model is guaranteed for 5 years and you will find spare parts for 15 years. The control valves are ceramic for more resistance over time and to have an impression of solidity in operation.

On the design side, the quality of the chrome is impeccable and its shine will remain for a long time. Maintenance will be made easier. You just need to use a sponge or a soft cloth with a non-abrasive and corrosive detergent to see it recover its original shine.

Its only flaw lies in the operation of the eco mode which will restrict your flow to 10 liters per minute. This mechanism causes some flow noises inside the system.

2. GROHE 34562000 Grohtherm 800 Shower Thermostat

GROHE 34562000 Grohtherm 800 Shower Thermostat

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The Grohe Grohtherm 800 thermostatic shower mixer is a model of exemplary robustness. It has become a habit with the German brand. It has a precise thermostat for regulating the temperature of your water. So you can choose exactly the temperature of the water you want and you will get it without difficulty and without variation. Do you remember the water suddenly getting cold? It’s just a bad memory!

Its design makes it slightly different and more practical than most of its competition. It has fins on each of the valves. Their functions, in addition to the unique aesthetic appearance they give to the shower mixer, will give you a stable grip to precisely manipulate the valves. You won’t slip, even with your hands full of soap.

The chrome coating patented by the brand is called StarLight. It is designed to increase its resistance over time. To preserve it, never use an abrasive sponge at the risk of creating unsightly micro scratches which would damage the chrome coating more quickly.

Like many other mixers, the flow control function gives you better management of your water. With intelligent use of this precious natural resource, you will be able to reduce your water bill while doing something for the planet. You will have a maximum flow with a stop, just like with the temperature, and a simple press on a discreet button allows you to override it. Ideal for filling the bucket with scouring water.

For the installation, you will have a complete kit which also includes two eccentric connectors which have the function of helping you to recover a possible problem of center distance between your hot and cold water inlets. The idea is good and works, but its application is far from easy. To install such fittings, while keeping an optimal level, requires long minutes of adjustments.

3. Grohe BauLoop 23803000

Grohe BauLoop 23803000

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Among the shower mixers, the range covers several technological levels. Some are equipped with very complex valves which manage the water flow, with an economy mode most of the time, and regulate the temperature. Simpler models, such as the Bauloop, operate in such a way that they can be marketed at a more attractive price.

Its use is easy for all members of the family. Even your youngest children will quickly figure out how to adjust the water to their liking. It has two axes that can be used simultaneously. One takes care of the distribution between the water inlets to obtain the desired temperature while the other manages the flow.

One of the very positive points compared to other models of its kind is the possibility of adjusting the flow limiter. You will thus be able to obtain the maximum flow rate that suits you to ensure your comfort without overconsumption. It then becomes much easier to save water.

Like all models developed by the German brand Grohe, the Bauloop has the ultra durable Starlight coating. Specially designed to withstand the constraints of a bathroom . Keeping it clean will become a snap. A simple soft cloth and a non-corrosive detergent. Indeed, limestone and other dirt will be removed with a simple gesture on such a coating. An abrasive sponge would damage it and make it less effective, in addition to altering its shine.

However, its flaw lies in its simplicity. For example, with this model, you will not be able to precisely adjust the temperature. This possibility gives you the opportunity to achieve even more savings by using only the quantity of hot water required.

For installation, no apparent difficulty if you check beforehand the center distance between your two water inlets for the connection. This mixer is designed for wall mounting.

How To Choose A Shower Mixer?

To navigate among the huge offer that makes up the shelves of shower mixers, you have to look for certain criteria of differentiation between the models. But choosing the right mixer first depends on your use and your installation.

Mounting type

There are two types of assembly, the first, the most common for bathtubs, an installation directly on it. The second assembly concerns showers with a wall mounting. Pay close attention to this point before buying a mixer.

Mounting on a bathtub is very simple with only a locking nut system under the bathtub. On the other hand, for wall mounting, you must respect the center distance of the hot and cold water inlets. Normally, this distance must already be taken into account when installing the water circuits to avoid any inconvenience.

Valve type

Then, depending on your need, you have models with smart valves and others with more classic operation. Obviously, there is a significant price difference between the two. Remember that the classic mixer will have an operation that can be used by young and old.

Those with thermostatic valves will offer you greater comfort and total control of the temperature as well as the flow. With consistent use, the extra cost can quickly pay off.

Quality and Guarantee

The quality of the chrome coating is also very important. It is this which will be the predominant factor in the lifespan of your equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to preserve it. For example, do not use anything abrasive or corrosive on a chrome coating or it will quickly destroy it.

As is often the case, large manufacturers have a head start on any warranties they can offer. You will easily find a mixer with a 5 year warranty on the material. The great strength of these brands is to have been present in the market for a very long time and to have acquired the trust of customers. It is then possible for them to offer spare parts for 10 to 15 years.

How To Change A Shower Mixer?

If the job is well prepared, changing a shower mixer is not very complicated. As with everything you do, analyze the situation well before you start to disassemble your current mixer.

When buying your future equipment, pay attention to the center distance of the water inlets as well as the options you want.

Once all the material has been gathered, you can proceed with disassembly. Start by shutting off the water supply. On a recent installation, you should have a distribution manifold for the water circuits with quarter-turn valves. To check, draw water. This will allow you to be sure that you have cut off the correct circuit and empty the circuit of any remaining water.

Then unscrew your shower hose and set it aside. You will have to unscrew the nuts from the wall mount. At this point, you should be able to easily disassemble your faucet to be replaced.

To install your new shower mixer, proceed in reverse order. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s assembly chart to make sure you don’t miss any assembly steps and advice.

Start by screwing your mixer to the water inlets. The nuts are supplied with the equipment, as well as eccentric fittings to compensate for any discrepancy between the dimensions required for installation and those available. If not, this type of fitting can be found in the plumbing department of all DIY stores. Check for leveling then tighten.

Once in place, you just have to come and fix your hand shower or your shower column. If you stay on a product offered by a major brand, you have a universal fitting for this connection, which will save you precious time.

Then fill the circuit with water and test all the functions of your new mixer. Why not take a shower after all this work?

Be careful not to scratch the coating with a wrench or screwdriver when setting the maximum flow and temperature.

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