Best Sim Card Readers For Laptop, PC

10 Best Sim Card Readers For Laptop, PC in 2021

A SIM card reader is a device which permits an individual to get that information without needing to insert the SIM card into a phone.

A SIM card reader with a USB plug might be a fantastic solution for people that wish to swap information with their computers. With such a device, the consumer normally inserts his SIM card like the way he’d do with a telephone.

A USB SIM card reader may permit an individual to import his contact info into programs like Microsoft Outlook or other address books. For those that have a good deal of contacts and who want to have an accessible backup, this might be among the simplest choices.

List of 10 Best Sim Card Readers

1. RaWerks SIM Card Reader with SIM Adapters

RaWerks SIM Card Reader with SIM Adapters

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This SIM recovery tool comprises SIM card retrieval and analysis software in addition to SIM editing program. It includes a RaWerks’ SIM Reader/Multi-Media Reader/Smart Card Reader (version RTS5169), a high performance USB 2.0 compliant card-reader that supports SIM cards, multi-media cards like SD, microSD, MMC, etc., and smart cards. It features advanced forensic SIM retrieval software to recoup deleted text messages (SMS) in addition to SimEdit applications for editing and reading info on SIM cards. Additionally, it includes SIM card adapters to match micro SIM, nano SIM and regular SIM card dimensions.

2. Generic SIM Card Reader

Generic SIM Card Reader

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By High-Tech Brand Place your supply you high quality! Multifunction SIM card reader: publishing the data stored on your SIM card onto your pc to store them. A SIM card reader for simple control of SMS messages and cell phone contacts. If you only wish to save old SMS messages and contacts on your computer or copy all of the data from the SIM card to another card, then this fashionable device provides a handy method to handle everything.

3. Insten USB SIM Card Reader Writer

Insten USB SIM Card Reader Writer

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This card reader works with routine SIM card; To use it with a Mini SIM card/ Nano SIM Card/ Micro SIM card, then please use it with a SIM card adapter.

Ideal for portable use on the street or at home using a desktop computer or notebook. Note: Please do not use this sim card reader with USB HUB (Using AC adapter). The strong present may hurt the device such as the sim card.

4. ruimingt USB SIM Card Reader

ruimingt USB SIM Card Reader

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You are able to backup and alter even when you’re using multiple SIM cards concurrently. It’s possible to replicate the SIM card contents into a different SIM card.

Independence computer backup different SIM cards. Information safety, place to ease, manage mobile PIN password.

5. Dekart SIM Card Reader

Dekart SIM Card Reader

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USB GSM SIM, CDMA R-UIM, 3G USIM, Nextel iDEN, Iridium and Inmarsat SIM card reader and author. Hunt, edit, delete and add telephone entries in the SIM card back-up and restore SIM cards. Compatible with SIM cards out of any cellular operator

6. Blue Ocean SIM Card Reader

Blue Ocean SIM Card Reader

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Permit you copy different number to a single sim card, such as phone book, SMS, ring tones, photographs, etc.. High access speed, transfers data or images from flash cards into any server system. Get Power supply via USB cable. No external power source needed.

Ideal for mobile use on street or in your home, you will find in small size, lightweight, with laptop or desktop.

The card reader is routine SIM card, may use for applications install, permit you to mange the sim card replicating procedure.

7. ZiO FoneMate SIM Card Manager

ZiO FoneMate SIM Card Manager

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This FoneMate CM-43000 SIM Card Data Manager can read and write to each of SIM cards. Updating your phone book and transferring information from your cellular phone to your PC has never been simpler. Synchronize your cell phone contact list to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

8. Wendry Multi-Function Smart Card Reader

Wendry Multi-Function Smart Card Reader

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A perfect device for exchanging data and information between contemporary cell phones and computers. Lightweight and compact, makes it effortless to carry.

Multi-functional SIM card reader – Batch change phone book, SMS message printing along with other purposes.

9. SIM Card Seizure

SIM Card Seizure

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The Sim Card Seizure is also a simple to use SIM reader that’s designed to recover deleted text messages (SMS) from SIM cards. The apparatus will also demonstrate the final numbers dialed so long as they’re saved on the SIM card. Simply put the SIM card within the reader and execute the application to start recovering deleted info.

10. ASHATA USB SIM Card Reader

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The card reader comes with a regular card, SIM card along with MicroSIM card, Nano SIM card reader

The most read and write rate up to 420kbps.

Support for writing and reading four distinct forms of cards (ID-1 and SIM), no card converter.

Buying Guide For Sim Card Reader

There are several distinct kinds of SIM cards, and a SIM card reader might be restricted in what kinds of cards you can see. It’s ideal to find a card reader which could utilize several formats, but this kind of reader could be bigger and more costly than desirable. You are able to stay away from the size problem and cost by getting a more compact reader which may only read your particular kind of SIM card.

Based on how the SIM card reader is fabricated, the reader could be large or small. The 2 dimensions normally have exactly the identical amount of power and speed, but dimensions nevertheless can influence how easy it’s to utilize the reader. By way of instance, a massive reader might not be helpful for compact places or if you travel a lot. At precisely the exact same time, the more compact reader could be simple to misplace.

Once you access a SIM card, then your computer may read the documents onto it. In this time period, if the SIM card reader doesn’t have any security or security, a hacker can also read all of the documents onto the card. To prevent this situation, although it’s not likely, acquiring a reader with safety attributes will encrypt the documents to make it even harder for a hacker to get your SIM card.

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