Best Vegan Shampoos

Top 10 Best Vegan Shampoos Reviews in 2021

Is animal welfare important to you? Being vegan isn’t just about the food you eat! Indeed, many ingredients of animal origin are present in our cosmetics : make-up, care and also hair products . Thus, it is important to be aware of the composition of your products .

First of all, a vegan shampoo is a cruelty free product , meaning it is not tested on animals. In addition, its composition is guaranteed without substance of animal origin such as silk or keratin for example.

So, how do you recognize a vegan shampoo? The most famous label is undoubtedly PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). It certifies that the product does not contain any substance of animal origin and that it is not tested on animals.

Vegan shampoo does not always mean natural or organic shampoo. Indeed, here we are talking about ingredients that have not been tested on animals.

In addition to the composition, the form of packaging can be a factor in your final decision. Solid or liquid , what to choose? Everyone’s taste is different ! A vegan shampoo exists in both forms! On the other hand, realizing the importance of using a vegan shampoo is already a big victory for animal rights activists.

Discover our selection of the 4 best liquid , solid , natural, organic or not vegan shampoos for our article Best vegan shampoos:

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The Best Vegan Shampoos

1. Maria Nila Head and Hair Heal Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Maria Nila Head and Hair Heal Shampoo

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Maria Nila is a 100% vegan Swedish brand offering a wide range of hair products dedicated to styling, caring for and protecting natural or colored hair. In addition, she is PETA certified, which is always good to clarify. In our team, we are a fan of pastel-colored packaging, each of which represents a range of the brand.

The second best vegan shampoo 2020 is the Head and Hair Heal Growth and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo by Maria Nila . It is part of the Care & Style Maria Nila range. As well as the Head and Hair Heal beige colored sub-range which helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.

Indeed, hydration is provided by Aloe Vera while the reduction of hair loss is possible thanks to Piroctone Olamine. Thus, the whole effectively relieves itching of the irritated scalp and considerably reduces dandruff. In addition, Vitamin E, Apigenin and Peptides stimulate hair follicles to increase hair growth . Finally, Oleanolic Acid prevents hair loss.

When using this shampoo, it is advisable to let the product act for a few minutes for optimal results. In addition, the scalp is soothed and hydrated in an instant.

2. Kevin Murphy Angel Wash

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash

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You may not know Kevin Murphy, but you have surely heard of his famous creations: the beach effect wavy . This famous look that we all love! This Australian hairdresser decided in 2004 to create his eponymous brand while keeping connections with the fashion world to develop his products at the same time as the latest trends!

Since then, the brand has offered complete ranges that are easy to use and have a light texture that have proven their worth . In addition, its futuristic , minimalist and colorful packaging is very modern and brings a nice touch of decoration to your bathroom!

For this third product, we have selected one of Kevin Murphy’s vegan shampoo: the Angel Wash . It was created especially for fine, fragile hair that is damaged and colored . Indeed, this shampoo gently cleanses the scalp while maximizing the longevity of the color. In addition, it brings volume to fine hair. This vegan shampoo is also formulated without sulfate and paraben.

3. Glamourous Solid Shampoo

Glamourous Solid Shampoo

Pachamamaï is the first French brand certified by PETA as cruelty free and vegan. This brand offers solid cosmetics with a zero waste approach and a lower impact on nature. Indeed, their packaging is recyclable and biodegradable . In addition, in our team, we are sensitive to this brand made in France which produces its organic and natural care by hand without harmful additives.

The Glamourous Solid Shampoo Dry Hair is a 100% natural product . Thus, it is perfect for dry hair lacking shine. For this, it contains, for example, baobab oil known to nourish the hair and give it shine . In addition, all the butters and oils that make up this vegan solid shampoo are certified organic ingredients .

Little more ? Its small, very economical format ! Indeed, this 65g vegan solid shampoo lasts twice as long as a 200ml bottle of liquid shampoo! In addition to being economical, its format is very practical since it is allowed in cabin luggage, enough to take it easily on all your trips.

4. Avril Nutrition Shampoo

Avril Nutrition Shampoo

We end our top 4 with the Avril vegan cosmetics brand, which offers organic products certified by Ecocert. For this last best vegan shampoo, we have selected the Organic Nutrition Shampoo from the French brand.

This vegan shampoo meets the needs of very dry, damaged and split ends. Do you find that your hair looks like straw ? Then this product is for you. Indeed, 98% of ingredients of natural origin including mirabelle oil rich in omega 3 and 6 known to be very nourishing make up the formula. In addition, in our team, we also really appreciate the softness of our hair after using this shampoo. Indeed, it contains Aloe Vera which immediately softens them , for our greatest happiness.

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