Best Electric Lice Combs

Top 10 Best Electric Lice Combs Reviews in 2021

Do your children have lice, and you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible? You are right: they must be eliminated quickly, before they reproduce and cause disease. There is a tool that can significantly speed up the eradication process: the electric lice comb.

But how to choose it, and how to use it correctly? In this guide, we invite you to discover three models adapted to all budgets, and to learn how to use them serenely and in complete safety. You will be able to make the life of your children more enjoyable in no time.

The Best Electric Lice Combs

1. Medisana LC860

Medisana LC860

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Medisana offers several anti-lice combs. The Medisana LC860 is the brand’s “accessible” solution. But, other than the lack of LED lighting, it’s not much different from the more expensive models.

The main advantage of this product is that it is a 100% natural method of elimination. Parasites are simply killed with an electric shock.

This has two advantages: First, you put less chemicals in your little one’s hair. Then, as the lice are really disabled, they cannot come back and re-infect the scalp.

But, what we really like about this device is its portability. It is extremely light, you can easily slip it into a bag, and in addition it only needs one battery (1.5V AA) to be powered. You don’t have to have a whole stock permanently in your drawers.

Thanks to the electrical process, the side effects that can occur with certain products are spared your children. Moreover, the use is frankly very simple: just comb normally, and the job is done.

However, there is a small downside to note: some users find the product less effective on long hair.

Finally, know that the Medisana LC860 is also suitable for removing parasites from the hair of your pet. However, you will have to make sure that your little companion feels relaxed and calm before you tackle this task, and tolerate a little time to adapt.

2. MedicAID

Do you want to help your child feel better quickly, and are you ready to invest in a particularly effective electronic anti-lice comb? In this case, the MedicAid anti-lice comb is a solution to consider.

Many users report an increased effectiveness of this model compared to other anti-lice combs, and are satisfied not to have had to prolong the chemical treatments too much.

It is a little more expensive than the observed average, but it is justified. This is because not only can you get rid of lice fairly quickly, but you also benefit from an excellent level of service.

There is no risk to your children. On the contrary: by using this device, you have the chances of reducing their exposure time to products which have a number of harmful side effects.

It is enough to comb them normally. Their hair should be very dry.

The MedicAid anti-lice comb makes a noise every three seconds (which allows you to be sure that it is working properly). When it eliminates lice and nits via an electric shock, it emits three rapid beeps.

Note, if you are a cat or dog owner, this product can do the trick to eradicate ticks or fleas, and help your pet stay clean and in good shape.

Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the comb can be handled effortlessly.

Plus, you won’t have to buy astronomical amounts of batteries. Indeed, the automatic shutdown function prevents the machine from being left on unnecessarily. It turns off either after a few minutes or if it does not detect a louse.

3. Gima 24402

Are you looking for an efficient and practical lice comb that is easy to use, easy to transport and easy to clean? The Gima 24402 should be right for you.

This anti-lice comb is sold with a small cleaning brush that really facilitates maintenance, in which is integrated a magnifying glass. It can be stored directly on the device, so you have little risk of losing it. On the other hand, it should not be handled too abruptly, because it is not ultra strong.

As for the unit itself, the performance is at the rendezvous.

You reduce the amount of industrial products to be applied to your children’s hair, and you get rid of lice faster. The operation is natural and simple: the parasites are killed with a discharge (from 130 to 180 volts), which your little one does not feel.

The Gima 24402 produces two beeps. There’s one for ignition, and another that tells you when lice or nits have been eliminated. It’s practical, because you know if you are progressing or not.

The use is very simple: you paint your child normally, that’s all. It takes a few minutes a day for the effects to be really noticeable.

In addition, an indicator light is provided to alert you when it is time to change the batteries. To operate the device, you need two AAA batteries .

The Gima 24402 is equipped with an automatic shut-off function: if you do not use it and it is turned on, it will turn itself off after a certain time. So you don’t waste the available energy.

If you need to take the comb with you somewhere, that’s no problem: it’s extremely light, space-saving, and you can easily place it in a bag.

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