Best Electric Nail Sanders

Top 6 Best Electric Nail Sanders Reviews in 2021

The electric nail sander is a tool primarily designed for the care and beauty of hands and feet. For professionals as for any woman, it facilitates manicures and pedicures !

While there are many devices on the market, at varying prices, not all of them have the same goal. Between those intended for professional use and those made for the home, here is our selection and our opinions to find the best nail sander.

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The Best Electric Nail Sanders

1. Promed the file 620 electric Nail Drill

Promed the file 620 electric Nail Drill

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The Promed 620 electric nail sander is a semi-professional device ideal for the care of natural or artificial nails on the hands and feet. Thanks to its ultra-light handle of only 75g, it is impossible to tire your arm while using it: the grip and handling are always comfortable! Its powerful and robust motor (with integrated cooling system) allows it to operate at very high speed, with a rotation of up to 20,000 revolutions / minute, which rotation can also be reversed. Finally, an automatic tool clamping system completes the device, which is equipped with 11 tips that are both useful and quality.

Our opinion: The Promed 620 is a nail sander that was created to appeal to beauty and care professionals and to meet all their demands. Whether in terms of the efficiency of the device or its practicality, we were totally seduced! The speed of rotation is more than sufficient for the different work on the nails, the tool is both rather cute and very pleasant to use, it has interesting features such as the automatic tightening of accessories or the reversal of the direction of rotation , and thanks to the many tips already included , versatility is assured! The price is certainly a bit high, but it is a nail sander that is well worth the investment!

2. Laron S1102S

Laron S1102S

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The Laron S1102S is an electric nail sander which has the particularity of being offered with a pedal which allows optimum control of the speed of rotation. With a variable speed drive that can also go up to 20,000 revolutions / minute, the device is as effective in the creation of patterns on false nails as in the simpler work of aesthetics, length or symmetry. . This rotation has also been designed to go in both directions to make work easier and more convenient. Delivered with a manicure and pedicure kit composed of 6 tips, it is finally light for use with confidence!

Our opinion: The Laron S1102S nail sander convinced us from the first use! It must be said that we had never had the chance to test a device with a pedal, and we found this little accessory really very practical! As with the sewing machine, it allows you to control the speed with the foot to focus only on the work you are doing! For this peculiarity alone, it is a nail sander that totally deserves our attention, even if it also and obviously has all the other essential characteristics for professional use (powerful and efficient engine, system intelligent rotation, lightness and maneuverability, tips included, etc.)!

3. Beurer MP 62

Beurer MP 62

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The Beurer MP 62 electric nail sander offers professional and comprehensive care for hands and feet. For neat nails, it is equipped with 10 high quality tips, including sapphire cones and discs, burs and even a sandpaper tip. In terms of use, its speed is continuously adjustable and the rotation can be reversed at will for excellent comfort in use. The integrated LED light also provides optimum brightness during work and a protective cap protects against nail dust. The device is finally delivered in a practical storage and transport pouch in which it is possible to store all the accessories.

Our opinion: The Beurer MP 62 is a manicure / pedicure set that we really liked! First of all, the nail sander itself is really elegant: its design is both sober and modern, and thanks to small details like the light on the front, it also knows how to be useful. Its motor also has sufficient power, and for the maintenance of our own nails as well as the nails of the customers, it does the job well. The accessories provided are also quite generous, and with the pouch, you can easily take it with you for appointments outside, for example! It is definitely a nail sander with a very good price / quality ratio!

4. Beurer MP 60

Beurer MP 60

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The Beurer MP 60 is a manicure pedicure set designed especially for use at home. This electric nail sander has in fact just the power required (up to 6100 revolutions / minute) for personal care and beauty, even if it has at the same time certain characteristics of semi-pro and professional devices. . The speed of rotation is for example continuously adjustable, the rotation can be done to the right or to the left according to the desires and the needs, and a storage pocket is included. And to be sure to please, the device finally comes with a full selection of the most useful and practical tips!

Our opinion: With the Beurer MP 60 electric nail sander, there is no doubt about it, you are here on a device for yourself and only for your personal pleasure! The motor is powerful enough to take care of our hands, feet, nails or small calluses, but it is clearly not suitable for professional use (especially in addition, it tends to heat up. from 15 minutes of use). The set is rather complete and not badly designed for the price, even if we still regret the fairly basic and not necessarily elegant design. But as its effectiveness is not to be questioned for a homemade manicure / pedicure, it is a nail sander that we can fully recommend!

5. Belle Pink 220V

Belle Pink 220V

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The Belle Pink 220V electric nail sander is intended to be as practical as possible to facilitate manicures and pedicures on yourself or on other people. In particular, it has a pedal which allows the speed of rotation to be controlled with the foot (this speed is variable and can range from 4000 to 30,000 revolutions / minute), but also a button which reverses the direction of rotation. With only 160g, it is particularly light and is very easy to handle, especially since it has many places to store all the elements. Supplied with a kit of 6 bits, it also comes with 26 sanding bands, enough to immediately have the necessary accessories to use it!

Our opinion: The Belle Pink 220V is a nail sander that plays directly on the girly side with its pink color. While exterior in appearance, it therefore has perfectly enough to match the universe of a beauty salon, it does not forget to be effective and to be equipped with the essential options for full use. The speed range is quite wide, the pedal is quite practical, and the tips provided are sufficient for training or beginners. On the other hand, we should note that the more we increase the speed, the more the tip vibrates, which is not necessarily pleasant for a client! Overall, however, this nail sander remains rather attractive, and between its price and its features, it has something to deserve!

6. Beurer MP 41

Beurer MP 41

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The purpose of the Beurer MP 41 electric nail sander is to facilitate and improve the manicures and pedicures that we are used to doing at home! Thanks to its two intensity settings and its reversible direction of rotation, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced women. For completely personalized care, 7 different tips are also included in the set, including cones, discs and burs for the removal of dead skin and calluses and the filing and polishing of the nails. Practical, the device is also equipped with an LED light to always see clearly and a storage bag to never lose any of the accessories!

Our opinion: The Beurer MP 41 is the nail sander that we found the most practical and the most pleasant for use at home! In addition to being simple but rather pretty, it has the technical characteristics that we seek above all (speed control, mastery of the direction of rotation, and easy change of bits) and it comes with a complete range of bits to be able to use it without waiting and without necessarily having to buy more! Its two relatively weak speeds make it clearly incompatible with a professional activity, but that is not its goal anyway! With its very attractive price, it is the ideal sander to take care of your hands and feet comfortably installed at home!

How To Use A Nail Sander?

Knowing how to use an electric nail sander allows you to benefit from the same advantages as with a traditional file, more quickly and without damaging the nail. On the other hand, in addition to the actions to be mastered, it is necessary to train and gain experience before using them on a client, for example. It is best to take the time to use it on your own nails first (or even on false nails, on a plastic hand) in order to acquire some dexterity.

But here are the basic rules for knowing how to use a nail sander:

  • Speed: The devices are often equipped with an adjustable and progressive speed, which causes the cutter to turn very quickly, sometimes up to 35,000 revolutions / minute. However, you should never use the maximum speed from the start, but rather increase it as you go, depending on the results on the nail.
  • Pressure: As with a traditional file, you don’t need to press hard for it to work! The nail sander simply needs to be placed on the nail and it should always stay in motion. Keeping it still would be like sanding the same area a little too deep and thus create a hollow in the nail, or even damage it.
  • The movement: In addition to the fact that a nail sander should always be on the move, it can also be used in two different ways, depending on the preferences of its user. You can work slowly from the back to the front of the nail, or choose to work from side to side, from left to right or vice versa.
  • Position: Finally, to use an electric nail sander properly, you need to know how to be flexible in your hand and wrist, while knowing how to keep balance so that the tool remains stable throughout. long labor. The sander must also always remain straight, horizontal to the treated part of the nail.

How To Choose An Electric Nail Sander?

Knowing how to use a nail sander is good, but you still have to be sure you have chosen the right one, the one that will be effective! Here is a quick tour of the main criteria to take into account when choosing the device.

  • Compliance with standards: To be sure that you have a quality sander in your hands, you should always check for the presence of CE or FR logos . Without compliance with these European standards, the durability of the device can easily be questioned!
  • The speed of rotation: The cutter must be able to rotate at a minimum of 20,000 revolutions / minute. Below this speed, it is not necessarily very efficient! Likewise, it must be checked that its direction of rotation is reversible, for more convenience during use.
  • Weight and noise: If the sander has to be moved often, it is best if it is light. And the fact that it is not too noisy is always an advantage, both for yourself and for the client!
  • The tips: To choose a nail sander, you must also check that it is able to receive different tips to be completely versatile. The best is obviously when these tips are delivered directly with the device!

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