Best External Power Button For PC

Top 10 Best External Power Button For PC Reviews in 2021

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The customer request that I thought was kind of interesting and I thought I’d share with you this is a external power button and what this does is allows you, let’s say you have the computer up really high like this, so they can’t reach it or inside of a cabinet which should be well ventilated by the way, or you can’t reach it very easily.

This is a real basic remote power button and this thing costs less than ten dollars and what it does is: It replaces the power the reset the pass which is on the front of your computer and the power LED and the hard drive LED on the front of your computer and so instead of plugging in the little wires inside the case to the front panel wires

External Power Button For PC

You instead plug them into this so that is one of the downfalls when you plug something like this in the front power the front you and I our USB front power and front reset switch is will no longer function, they will no longer do any because they’re replaced by this device

So installed it comes with a little plate by the way for the back here but install if you see this wire coming out right here and then this is the power button right here and so the computer could be inside a case.

And then you still have this where you can reach it or inside a cabinet I should say not inside a case so I just hit the power button you see how the power led so the light is on and then it also has a red light that flashes to indicate hard drive activity so this button here in the center is the power, and this little tiny button here is reset so nifty little device

I never really even knew it existed or knew I needed it but actually I have an application for this where I’m actually going to use a few of these and again they cost less than 10 bucks so pretty nifty little device I thought I’d share with you

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