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MAG P90 – Best Gun Controller For PC Ever!


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Today, we review the Mag P90 for the HTC vive.

To the actual review of this thing the Mag P90 as you can see is a plastic housing for the HTC vive

It’s designed and built to have the vive controller sit directly inside and it’s what becomes your controller.

I’ve seen posts dedicated on Reddit to building your own controller for games like onward or for any first-person shooter or you’re

holding a gun and where you want something to actually lean up against your shoulder to give you stability while you’re moving around.

My first thought taking this out of the package was that this is incredibly light. Now I saw that as a negative and it isn’t I had thought well if it’s light it probably isn’t built very well.

It is actually built really well this thing is tough it doesn’t feel cheap the lightness is a major bonus because as you’re playing any games in VR the longer you’re holding your hands up to keep your gun up a heavy object is not fantastic to have here.

So almost all your weight is derived from your controller itself but don’t let that fool you like I said this is built pretty tough you don’t really have to worry about breaking it easily it’s not something that you can squeeze and feel give it is built of ABS and it’s built strong

It’s just light which as I said turns out to be a positive there isn’t really much to the controller itself

Aside from the shape, the shape is shaped like a P90 kind of it’s smaller you’ll notice there is a button in the one side and all that does is turn the light off and on so this is a function that’s really only beneficial to those watching you play VR.

I can see the light being something cooler let’s say if you’re running a V R arcade this gun looks pretty neat so when you light them all up

It’s like it looks kind of futuristic doesn’t really have a bonus aside from aesthetics though that light is just to make it look pretty

There is no force feedback this is just an ABS peripheral that holds your HTC 5 controller and this would be something exclusively right now just for the vive.

One of my concerns before arrival was whether I would lose the ability to touch the trackpad to change weapons to function through the different menus the button on the top, the button on the bottom.

Whether I’d still be able to get at them and thankfully there is actually enough room you don’t lose any of that function something I should mention is I am 6 foot 1 and I find the stock to be a little bit short so when I’m holding it up against my body and I’m aiming I feel like it would be a little more comfortable if it was a little bigger

But honestly I don’t really have much experience with real world assault rifles, so maybe this is exactly the way it’s supposed to be I was using my second hand separately especially in games like payday 2.

For example in payday 2 VR you’re using this to move around you’re using this to interact to shout down people I found it just as easy to hold the controller and the gun to do my aiming and it actually looks like you’re doing exactly that in game too.

Now, games obviously will vary per, but I found it pretty realistic to fit it up against here.

Keep in mind you can’t really look down this thing properly, but when you’re wearing your HTC vive and you’ve got your head like this it does line up exactly right.

So it gives you that experience that you’re holding a real gun in the game

My first thought seeing this is this would go really well with virtual arcades, something where people aren’t experienced with VR and they want to feel something more than just a floating gun that’s sitting around.

Plus again, it looks pretty cool whether the price is worth the value of the product is something I can’t speak to that’s something you’re gonna have to make up your own mind on it is like I said a pricey peripheral but it’s a quality peripheral in the sense that it is built well this thing you can squish it, it can’t twist, it’s built solid and it’s light so like I said for extended sessions

It feels really good I found myself I was pushing too hard into my shoulder which making my bicep tired but that’s not their fault that’s mine, and that’s something I just get used to the more I play this that’s it I don’t really think there’s more to talk about in here.

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