Best Hair Straightening Brushes

Top 3 Best Hair Straightening Brushes Reviews in 2021

Want to buy a straightening brush? Need to replace your old brush or straightener? In order to help you choose the best straightening device, we tested and compared three models, from three different brands.

We selected GHD’s Glide smoothing brush, MadameParis Miracle Edition brush and Remington Detangling and smoothing brush, model CB7480. For each of these brushes, we studied the speed of straightening, the effectiveness according to the types of hair, the temperature, the weight, the look…

The Best Hair Straightening Brushes

1. ghd Glide Hot Brush

ghd Glide Hot Brush

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GHD is a British hairdressing brand that offers premium, professional-level equipment. True to its credo, the GHD brand presents us with a professional, high quality straightening brush.

When you look at this heated brush, the first thing that stands out is its elegance. With its black color, the Glide smoothing brush is sober and classy. In addition, she smooths the hair and styles it at the same time.

Big advantage of this straightening brush: its professional efficiency. Whether you have short or long hair, whether the hair is rather smooth, rather curly, really curly, even downright frizzy, this straightening brush is operational. She straightens all heads. And the rendering is natural, like leaving a hairdressing salon.

In addition, the smoothing is done in an optimal time. On average, ten to fifteen minutes are enough to style with this GHD brush. To achieve this efficiency, the designers had the good idea to create a device capable of straightening thick strands of hair. These same designers used ionic technology. The GHD Glide brush therefore eliminates all frizz. The key: perfectly smooth and styled hair. And quickly.

Moreover, with this brush, users do not take the risk of damaging their hair. The temperature is indeed set at 185°C. This is the perfect heat for a brushing that does not damage the hair fiber.

2. MadameParis Miracle

MadameParis Miracle

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The French brand MadameParis was created by experts in fashion and beauty. This brand offers various accessories to take care of your hair: straightening brushes, straighteners, curling irons and various accessories. The object of our interest is the Miracle Edition heated straightening brush.

With her Miracle brush, MadameParis makes a promise: smoothing in three minutes, watch in hand. And this is a significant advantage. This ionic straightening brush is indeed one of the most efficient currently on the market. She’s fast. It is also effective on all types of hair (afro, curly or straight hair, thin or thick hair, etc.). And she removes the slightest frizz.

In addition, it has a very nice design that combines elegance, femininity and hi-tech. Round and sober shapes distinguish this brush from other straightening devices. As well as its LCD screen.

MadameParis’ Miracle brush has other advantages. It comes with a whole hairdressing box. If you order this heated straightening brush, you will receive tweezers (particularly useful for separating strands of hair when straightening), a comb, a mirror, a storage pouch … In short, at MadameParis, we spoil customers!

In addition, the MadameParis straightening brush has been designed with different temperature settings. This is how she manages to adapt to all types of hair. Depending on the type of hair and the thickness, you can choose a heating ranging from 130 ° C to 230 ° C for optimal smoothing.

3. Remington CB7480SA

Remington CB7480SA

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New York-based company Remington offers beauty accessories for women and men. With its low-cost straightening brush CB7480SA, the brand is establishing itself as a serious competitor for other straightening brush resellers.

The first advantage of the Remington heated straightening brush is its price. You can even pay for it less by ordering it on certain online sales sites. With this very affordable price, Remington makes the straightening styling brush accessible to all girls and all budgets.

Designed in ceramic, this straightening brush from Remington has a built-in keratin and almond oil diffuser . At the same time as it smoothes your hair, this device hydrates and nourishes it deeply. This daring system added to ionic technology allows you to have a perfect hairstyle, shiny and without any frizz. And this, even on curly hair! Moreover, with its three temperature levels – 150 ° C, 190 ° C and 230 ° C – this brush is suitable for all types of hair.

Other advantages of this beauty accessory:

  • Its ultra-fast heating time: 30 seconds
  • Its power cord which measures 3 meters
  • Its very quiet operation.

How To Use A Straightening Brush?

For the perfect straightening with any heated brush, follow these few tips.

Straighten your hair after drying

Heated straightening brushes can only be used on dry, clean hair. The only product that you can apply before starting your straightening is a dedicated spray. Protective serum or oil, there are specific products that protect hair from heat. After spraying the product, wait a few minutes before any contact between the brush and your hair.

Style your hair strand by strand

Before straightening the hair, it is sometimes necessary to make different strands. This step is in particular essential for smoothing thick hair in a satisfactory manner. As a result, consider using clips or elastics to separate your hair before straightening.

Also, depending on your brush model, remember to detangle your hair well before styling it to achieve perfect straightening.

Take the time necessary to smooth each strand

The secret to successful straightening is patience. Before placing the brush on the hair straightener, wait until the appliance is hot. If the brush has not reached its optimum heat level, it will be less effective. And for full effectiveness, you need to keep the brush on the hair for a while. If you brush your hair like a conventional brush, the straightening device will not have time to act. Your brushing will be very imperfect.

How To Choose Your Straightening Brush?

Several criteria count in choosing the right straightening brush for your needs.

Temperature and hair types

The first important criterion is the type of hair to be styled. In fact, fine hair cannot be smoothed at the same temperature as thick hair. Likewise, to get straight, curly, frizzy hair needs more heat than just wavy or already relatively straight hair.

The more the heating brush rises in temperature, the more it is able to straighten very frizzy or even frizzy hair. The temperature is therefore to be considered carefully… Unless you opt for a model with several temperature levels.

Smoothing speed

Not all brushes heat up and smooth at the same speed. In our comparison, we found that MadameParis’ straightening brush smoothed all of the hair in three minutes. This model has a clear advantage over other products. People in a hurry and those who are often late will appreciate it because it allows you to brush very quickly.

Ergonomics and weight

Grip and practicality are also very important because the goal of professional straightening at home is not to end with a cramp. So, to choose the brush that suits your hand, check and compare the weight and ergonomics of each device. If you don’t want to strain your arms, select a lightweight model.

And if in doubt, head to the appliance store! You will be able to test the devices made available on the displays.

Brands and quality

The three brands that we have presented to you all offer quality accessories. In the trade, you will inevitably find straightening brushes cheaper than these three models, and of different brands. In general, European and American brands offer the best quality and offer secure devices (more stringent standards).


Last but not least: the price. A high-end, high-performance straightening brush will cost you, a priori, more than a brush with average performance. However, there are now models that are a good compromise between cost and performance.

How To Clean A Straightening Brush?

To clean your straightening brush, three steps are enough. It is essential to follow these steps in the order indicated. It is also essential to clean regularly, in order to keep your brush in good condition.

Is it necessary to clean my straightening brush?

Regularly washing your brush is essential if you want it to remain effective as long as possible. Hair that gets stuck in the pins and residues of hair products reduce the performance of straightening brushes.

In addition, if it is simple, cleaning should be kept light and non-abrasive. On the one hand, the straightening brush is an electrical device. It cannot therefore be passed under a tap, at the risk of damaging it.

On the other hand, the ceramic coating is fragile. It must be handled with care to remain intact. So, to keep your straightening brush clean, remember to clean it often, following the procedure below.

Step 1: Unplug the device

As we recall, straightening brushes are electrical devices. Therefore, before any cleaning, it is essential to unplug the brush. Once disconnected from the electrical outlet, wait until the device is cool before cleaning it. This will prevent burns and other inconveniences.

Step 2: Remove the hair

Is your straightening brush unplugged and cooled? You can now remove any hair that has stuck in the pins. The best way to do this is to use your fingers. Remove the hair gently, so as not to damage the pins.

Step 3: Remove residue and stains

The third and final step in cleaning is to remove any residue and stains from the brush. To do this, use a damp cloth, such as a cloth or a microfiber wipe. Then, rub the entire brush with this cloth. Do not hesitate to insist on the level of the pins in order to remove the traces of oil and thermo-protective serum.

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