Best HDMI Video Capture Cards

13 Best HDMI Video Capture Cards For PC in 2021

A capture card for gaming is imperative to enhance the sign. If you would like to receive all the advantages of a capture card, then you should have something unique for you. We’ve got a list to select the best versions for your requirements.

With the support of a capture card, then you are able to stream and record gameplay. Be certain that you pick out a card which may catch essential information from devices such as Wii, PlayStation or Xbox. This tiny unit will record videos so you may upload them online. Various kinds of capture cards can be found which are flexible and offer unique features like acoustic for flashback recording and voice-overs which let you catch clips of match and discuss. Quite a few cards may capture the only video rather than audio. Any gamer can find the benefit of this apparatus for internet interactivity. It’s possible to play games in your home and discuss directions and hints with the internet community.

List of 13 Best HDMI Video Capture Cards For PC

1. StarTech HDMI Video Capture Device

This HDMI video capture device recordings 1080p audio and video for a USB 3. 0 built computer, and can record from several resources (HDMI, VGA, DVI and part ) which makes it a fantastic alternative for record computers, camcorders, safety programs or POS terminals. Seamless Picture Quality. This movie game recorder captures lossless video in 60 FPS ensuring each framework of content is stored. 60 FPS matches with the output of the majority of computers, which is excellent for documenting the output signal when generating software tutorials and training.

2. XIANREN Audio Video Capture Card HDMI

1080P 60fps HD Capture – To guarantee reliable streaming and video media to Offer a high quality and pleasant experience, the capture card supports up or down-conversion of this movie as much as 1920×1080 @ 60fps

Running System – This hdmi video capture embracing USB 3.0(2.0) station recording of high-speed full HD display, movie recording, meeting recording, game recording along with others on the pc. Compatible with many programs, for example Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X 10.9 or over, Linux.

3. DIGITNOW USB Capture HDMI Video Card

It may capture a single station HD HDMI video signs. Join the signal sources like Blu-Ray Player, Xbox Ps3 Ps4 Station, Notebook, TV box, SLR cameras, audio/video radio, satellite receivers, SLR cameras using HDMI output. It may automatically detect the input video formats and it’ll adjust to the established output dimensions and frame rate automatically. It can capture the video store from the computer could be reviewed if you desire.

Driver Free. The thing doesn’t have to install any drivers genuinely PnP. Compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X surgeries systems. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X operating systems. USB3.0 300MB.

4. Shuone HDMI Capture Card

With 3.5millimeter Microphone and Audio Input Port, you can flow your voice and record your voice from the vents. Which is quite usefully when you’re earning a match live stream, you may enjoy Full HD video or game completely

There’s no Latency if you use the HDMI loop out port, The HD video capture card may support 1080P using 60FPS, it Is Quite convenient to use it to get sport reside, Compatible with windows 8/10, Linux, OS X(MAC) operating platform

5. Wiistar HDMI USB Video Capture Device

The USB video capture card may capture both HDMI video and HDMI sound, sending video and audio signals to computers for both storage and preview.

Convenient for high definition acquisition, instruction recording, health imaging, Blu-Ray Player, Notebook, TV box, PS4, Xbox One, Change or any other games, SLR cameras, etc.

6. Acsurpo HDMI Video Capture Card

This Audio Video Capture Cards support enter maximum resolution 3840×2160@30Hz/4K, output maximum resolution 1920×1080@30Hz, may be compatible with 1080P or 720P HDMI jack apparatus. Real-time Preview, take and create inside your favourite tools, record videos right to the hard disk without lag, broadly utilized for high definition acquisition, instruction recording, medical imaging, etc..

This Audio Video Capture Cards is Plug and play HDMI USB2.0 jack, you don’t have to install any driver along with outside power source, easily join your DSLR, camcorder, or activity Cam Link for your PC or Mac for match recording.

7. Generis Audio Video Capture Cards

The hdmi capture card shoots and create in your preferred tools, record videos straight to the disk without lag, broadly utilized for high definition acquisition, teaching recording, medical imaging, etc.. , 1080p capture card speed transmission jack makes it simpler that you possess real-time loading for Twitch. Stable movie capture, delivering video and audio signals to computers and smartphones for storage and preview time delay.

8. Sendowtek HDMI Video Capture Card

This movie capture card device works good, it’s quite simple to use. The USB video capture card attributes built-in capabilities of the present software to acquire a seamless experience. Without outside power source, compact and mobile, the sport capture card is acceptable for low-latency match, can fulfill the requirements of this assembly. The size capture card straight contributes the USB cable to prevent unnecessary link.

9. HOMFUL HDMI Game Video Capture Card

It may exhibit HDMI content, movie recording, meeting recording, game recording and other functions on your pc. Should you want to flow or record at a specific resolution, then the apparatus will up or down-covert the input. Since the device utilizes the Present drivers onto your pc, the capture device will operate with any applications that supports those drivers

10. BlueAVS Audio Video Capture Cards HDMI to USB

The video capture may capture the HDMI video and HDMI sound, sending video and audio signals to computers and smart phones for storage and preview. Convenient for high definition acquisition, instruction recording, health imaging, etc..

11. Hilltrade Audio Video Capture Card HDMI to USB2.0 1080P Record

According to high-speed USB 2.0 technologies, you can capture a high profile HDMI video sign of a signal station. The sport capture card is acceptable for devices with HDMI output, like apparatus for PS4, for you personally, for Wii U and also for Switch.

12. Jancane HDMI to USB Video Capture Card

This HDMI capture card may capture HDMI video and HDMI music concurrently and transmit video and audio signals to computers or tablets for storage and preview. Suitable for Windows and Mac OS. Works with most video capture applications, like such as OBS, VLC.

13. DIGITNOW Audio Video HDMI Capture Card with Loop Out

Suitable for high definition acquisition, teaching recording, medical imaging, etc.. The game capture card is acceptable for no-latency sport, quite helpful once you’re earning a game reside, you can satisfy the requirements of this assembly.

This movie capture card may flow or record high-resolution images of game consoles, meetings or other HDMI video/audio to an own computer through capture applications, or reside broadcast/broadcasting over the web easily.

How To Choose A HDMI Video Capture Card

It’s not difficult to check out the purchase price or testimonials to get a capture card and produce an immediate buying choice. These are such complex machines. Each capture card has unique attributes, limitations and drawbacks. How are you going to utilize your card? Why do you want it? Answer these questions before settling on a card. Can you discover the perfect capture card on a budget? Read more to learn!

Image Quality

The picture quality of records is an important factor when purchasing a card. A number of the less expensive capture cards possess a 1080p30 limitation for documents. That usually means that the recording quality is in a full HD resolution. The”30″ stands to the frames per minute of this recording. Gamers on a budget will probably acquire effective use from 1080p30 records for both streaming and YouTube functions.

Somebody who would like to generate the highest quality videos may go in another way. High end capture cards provide around 4k60 video quality. A gamer with such a capture card can capture videos 4 times the caliber of 1080p, and receive 60 frames per second during the recording. If grade is the most significant consideration, a 4k60 capture card is the best buy.

Input Options

The input options provided by your capture card may establish the apparatus it’s compatible with. Some capture cards just work using computers. Others permit for cross platform compatibility.

The cards which are compatible with many consoles will generally comprise HDMI input. Gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and pc graphics cards are compatible with HDMI input signal. Gamers that just wish to record footage in their pc can proceed with PC-specific capture cards. People who perform different consoles should plan to obtain a capture card with HDMI input.


The application used with a capture card will be contingent on every producer. A capture card by a significant producer, for example Elgato and Hauppauge, will have its regular accompanying applications. Capture cards from smaller producers may include third party applications. It’s very important to estimate the quality of the corresponding software which accompanies a capture card. It’s the program’s interface which will enable for streaming, including comment, including a webcam along with other capabilities.


We’ve covered one kind of connection. The capture card into the apparatus where gameplay is happening. The next connection to know is the way the capture card captures and releases the footage it’s collecting. Capture cards may join to consoles to catch footage for streaming or videos. The capture card has to link to a computer concurrently. The computer connection is imperative to deal with the capture card interface. It’s also where it is possible to assess the real time footage that’s coming in via the card.

Capture cards link with computers in two manners. They’ll use a PCIe connection, or else they can connect through USB 3.0. Capture cards which support connectivity via USB 3.0 will operate with higher end laptops and laptops. A capture card which uses PCIe connections won’t work with notebooks, as those interfaces aren’t subjected to the consumer on a notebook.

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