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Top 10 Best Free IDM Alternatives of 2021

Internet Download Manager is a very popular tool to use for downloading files and videos quickly but unfortunately there’s only a 30-day trial and the full version can be a bit expensive. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top free alternatives to internet download manager. We’re going to quickly install them and also show you how they’re used. Let’s get started.

List of 10 Free IDM Alternatives

1. J Downloader

J Downloader

JDownloader is the first great alternative in most choices to IDM. It’s an open-source program that’s absolutely free to download. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Jdownloader is created in java so that it is more protected. We can readily pause and play with our downloads. We can handle our download readily and may also program. It doesn’t start all of the download concurrently unlike IDM.

2. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

For speed lover, this Download Accelerator Plus would be a good IDM alternative option. As it allows you to download files 400% faster than the regular download. Not only this, the downloader also provides secure downloading, as it makes sure that the downloaded file is secured before being opened.

3. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader

Being on the second in the list, Orbit downloader allows you to download audio, video, media files etc. And just like IDM, this downloader allows you to download files from social media networks like youtube, facebook etc. But the download speed boost up method makes it different from idm. To boost up downloading speed, Orbit searches alternate mirrors of the same download file and transfers it into their downloading server.

4. EagleGet


Another top-notch and simple downloader manager Eagleget is comparatively a worthy IDM alternative that is lightweight and easy to use.

All of the necessary features of IDM are available in EagleGet such as download acceleration, scheduled downloading, and more. The best part about Eaglenet which makes it stand out the other IDM alternatives in this list is its ability to check for malware in the files which it captures for downloading.

If you are willing to shift to EagleGet from another download manager, you can easily import the download list. You can also resume the expired downloads and the pending downloads of the other download managers after importing the list.

5. FlashGet


Shedding light on a very underrated but powerful freeware downloader FlashGet, previously known as Jet Car, that has features similar to that of Internet download manager. It promises to enhance the download speed by 10 times which is pretty impressive.

You can categorize your downloads and manage them easily, the feature that you would like is that it automatically enables your anti-virus software after downloading a file to scan for viruses.



uGet is one of my personal download managers as it has the ability to resume interrupted or failed downloads. Besides, it has all the functions that are offered by IDM, and therefore, uGet is a better option because it is available for free of cost. uGet is compact and does not crash (no matter how big the download file is).

7. Gozilla Downloader


Gozilla Downloader is good choice as a download manager to download large files. We can easily manage our download with pause/play feature. It also provide connection speed notification. It get a file from many server to provide more download speed. We can easily resume our file if we lost our internet from same location.

8. Freerapid Downloader

Freerapid Downloader

It is another java based IDM Alternative which is available for free to download. This Freerapid Downloader provides all the features of IDM without any cost. It is easy to use with its attractive interface. We can download from any website with its browser integration. It provide download speed notification. We can also schedule our download and download directly from the URL.

9. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

As the title implies, Turbo Download Manager promises to deliver smooth operations with fast downloading. Like IDM, Turbo provides users a chrome-based extension and a separate program for major operating systems like Windows, Mac & Linux. The downloading setup is quite similar to what we experience with uGet. I assure you that checking Turbo Download Manager won’t disappoint you.

10. Mipony Download

Mipony Download

Mipony Downloader is best option for downloading large files quickly. It is free to download and use. Mipony optimizes our internet connection to provide more speed. It provide fully automatic download with easy browser integration. It provide pause and play feature, more speed, schedule download etc. Mipony also provides remote control from other network computer.


All the free IDM alternatives that are mentioned above are amazing, popular, and the best IDM alternative. They all provide you with a similar feature like the IDM and even provides some other amazing features. They all provide you with great downloading speed. You should visit the site and give them a try, hope this article was a help.


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