Inflatable Beer Pong Tables

Top 9 Best Inflatable Beer Pong Tables 2021 Reviews

Kick-start the pleasure and bring the game of beer pong into the water together with our handpicked choice of the best inflatable beer pong tables. Beer pong is a favorite activity for people who prefer to consume adult beverages (and those who don’t). Although traditionally beer pong is played to a table on dry land, during the summer time, once the sun is blazing and you will need to cool off, so you will bring the pong for an above ground swimming pool using one of the best inflatable pool beer pong floats.

List of The Best Inflatable Beer Pong Tables

1. GoPong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

GoPong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

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Just because you’re able to read from the name and the picture of this item, this one is really simple for you to work with even on the water surface. Move Pong’s Pool Pong Table was developed to supply an excellent full size drifting beer pong table in the cheapest price possible. The table may be inflated orally or by pump and also contains complete 10 cup beer pong on every side.

In addition, I feel great about the green color because it conveys nature and outside. You’ll certainly feel comfortable using this particular GoPong Pool Pong Table. I’d say that the only real drawback is it doesn’t comes with a pump. The collection is retail boxed and includes 3 Pong Balls and Rules therefore it creates a terrific present. This is essential have for spring break or summer swimming parties.

2. Outer Trails Inflatable Beer Pong Table and Pool Float

Outer Trails Inflatable Beer Pong Table and Pool Float

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Outer Trails Inflatable Beer Pong Table is similar to any other on the market. The sleek design with vivid colors can also be reversible to double as a pool float with cushion. The float is created from BPA complementary substances. Additional responsibility seams prevent leaks. Inflated the table has a strong 6.5-inch thickness.

An essential accessory to some pool for an enjoyable relaxing weekend or even an excellent party game. The timeless beer pong match for your pool. You may readily cool your beverages while paying because of the cooler at the middle. 6 to 8 beverages fit in readily. The cover of this cooler doubles as a cushion. A floating WiFi speaker includes all our beer pong table to bring some songs to an enjoyable time. Simply link it together with your mobile or MP3 player to listen to your favourite songs. In addition, it will come with 4 ping pong balls along with a detachable cooler cover which doubles as a cushion for your float on the opposite side.

3. GoPong Original Pool Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Table with Cooler

GoPong Original Pool Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Table

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The Pool Pong Party Barge is your very first and only floating beer pong table to incorporate an integrated cooler therefore ice-cold beverages are always within reach. The 6ft x 3ft table comprises 10 cup triangles on each end for total size pool pong play. Apart from being a beer pong table, this inflatable bit also acts as a celebration and societal floating couch. I like its quite broad and lengthy dimensions offering great comfort and support to the majority of people.

The Party Barge may also be utilized as a floating tanning lounge if you are able to access it all on your own. The Party Barge comprises 6 pong balls (cups not included) and can be retail packaged. Additionally, it offers a great playing surface for a beer pong table. As with other customers, I loved the easy and smooth clean coating and incorporated cooler than guarantees your beverage is cold.

4. Jasonwell Beer Pong Pool Float

Jasonwell Beer Pong Pool Float

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If you’re interested in finding a bigger alternative that will enable more individuals to gather around the table, you need to think about that the Jasonwell Beer Pong Pool Float. This item measures 6 ft Long x 3 ft Wide, societal floating with relaxation.

It offers space for 28 cups, 10 on every end of the raft to your match and four extra cup holders on each side. The built-in cooler could keep the ice and then keep food and drink cold. You are able to fill it with ice cream and retain beverages and other food cold. You won’t have to escape the pool to catch a second drink or a snack. It is thick, soft and durable superior raft-grade non-phthalates material

5. Play Platoon H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Raft

Play Platoon H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Raft

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Get ready to bring your swimming pool party to a completely new level with all the H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table Float! It is the ideal poolside match for drinking, socializing, and with an all round good time with your buddies. Together with all the Play Platoon H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table Float, you and your buddies are going to have the ability to have an enjoyable time in the pool. This alternative is really a big, inflatable raft which has holes to carry the cups to get an enjoyable game of beer pong.

This six ft long floating ping pong table includes two racks for enjoying beer pong and contains 5 top ping pong balls, constructed to survive. There are a number of 28 places to place a cup of beer along with the liquid of choice with this version. You will find 10 cup holders on each end of the raft to use while playing the sport, in addition to an extra four cup holders on all sides of the raft.



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Beverage pong is a really common game nowadays. There is no greater place to perform on a hot day than at the sport! Pongo Bongo is a floating inflatable game table outfitted with all 12 cup holders on each side. Rest assured together with its premium excellent vinyl construction for durability which will not allow it to break easily.

The tethering points, its entertaining design and slots that are typical to the cups in addition to extra slots in each corner allow it to be more easy to be called Pongo Bongo. When you are done playing, flip it over and use it like an air mattress or pool float. Ping pong balls contained! Size: 88 in. x. 40 in. Inflated Size.

7. Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table and Lounge Floats w Built in Cooler Made of Quality Raft Material

Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table and Lounge Floats w Built in Cooler Made of Quality Raft Material

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The exceptional design obviously brings the pleasure aggressive nature in most of us. It’s 8 extra slots available, using a cooler part from the center to your own drinks.

Our floats are created from raft grade plastic substance. They are quite gentle to the touch, yet quite durable so that you may delight in playing without fear of any leaks. It includes 6 balls in addition to patch kits for simple fix of your beer pong table.

It may likewise be utilized as a relaxing pool lounger which retains over 200lbs and contains a built-in cooler and 8 cup holders which could save ice and beverages while remaining afloat. A social beverage table floating to the water when not playing.

8. Can’t Stop Party Supplies Inflatable Beer Pong Raft

Can't Stop Party Supplies Inflatable Beer Pong Raft

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Party till you fall without allowing your budget bog you down – with Can’t Stop Party Supplies! This inflatable beer bong table has a funny’set sail, and drink ale’ logo and sets the scene for hours of pleasure. It just has two extra slots, but which is significantly less than many. It has fix stickers if the worst occur and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. The emblem may set the scene for a celebration of lots of beverage, and tons of laughs.

The inflatable beer pong raft matches around ten cups on either side with the continuous cup holes, that fasten the cups in place as you play pool pong. The beer pong raft also doubles as a societal floater or drifting lounge for if your friends want to chill at the pool. Inflatable and simple to prepare, and deflates for simple portability. Pick from a huge array of fun designs that will make an impression at each pool party.

9. dreambuilderToy Inflatable Pool Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Float with Cooler

dreambuilderToy Inflatable Pool Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Float with Cooler

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The dreambuilderToy inflatable beer pong table comes with a genuine patriot layout. Its layout together with all the US national flag isn’t merely a highlight around the 4th July, however during your entire pool season. The float provides a complete 10 cup beer pong float having constructed cooler to your beer pong game also additional 6 slots on the sides to get extra cups.

Produced of Super thick, extra lasting raft grade PVC that is scrape resistant and tear resistant. The speedy valve permits the pong table to be inflated using a hairdryer, compressor along with a pump. Your beverages will probably be kept cool at a compartment with pay at the middle of the desk. It may take up to 8 cans and ice cubes to help keep your beer cool.

Top Benefits Of Inflatable Beer Pong Tables

Good Source Of Entertainment

The significant advantage which it is possible to get from buying inflatable beer pong tables is they provide amusement. They could lead to the entertainment thing of almost any gathering or party. Beer pong is really a fun and enjoyable game that keeps gamers amused until the very last minute of this game.

Simple to Prepare

Setting up inflatable beer pong tables isn’t rocket science. It is possible to inflate it in only a couple of minutes. You may use a tiny handheld pump to inflate the beer pong table. Everything that you will need to do would be to blow air into it and you’re prepared for the match. Most products have a manual that comes with step-by-step instructions on how to correctly match the beer pong table.


Inflatable beer pong tables are offered at different prices. You may readily locate one which is going to serve your budget. You may even look on the internet and compare the various products which you find to find the best bargain. On the flip side, you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the item merely to save your budget. Be certain you buy inflatable beer pong tables which are produced from high-quality material.


Since they’re portable and lightweight, it is possible to choose inflatable beer pong tables everywhere. If you’re attending a celebration and you would like to make it fun, it is possible to bring the beer pong table alongside you. When deflated and folded, they could fit in a purse which you could readily carry. They require little space and will match an overnight bag.


Inflatable beer pong tables are simple to keep. In comparison with conventional beer pong tables which are more prone to spots that are tricky to eliminate, the inflatable ones are simpler to maintain. Inflatable beer pong tables are produced from materials which don’t easily blot. As it’s employed at the swimming pool, any blot that sticks to them will easily wash off. Ensure the inflatable beer pong tables are totally dry before you store them.


Every one of the products we reviewed could be a terrific addition for the next celebration. So, now it’s time to make your choice and buy your brand new floating beer pong tables. Read our reviews an additional time and consider what you and your buddies will enjoy. After that, make it ordered so it is going to be prepared for this upcoming big celebration!

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