Best Keratin Treatment Formaldehyde Free

Top 5 Best Brazilian Keratin Straightening Without Formalin Reviews in 2021

Keratin is a natural and fashionable way to make your hair more supple, mainly used by women with curly, frizzy, frizzy, fine or damaged hair. The price of a Brazilian smoothing remains significantly high at an institute like Franck Provost for example whether you are a man or a woman.

Fortunately, it is now possible to save money by buying a do-it-yourself kit at home when you know how much a Brazilian straightening done by a professional costs. As there are a multitude of products from different brands, this article will help you sort through the best Brazilian hair straightening at the moment according to your budget thanks to the comparison below.

The Best Keratin Treatment Formaldehyde Free

1. Kativa Keratin and Argan Oil Brazilian Straightening Kit


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Certified without formalin, parabens, animal abuse and synthetic fragrances, Brazilian smoothing Kativa is one of the most popular products by consumers. Born in Brazil and more precisely in Rio de Janeiro, the brand took more than 10 years to formulate its product using the best of technology. A successful bet since its homemade Brazilian smoothing can last up to 10 weeks without chemical agents banned in France… A great feat.

2. Inokeratin

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Very effective, the formalin-free Brazilian keratin straightening kit offered by Inokeratin is suitable for all hair types and can even be used after coloring, perming or straightening. Made in France, it contains a keratin hair treatment to leave on for 24 hours and a clarifying shampoo. These two products can be used up to 12 times to perfect smoothing and restore shine to the hair fiber.

3. Be Natural

What differentiates this homemade Brazilian straightening kit from another is its formulation, which is rich in hyaluronic acid. A biomolecule, also generated by the human body which serves to maintain hydration and also allows to obtain a more precise smoothing. A composition that allows it to last up to 12 weeks on the hair.

4. Urban Keratin

Urban Keratin

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Composed of 4 different products: a clarifying shampoo, a smoothing treatment, a keratin shampoo and a conditioner, the Urban Keratine Brazilian smoothing kit seduces us. First, because it is suitable for all types of hair without exception. But also and above all because its formula offers optimal results regardless of the length. With a total capacity of 400 ml, this kit is sufficient for two smoothing sessions. A great discovery.

5. Premium Keratin

Premium Keratin

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High-end, this Brazilian smoothing kit contains a rather unusual ingredient: caviar. If its presence is rather surprising, its effects on the hair are numerous: it stimulates regrowth, slows down hair loss, repairs and acts in depth on the roots in order to smooth the fiber. In addition to this surprising ingredient, this treatment consists of Argan oil, Kaolin and other rare oils which are acclaimed for their nourishing and moisturizing effects. In short, the net plus ultra of homemade smoothing.

What Is Brazilian Smoothing?

Brazilian straightening is a 100% natural technique that aims to straighten the hair strand by strand using a highly concentrated vegetable keratin treatment. This acts directly on the structure of its fiber in order to relax it without ever damaging it. It also makes it possible to obtain a more shiny and structured mass (therefore easier to comb).

Formerly reserved for high-end hairstyling salons, Brazilian straightening is beginning to emancipate and come in the form of a kit to use at home. Intended to obtain straight and smooth hair for more than 3 months without having to carry out a weekly brushing, this process is a real revolution.

Very soft, Brazilian straightening is suitable for all types of hair. Whether they are curly, wavy, highlighted, colored or simply difficult to tame… It adapts to all problems. A small exception for straight, fine hair which needs a different type of treatment to pamper it. Finally, Brazilian straightening is ideal for combating humidity, frizz or fluffy hair that is often particularly difficult to style.

Does A Brazilian Straightening Dispense Me From Brushing?

While homemade Brazilian straightening tames hair that is usually difficult to style, it does not allow for perfect straightening. To smooth the fiber, you must first activate the formula by passing a straightening iron or by using a hair dryer at medium temperature accompanied by a round brush. Luckily, styling time is relatively quick, halving the usual styling time. So you won’t have to spend hours straightening your hair to get a nice blow-dry…

How To Do A Brazilian Straightening Yourself At Home?

How to use a natural Brazilian keratin hair straightener varies, however here are some of the common steps. You will need at least a bowl, gloves and a hair dryer to achieve a convincing result.

  1. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any impurities
  2. Wring out, detangle and dry your hair, leaving it slightly damp.
  3. Apply the keratin treatment to your hair using a brush starting a centimeter from the root, making sure it is evenly distributed.
  4. Leave the treatment on for about thirty minutes or according to the directions on the product.
  5. Blow dry with a hair dryer until your hair is dry.
  6. Straighten your hair with a straightening iron several times.
  7. Wait at least 24 hours before taking a shower (unless the instructions for use indicate otherwise), ideally using a sulfate-free shampoo.

The exposure time is very variable. It can change depending on the brands, the amount of keratin in the formula, but also your hair type and length. If they are longer than shoulder length, expect the process to be long and slightly tedious, but the results will be there so you can skip this slightly restrictive step. Note that it takes between 2 and 3 hours to apply and leave the product on so that it acts in depth on the hair fiber.

How Long Does A Brazilian Straightening Last?

On average, a Brazilian straightening takes about 3 to 6 months before your hair returns to its normal state, with the difference that it will be softer and healthier due to the impact of the keratin. You must therefore redo the keratin treatment to your hair between 2 and 4 times a year in order to obtain permanent straightening.

When doing Brazilian straightening at home, always follow the directions precisely. The treatment will stay on your hair for several months, so it is best to apply a sufficient amount. In order to achieve effective results, avoid tying your hair whenever possible and only use formalin and sulfate-free hair products. Why ? Quite simply because they are powerful surfactants which bring this foaming effect to the formula but which have the particularity of being particularly aggressive for the hair fiber.

Sea and swimming pool water should also be avoided. If you still have to bathe, remember to rinse your hair immediately after getting out of the water to preserve the keratin.

Does Brazilian Straightening Damage The Coloring?

It is still a faultless for Brazilian smoothing since it has the advantage of not damaging the colorations. There are still some simple guidelines to follow to avoid missteps. To begin with, it is advisable to color your hair before straightening. Since keratin is particularly effective in nourishing the hair shaft, it will therefore be of great use in repairing colored hair.
Why so much effort? Quite simply because this type of treatment includes the use of chemicals that open the cuticle of the hair fiber to inject color into the cortex. It triggers an oxidation process which raises the pH of the hair… As a result, they become more alkaline, thus degrading their structural integrity by making them brittle, weakened and sensitized.
If a few gray hairs are starting to show up and you need to have your hair color renewed at all costs, don’t panic. You must first wait 2 weeks after the date of application of the Brazilian smoothing so that it has time to set in place. Once this deadline has passed, you must go to your hairdresser so that he can apply the appropriate treatments for your hair.

Brazilian Smoothing, Before After…

The Keratin is a protein that is part of the essential structural components of the skin, hair and nails for men and women. Formed from a combination of amino acids, the structure of hair is much like a staircase with steps of different strengths. Straight hair is structured like a traditional ladder, while curly hair is like a spiral staircase.

It may seem contradictory to use keratin hair treatment when your hair is already up to 99% of it, but be aware that these proteins are easily damaged. This degradation is mainly caused by the use of chemical treatments such as coloring but also quite simply by stress. Depleted keratin can make hair messy and extremely brittle.

Most professional Brazilian straighteners include hydrolyzed keratin protein that merges with your hair’s natural keratin when heated. The keratin then makes it possible to coat the hair fiber when the hair is impregnated with a keratin treatment, dried and then heated. Replacing keratin will help rebuild the hair cortex, giving your hair strength and a shiny appearance. Note that the latest Brazilian treatments also include low pH amino acids to strengthen the roots and stimulate hair growth.

Finally, know that our comparison is regularly updated to help you find the best Brazilian straightening kit available on the market.

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