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NYX Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish – Best Lip Plumper Ever!

Today we’re going to be trying out a new lip plumper so let’s go ahead and get started.

So today’s lip plumper is by NYX it is called filler instincts and it the color is sparkling please.

So this is the shade that I picked I sent a really cute bottle it has these you know lips at the top and stars and it’s got EXO kisses so that’s really cute so I will show you what the color looks like on my hand before I put it on.

It’s not a super bright color but I thought I would still try it out so let’s go ahead and read it this and try it.

So I like the color is cute, it’s not like a super bright color and so hopefully this gives us a really nice fun I had a lot of reviews good reviews.

So of course I wanted to try it out, so I really like the color. I mean it is like super sparkly but it’s not like overwhelming either it kind of just gives that little something extra to the lips.

So hopefully, we will see a difference, so I’m going to give it a few minutes you know to kind of plump and you know kind of just see how it does so I am feeling a lot of tingling going on especially in my top lip, which is the lip that I would rather be more plump.

I do feel some tingling going on.

NYX Lip Plumper Reviews

Hopefully, it is doing something so to give me something to do while my lips are plumping hopefully, they continue with the tingling and the plumping and you know just doing what it’s supposed to do I thought I would try something out so many of you know that I have tried out the lash liner magnetic lashes and I love these wearing the kiss brand lashes now and I love love love these.

The difference with the kiss and the lash liner the band that holds the lashes on the lash liner is actually a lot thicker so it not necessarily doesn’t stick as well but it’s just a thicker band well with the kiss brand lashes.

The band that actually holds the lashes are a lot it’s a lot thinner so when you have it on the in you know the inside crease or when you have it on the inside the corner of your eye you’re not seeing that band like sticking out or anything crazy like that.

So I do actually prefer the kiss brand over the lash liner brand and the kiss brand is a lot cheaper and you can get it at a local drug store without having to wait for anything to come in the mill, so with that being said I thought that I would use my kiss liner and I’m gonna put a lot on my hand and see if my lash liner lashes will actually stick to a different brand liner so and I am still feeling a lot of tingling going on with my lips.

Hopefully, they will continue to do that and we will be able to tell a good before and after.

Ok so I’m just gonna put a bit line here trying to do it where you can see. I’m using my kiss so I’m using my kiss magnetic liner and get that a few minutes to dry and kiss my neck liner and I’m going to see if my lash liner lashes will stick, so see if like kind of like the formula is still the same wear it.

You know it doesn’t matter what kind of magnetic liner you use if the magnetic lashes will still stick.

I’m going to give that a few seconds to dry while we take a look at my lips and kind of see where they are I can still feel a lot of tinkling on the top lip.

It’s mostly on the outside line where I’m feeling a lot of the tingling still going on, so I can tell some difference and of course it is still tingling so I’m still gonna give it a few more minutes to do its thing.

But yeah so so far I am liking it I can’t see a difference already starting so who doesn’t love some volume of lips

Okay so I believe my liner is dry so I’m just gonna go ahead and pop off these lash liner lashes and let’s see and let’s say they have six little magnets on these lashes to this liner.

All right so it does have a little bit of a hold but it’s not going to stay so it does stick a little bit I can definitely feel some pull on it but it’s not enough that’s really gonna stay so I guess what I have learned from this is that whatever liner comes with the lashes is the liner that you will need for that particular ish. That’s good to know

All right, so I believe these lips are as plump as they are going to get with this NYX filler instincts lip plumper, I can definitely tell a difference you know it does give you more of that like pouty plumper look.

I do recommend this if you would like something just from the drugstore that you know that you would like to get to plump your lips.

I mean it’s a really pretty color I mean it’s not eating super crazy so yeah so well this was today’s article, I hope you enjoyed it

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