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Top 8 Best Luminous Light Alarm Clocks Reviews in 2021

Light alarm clocks use ambient light and sounds to sleep and wake up the next morning. Long, gloomy nights and short days are an important part of American winter life. Apply to the long work hours and the light of day is almost unheard of during the winter months for all of us. Wake-up calling can be effective in overcome seasonal depression, with about 6% of the population with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with many more having milder effects.

Sleepless, disoriented sensation many of us feel when we wake up unexpectedly will also lead to reducing the symptoms of sleep inertia. Sudden awakenings can lead to sudden changes in cortisol and other neurotransmitters. A steady rise in brightness is suitable for a quality wake-up call, but light alarm clocks are a safer choice than normal alarm clocks. The 7 best light alarm clocks are here.

What Are The Benefits Of Light Alarm Clocks?

Light therapy under these wake lights aims to control the development of cortisol and melatonin, two significant hormones responsible for wake and sleep cycles. Some of us can find it difficult to adjust to changing seasons, especially in the winter where the days are shorter and the nights are longer. The change from loud summer days to dark winter months will affect circadian patterns, often contributing to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

New developments also also changed the circadian rhythms of our mobile phones, TVs and machines by limiting the normal development of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

The daily and regular alternation between light and dark is necessary to maintain good sleep quality. Bright alarm clocks have ‘slow-down’ characteristics that stimulate balanced development of melatonin by imitating a steady sunset at night, while ‘weakening’ cycles facilitate morning cortisol production by simulating a normal sunrise and a sunset that prepares you to wake up. Waking up and calming down can also be necessary to keep the sleep cycle stable.

What Is A Light Alarm Clock Compared To A Standard Alarm Clock?

Many glow alarm clocks come with all the characteristics of the traditional alarm clock – radio or music player, individual or multiple alarms and sure, if you need it, you even have an audible alarm. The only distinction is that glitter alarms use soft light and sound to make you wake up to the latter sounds characteristic of a regular alarm clock.

Arousing the noisy and gross sound of a typical alarm clock is not only painful and disturbing, it is also highly unhealthy. “With a shake, it can become a problem any other time we wake up in the night, making it difficult to return to sleep,” Dimitriu said.

This harsh awakening can often lead to a rapid rise in stress levels, which also aggravates long-term conditions such as persistent anxiety. Winter also suggests to wake up slowly, since abrupt awakenings can cause sudden blood pressure increases, leading to heart attacks.

You are much more likely to wak up to a sleeping inertia, the weakening sense of somnolence and dizziness due to the abrupt and sometimes surprising transition from sleep to wakefulness, whether you wake up with an alarm clock. traditional. traditional. Sleeping inertia makes it really hard for some people to get out of bed, which also puts the rest of the day in poor mood. “Sound or light gradual alarms provide great solutions to gradually wake up people,” said Dimitriu, and they provide a simpler, gradual and more normal waking experience.

What Do I Look For When Picking A Light Alarm Clock?

There are several options to find a light alarm clock. The lamp’s brightness level is a very critical factor to remember. If you are a heavy sleeper, you will need a light alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

Another significant aspect is the tone of the alarm: most lit alarm clocks have many sound choices and others (like the Casper Glow lamp) are totally unaltered. You can pick a system with several sounds if you are a heavy sleeper. Alternatively, if you are a snoozer, consider an alarm clock to set several alarms such as the Philips Smartsleep Connected, which can have up to sixteen alarm clocks in case you want to have nap more than one day.

Finally, remember your personal needs. You can need a bright alarm clock on the mobile with manual controls unless you are familiar with smartphone technologies. On the other side you can go for a lamp which offers many different colors and sounds, operated by a phone app, if you want a customized experience.

What Are The Positive Effects Of Light Alarm Clocks?

Light alarm clocks are a modern method of light therapy that can have a huge effect. Light therapy has been used for a long time to combat seasonal depression and you can access it today. It is a reasonably basic idea – 30 minutes before the desired time of waking the clock would slowly emit light (many can be changed to increase or decrease the time the light is emitted).

Its aim is to battle the sudden and surprising waking from a typical awakening that releases cortisol and triggers hormonal imbalance that can contribute to mood and inertia.

When it’s difficult to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning, it’s a huge, non-exclusive club. We are all a little thrilled to be stuck in our homes too long, but in happier days, before the pandemic, it may have been a concern for you. Sleep is incredibly necessary and a reasonable solution is to replicate sunrises and sunsets in your room in order to make it easier for your biological material to come in and out of bed.

You know that waking up unexpectedly early morning can be unsettling if you’ve ever woken up to a traditional alarm clock. Alarm clocks are a simulation of a real sunrise with a variety of orange and yellow LED lights for a clearer call to wake-up. These gadgets will supposedly enhance your mental health by simulating natural light. Multiple awake lamps incorporate sound and breathing exercises with light therapy to establish a calmer sleeping environment and help control the circadian rhythms — the normal ebb and flow of hormones that tell us when to go to sleep and when to fall asleep.

The Essential Criteria For Your Light Alarm Clock


I paid careful attention to the complexity or ease of installation on my bedside stand for each light. I saw how precise and helpful their directions were and how time and warnings were. I have measured their weight and room on my nightstand.

Efficiency, Performance

I used a minimum of three consecutive days and nights per wake-up light to get used to the schedule and I noticed if it woke me on time and in the characteristics I have selected (such as sound and light color). I made notes of what it was to fall asleep with its qualities of extinction and paid careful attention to the waking experience. Every morning I woke up with every waking to keep my experiences consistent and I wrote down how I felt and how I felt inertia from sleep. I also assessed the sound and light content of each and how easy or difficult an emergency alarm was to cause (if it had one).

Special Features

I have tested all the additional and special functionality of any Wake Up Light, including the headphones, Bluetooth connectivity, guided meditations and smartphone applications. I found that these extra features were very useful and easy to use.


In order to measure the reliability and strength of every alarm clock, I removed all alarm clocks from my nightstand and tested if pieces were loosened or broken. Luckily, all of them passed this test. I have also taken care of the materials and their warranties on each model.

Usage long term

I have continued to use our best pickaxes consistently since the first tests and will check on their reliability over time.

What Is The Best Light Alarm Clock?

1. Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light

[amazon fields=”B075S53HD9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

With outstanding bedtime and wake-up simulations, the Philips Smartsleep Connected light alarm clock will help you fall asleep easily and wake up on time. It measures the atmosphere of your sleep and gives advice to enhance it. There are various advantages: wired smartphone, enables the length, colour, sound and speed of wake-up and slow down programs to be personalized, makes guidelines for optimizing the sleep environment and can set up to 16 alarms. A comparatively large luminous alarm clock that resembles a luminous donut is the Philips Smartsleep Related. It is approximately 15 cm high.

You can put it anywhere in your home, as the unit is very big, as you monitor almost everything from your phone from the Philips SleepMapper app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or from Google Play. With the tone, light strength and length you choose, the program helps you to configure and modify the “slow down” and “wake up” profiles, making it very simple and intuitive to use. One of the best aspects is the spectacular sunset simulation: the light steadily falls from stunning hues of vivid yellows to subtle reds, which comes with soothing natural sounds that fade away with the Sun’s sunset simulation.

Your personal sunset will last between five minutes and an hour and you can pick from four colors with welcoming names such as “Caribbean Red” and “Nordic White” and four atmospheric sounds such as “Gentle Rain” and “Summer Lake” at night. Or perhaps your favorite FM station on the radio. The meditation software is also a powerful technique for cultivating better sleeping habits, dubbed “RelaxBreathe”. This guided meditation leads you through deep breathing, and by changing the rate from four to ten breaths a minute, it can be personalized. Up to 16 alarms may also be programmed, a helpful choice for individuals who prefer to click the snooze button many times.

Obviously, when they designed this system, the designers at Philips had the main purpose of improving the quality of sleep. Research has substantiated the technology: in a 2010 survey, participants reported waking up more quickly, experiencing a better mood, better efficiency and improved level of social activity, and consequently having decreased sleep inertia. The Philips lighting for the sunrise were used. In order to control sleep cycles and measure bedroom conditions, including temperature, humidity, illumination, and sound levels, Philips’ Ambitrack ‘technology is integrated into the unit. For optimal sleep efficiency, the app suggests the optimum conditions and lets you know if your bedroom is too hot, humid, light or noisy for optimal sleep. The software also includes guidance and advice on how to take best advantage of the characteristics of the system.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, instead of flipping on a ceiling lamp or using your phone’s torch, you should press on the top of the screen to trigger a dim light. The internal clock and back-up alarm stay operational for at least eight hours in the case of a power outage, so you will not lose your alarm clock. A built-in USB charging station for your computers, an AUX cable for listening to music from your phone and a bright reading light are also included in this device. If you are investing in a glowing alarm clock, the customization and user-friendly application make it the right option.

2. GRDE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

[amazon fields=”B01NBFBCBP” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A gentle sunrise is created by the GRDE luminous alarm clock and will wake you up gradually. Built-in FM radio so that you can wake up right now and you don’t want to get up. Light therapy is built to alert our bodies when it is time to be awake and when it is time to relax. The Snooze feature will allow you to sleep for another 5 minutes, and play again after 5 minutes and last for 2 minutes. For your pick of six kinds of exclusive alarm songs, the sounds can be switched up and down as your preference. It can be used as a wake-up lamp, bedside light, night illumination, light in the atmosphere, alarm clock and FM radio. DC5V power (including USB cable and adapter) or 2*AAA battery power (no include). In order to reset the time when the cable gets disconnected, we recommend that you use the battery and the USB cord together. If the cable is broken in the event that you need to reset the time by connecting to the alarm clock as it goes off, we consider using the batteries.

3. FITFORT Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

[amazon fields=”B07X8ZYXBB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

As a portable wireless nightlight, the Fit Fort is specially built and incorporates intuitive movements and a clean interface to create a simple and beautiful experience. The benefits: gorgeous warm lighting, compact, in-room light display, intuitive and easy to use with basic movements. With a few gestures, this luminous alarm clock can easily be controlled: turn it over to turn it on, turn it over to raise or decrease the amount of illumination, and switch it to turn the night light on. The equipment is super simple; it’s compact, softly lit, and cleverly built for better sleep with soft, warm hues of light.

The controls work both directions, so whether the machine is upside down or upside down doesn’t matter. The motion sensors are very intuitive and the bottom of the rubber helps to hold it in place on flat surfaces. The light charges easily and wirelessly. When you wake up in the middle of the night, the night light feature is very helpful because you want to stop turning on vivid, harsh lights that might mess with the amount of melatonin and the opportunity to go back to sleep. A peaceful sleeping atmosphere is created by the gentle, warm lamps, which gradually dim to calm slowly, then switch off entirely for full darkness.

The FitFort light alarm clock is manufactured with warm LEDs of high quality which have been effective in gently waking up. The unit relies only on powerful light therapy and removes sound therapy entirely. The light was deliberately built to be noise-free, but for heavy sleepers who need noise to wake up, it might not be the ideal option; if you still need to get out of bed, you may also need to set up a phone alarm. Having said that, it is a good gadget that helps to create a really quiet atmosphere in the bedroom.

4. Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300

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When the light is at its brightest, the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 wakes you naturally at the alarm time. Fading light is a signal for the body to generate melatonin ready for sleep so the sunset makes you naturally drowsy. There are multiple color settings for the product, eight sound options including a radio, snooze function and mode of the bedside lamp. Brightness can be adjusted, preventing deep sleepers from struggling and making people who are sensitive to light uncomfortable. Uses mixed LEDs to mimic sunrise and sunset colours using mixed LEDs. Provides dimmable bedroom lighting. Light-sensitive auto-dimming display. Provides light-sensitive light sensitive bedside lighting. FM radio with 5 presets. 15 sleep/wake sounds including white noise. 15 wake sounds including a favorite FM station. Tap-control snoozing function to control the tap-to-sleep function. Use the Bodyclock. Shine 300 sunrise all year round to anchor your internal clock to your wake-up time to help you to feel awake during the day. With Bodyclock Shine 300, you’ll wake up brighter and feel ready for the day ahead.

5. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

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In order to help start your day, the hOmelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock will mimic the morning sunrise. AM/FM radio, easy hit snooze button, and eight different color modes are available. Thirty minutes before your alarm, the LED light automatically turns on and gradually brightens until it is time for you to wake up. Eight different colors can be emitted to emulate your favorite tones or lounge in the room. To give you that extra 5 minutes to sleep, you can easily hit the snoozing button. It can also be used to set the alarm sound of your choice (there are 7 options and AM/FM radio) and it will mimic the Sun’s sound. It can be used as a club clock for a cool club vibe to shine for a club vibe throughout the space. It can be used for eight different tones in multiple colors, or as a lounge clock for your favorite color. To set the tone and alarm time, as well as seven different alarm sounds, it has a built-in alarm tone. In order to extend the time until your alarm is set, it also has a simple-to-hit snoozes button.

6. Homagical Sunrise Alarm Clock with Sunset Simulation

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The light alarm clock diminishes over 10-120 minutes from 100% to 0% to help you fall asleep better. With Snooze Function, you can sleep for another 9 minutes 5 times. FM radio can also operate like an alarm clock for your favorite radio show to wake you up or as a sleep aid for better sleep. 20 Adjustable sunrise light brightness, 7 colors and 3 LED modes Lightness time display. You can set a default time and target light intensity for the gradual simulation of sunrise to suit your needs.

Two individual alarm systems are supported by the sunrise alarm clock. One for you and one for your wife, without interacting. Supports the simultaneous setting of two alarms, one for business days and one for weekends. With a 5V/2A USB output interface, it can load your smartphones or other devices with the alarm clock. With 20 levels of warm lights for night lamps, reading lamps or atmospheric lamps. The alarm is equipped with 7 natural sounds (16 adjustable volumes), so that you can choose your favorite sounds as a gentle wake up call at the right volume. The automatic FM radio frequency covers over 60 channels, 87.5-108 MHz.

7. Corlitec Smart Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

[amazon fields=”B081QPZKTS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Wakes you up with mild night light and soft sound to take up your sleep. When it is dark, time display will automatically dim. Designed to fight the startling awakening of regular alarms, which leads to hormonal imbalance and potentially to bad mood.

You have 7 natural sounds with 16-level volume changes in the light alarm clock. For a soft call, you can pick your favorite sound at a lower volume. The alarm clock can also be used as a power bank — just load your phone or other devices via the rear USB port.

Gotta loves its modern design and its USB port(5V/2A), which allows you to use it as nightlight. The Wake Up Light is designed in a gradual and more scientific way to simulate sunrise / sunset. The snooze function allows you to sleep for an additional 9 – 15 minutes.

8. Beurer 4-in-1 Bluetooth Wake-Up Light

[amazon fields=”B07KFHFCT2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

In addition to Philips, Beurer is among the players in the innovative light morning alarm clock market, which, with the WL75 model, provides a device at a fair price and is fitted with many useful or pleasant functions.

When you obtain it, this product takes a little adaptation time. Indeed, the buttons on the bottom of the unit are very many, and we appear to get a little confused at the outset.

However, you love a glowing alarm clock that illustrates great usability until you get the hang of it.

One of its best qualities is that it can serve as a Bluetooth speaker, so from your mobile you have the opportunity to listen to the sound. It is also a good mood display, and there are many colors available (red, blue, green). Also, an AUX socket is given.

It is possible to link the Beurer WL75 to the mains, but it also has a 2000 mAh battery that enables wireless use, even though the autonomy remains modest: around 3 hours.

The alarm clock component is not, of course, left out. To help you get out of bed, two melodies are available. The Beurer WL75 simulates sunrise and sunset in the morning and evening, helping you to open or shut your eyes softly, stress-free, and pain-free.

The FM radio role also supports you. In addition, for radio amateurs, this product is suggested, so you have the potential of recording about thirty stations in the internal memory.

The light intensity that matches you can be selected: there are three brightness stages.

A very rewarding high tech gadget is the Beurer WL75. Its abundance of features is really something to impress, considering its generally fair price online.

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