Top 4 Best Luminous Alarm Clocks Reviews in 2021

Do you have the feeling that you are systematically in good shape, you start and end your days tired, without progressing in your personal or professional projects? There is a very simple solution, which could greatly improve your daily life: the purchase of a luminous alarm clock.

By mimicking natural conditions, these devices make you feel better, and may help make it easier to wake up and fall asleep. You will then be in shape to carry out your projects head on. We present here the best light alarm clocks of the moment suitable for all profiles and all budgets.

The Best Luminous Alarm Clocks

1. Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3650/60

Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3650/60

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What strikes first about this product is its rather stunning appearance, rounded with a hollow in the center. The object is modern and elegant, and gives an original touch to your decoration.

To help you sleep, the Philips Somneo reproduces twilight light, the intensity of which it gradually decreases. You also benefit from the RelaxBreathe function : you can close your eyes and perform breathing exercises, with light and sound as your guide. It is ideal for relaxing.

When waking up, the device this time simulates morning light. It gets brighter and brighter (it can reach 350 lux), but does it in a smart way: your eyes and your body have time to get used to it, and the discomfort that can occur with ordinary lamps is avoided.

At night, you can connect your phone directly to the machine, thanks to the integrated USB port. Note that this luminous alarm clock is ideal for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Of course, you have the option of adjusting the brightness yourself, and you can also choose whether you prefer to be out of bed by music, natural sounds or the radio. You can access the repeat function by touching the top of the object.

The controls are extremely intuitive: everything is done from the touch screen, without really having to think about it. In addition, a few other useful features are planned, for example you enjoy a slight night light, which makes it possible not to use the flashlight of the smartphone which hurts the eyes.

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2. Philips HF3531 / 01

Philips HF3531 / 01

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As is often the case with its Wake-up Light range, Philips has paid particular attention to the design of this product. Its appearance is reminiscent of a projector, with a tapered rear and a large light area in the front. On a bedside table, it is very chic. In addition, it has a USB port to charge your smartphone.

The settings are simple, especially using the slice buttons.

The device has a slight defect: the alarm must be activated every day.

If you don’t mind, you can benefit from a truly effective product. Indeed, the Philips HF3531 / 01 has been clinically tested. He is particularly able to put you in a better mood.

To do this, it simply adapts its brightness to the situation. For example, in the morning when you wake up, it reproduces the behavior of the sun by changing from a soft red to a brighter and really illuminating yellow.

At night, the light is less intense, it is easier to fall asleep and you don’t hurt your eyes.

The device has a night light. To enjoy it, just touch the top of the alarm clock twice.

Seven natural sounds are at your disposal for a gentle awakening (animal sounds or calm music).

And if you want to snuggle up a bit under the duvet and aren’t in a rush, just when the alarm sounds, just tap the top of the Philips HF3531 / 01. You will then benefit from the Repeat function (after 9 minutes).

3. Philips HF3505/60

Philips HF3505/60

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Like all other Philips Wake-Up Light models, this product has been clinically proven to be effective. It has a positive effect on your dynamism.

It is cheaper than its cousins ​​in the same range, because the brightness settings are a little less numerous, and also because there is less wakeup sounds. You still have the choice between two relaxing bird songs.

The device is simple, but pretty. It’s actually quite inconspicuous, and you only really notice its presence when it’s turned on. If you wish, you can turn off the screen light, to enjoy a lightless clock radio at night.

In the morning, to help you get off on the right foot, the Philips HF3505/60 simulates sunlight. It begins with a very light, diffuse yellow, and gradually reaches a more marked yellow, which brightens the room well. This process allows your eyes and your body to adapt, without harming them.

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For the bedside lamp function, you can choose between ten light intensities, while for the screen there are four. The maximum brightness of this alarm clock is 200 lux .

Note that you benefit, as on the more expensive models, from the FM radio function! You also have the option of setting the alarm to repeat after nine minutes: to do this, just touch the top of the alarm clock.

4. Beurer WL75

Beurer WL75

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Among the players in the progressive light morning alarm clock market, in addition to Philips, there is also Beurer, which, with the WL75 model, offers a product at a reasonable price and endowed with many useful or nice functions.

This product requires a little adaptation time when you receive it. Indeed, the buttons, located on the bottom of the device, are quite numerous, and at the start we tend to get lost a little.

However, once you get the hang of it, you enjoy a glowing alarm clock that shows great versatility.

One of its greatest qualities is that it can act as a Bluetooth speaker, so you have the option of listening to the sound from your smartphone. It is also a good mood light, since several colors are available (red, blue, green). An AUX socket is also provided.

The Beurer WL75  can be connected to the mains, but also has a 2000 mAh battery which allows it to be used wirelessly, even if the autonomy remains modest: around 3 hours.

Of course, the alarm clock aspect is not left out. Two melodies are available to help you get out of bed. In the morning and evening, the Beurer WL75 simulates sunrise and sunset, allowing you to open or close your eyes gently, stress-free and pain-free.

You also benefit from the FM radio function. Moreover, this product is indicated for radio amateurs, because you have the possibility of recording about thirty stations in the internal memory.

You can choose the light intensity that suits you: there are three levels of brightness.

The Beurer WL75 is a really satisfying high tech device. Given its generally reasonable price online, its wealth of features is really something to impress.

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