Best Paint Rollers With Internal Reservoir

10 Best Paint Rollers With Internal Reservoir Reviews in 2021

Do you want to give a new lease of life to your walls and ceilings, and you don’t have the inclination or the budget to call in a professional? In this case, the solution is simple: just get your hands dirty! But for this you need the right tools, for example a paint roller with reservoir.

The reservoir allows you to save time (you do not need to systematically re-dip the roller in the paint), and to obtain a better and more homogeneous result. In addition, it limits the risk of sagging. Here are three interesting products, suitable for small or large jobs.

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Bosch PFS 5000E

Bosch PFS 5000E

The Bosch PFS 5000E is a high-end, electric reservoir roller, which allows you to apply a large amount of paint, varnish or stain to the surfaces of your choice in a few moments.

Here you are faced with a very versatile device, since it can be used to apply paint and products to your wooden furniture, your ceiling, or even your walls. Three nozzles are supplied to you: one white, one gray and one black, respectively intended for wall painting, stain and varnish.

You also benefit from other accessories, a brush and a filter.

The hose is 4 meters long, which makes it possible to reach high places. As the device weighs less than 5 kg, you will not encounter any particular difficulty in moving it.

Two 1 liter cups are provided to store the product to be applied: you have the possibility to adjust the flow rate (just like the air volume), which can go up to 500 ml / minute. Thanks to the nominal power of 1200 watts, the machine is very efficient: it takes only one minute to paint 3 m².

The Bosch PFS 5000E incorporates two technologies whose purpose is to help you obtain a better result, ALLPaint (for compatibility with a maximum of products) and ConstantFeed , which ensures a constant flow of paint even when the inclination varies.

You will understand: this paint gun is intended more for large-scale projects. If you want to fully repaint a house as quickly as possible, this is the right choice. To freshen up the walls of a single room a bit, there are arguably less expensive options.

Wagner Smart Paint Roller

Wagner SMART Paint Roller

The Wagner Smart Paint Roller is a great value for money roller that allows you to really focus on painting: not only does it have a reservoir, but it is also much easier to fill than with some competitors.

With this product, you don’t even have to pour the paint into the tank. Wagner has indeed decided to propose a different system: you can vacuum the paint directly from the pot! If you want to prevent all soiling, it is difficult to find a better solution.

The tank offers a capacity of 550 ml, which corresponds to an area of ​​approximately 5 m². You have the option of painting up to 15m² in less than twenty minutes, which is much more than you would have done by hand.

And this without any splash.

If your project concerns a ceiling, no problem: you benefit from a suitable handle. However, some users report that, for work at height, the Wagner Smart Paint Roller can feel a bit heavy in the long run.

Note that you almost never have to bend down to work, which is a big plus for anyone with joint pain or health challenges. You can go fast without having to break your back.

Be aware that only water-based paint, very liquid, is compatible with this device (if it is too thick, you will encounter difficulties in use and maintenance).

If you stick to this, it will prove to be very easy to clean, since you won’t need much more than a few minutes available and water.

This reservoir roller is very good value for money: it is really efficient and is really solid.

Goushy Anti-Drip Roller

Goushy anti-drip roller

If there’s a painting project that you care about but keep pushing for want of knowing how to go about it, the Goushy Anti-Drip Paint Roller with Reservoir can help – it’s an inexpensive product. , especially suitable for novices.

This roller is actually sold in a kit that includes many other items. There is, among other things, a second roller used to paint the tops of baseboards, the edges of doors and windows, etc., then a triangular brush ideal for the angles. A tray, as well as a dosing (and pouring) tank are present.

There is also an adjustable aluminum handle, if you want to paint in height. Note that the main roller can be used with many broom handles.

By combining the different tools that are provided to you, you get a net, clean and particularly homogeneous result.

Since the main roller has a 900ml reservoir, you don’t have to soak it in paint. So you don’t run the risk of getting it on the floor, and there is very little dripping when you paint. As for the pouring tray, it saves you from having to place the paint bucket above the roller, which is sometimes hazardous.

You won’t necessarily have to apply more than one coat. Indeed, if you press hard enough, you will be able to directly have a quality paint, clean and which should hold well.

Since the kit is quite cheap, the lifespan is not the same as that of high-end models. It is nevertheless very satisfactory, provided you follow a simple rule: it is important to wash the tools that you have used fairly quickly after use.

How Do I Clean A Paint Roller?

The procedure for cleaning a paint roller depends on the type of paint you used. For tank models, it is often water-based paint which is recommended, and in this case cleaning is carried out as follows:

  • If the roller was on a pole / handle, untie it.
  • Place soap and water in a container, and place the roller in this mixture (ideally, completely submerged).
  • If necessary, do it several times.
  • Once there is no more visible paint, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

If you had used glycerol paint , you will need to replace the water and soap in the container with a solvent (most often heavy naphtha, also known as White Spirit ).

Before washing your roller, remember to recover, as much as possible, the paint on it: it is perfectly usable, and by not wasting it, you are doing good for your budget and the environment.

It is recommended, especially for entry-level rollers, to service as soon as you have finished your job. This is by far the best way to keep them for as long as possible.

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