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Top 10 Best Paul Mitchell Flat Irons Reviews in 2021

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Today you’re going to be going over a little product review of the new iron from Paul Mitchell it’s the neuro smooth, I’m a big fan of it.

We’ve had it for a little while now been playing with it here in the salon and I gotta say I’m actually really impressed with some of the stuff, that it does I’ve seen lots of yeah press.

I guess in all the magazines about this and I read all the stuff and I saw the specs but I really think that getting to use, it is what really won me over

I am a big fan one I like how it looks it looks cool.

It’s slick it’s sleek anybody can use it. You just look cool with it plus it goes with other or outfits now some of the cool sciency stuff that they have in their description of the specs

My breakdown of it is you know it does heat up to four and fifty degrees that’s awesome but what I really like is that now it’s customizable on a great screen for you that will tell you fine medium or fine medium and coarse hair and professional use

The reason that it’s likes me so much is because now I can teach my guests they’re not just turning an iron on and then running.

God knows how hot of an iron over their hair I can teach them okay you have fine hair, so you need to use this at this setting so on so forth and it’s causing a lot less damage

Coming back to me a big fan of the titanium plates on this because it really does just glide over the hair super smooth, super easy they took the bevel off of the edges of the plates here, so it’s not there’s no pull or anything like that.

It really is just super smooth heats up really fast I like because I don’t have to leave the iron on all day. I can just plug it in start it in 30 seconds. I’ve got the the heat that I need it’s also great for me to sell to my guests because it has an automatic shutoff, which is I think a really big deal, because we’ve all heard the stories of someone left something on too long and burned down an entire town.

And now I know I’m not going to be the one that causes that so that’s good big long cord, so I don’t get stuck. I don’t trip myself it’s it’s really it’s hairdresser friendly it does a really great job.

I think one of the biggest revelations for me, I see it’s on all the boxes it’s in all the magazines with this stuff they’re talking about the the smart sense microchip and I didn’t really know what that was and so I looked into it a little bit and it turns out what it is.

It’s a great little microchip in there that is going to make sure that this stays the heat that I set it to by checking and regulating the temperature of 50 times a second and I read it sounded cool, but when I realized what that means is when I’m working with a guest say they’ve gotten really really long hair when that iron goes in by the time, I get to the end of the hair, I haven’t lost any heat, you know it’s been regulated and checked so many times.

It’s just as hot when I get to the end as it was, when I went in the route so what that means for me is that I’m not really going to have to make more than just one pass two passes tops to get really great results.

So in case you can’t tell kind of a fan so I say go get your hands on one try it it’s been fun.

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