Best Pressure Washer Lances

10 Best Pressure Washer Lances Reviews in 2021

For deep cleaning of a roof, for example, a pressure washer lance is particularly useful.

But you have to be careful to choose an efficient model that is especially suited to your sprayer…

In this buying guide, we take stock of the Best Pressure Washer Lances around:

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Karcher – Best Brand Of Pressure Washer

Karcher - Best Brand Of Pressure Washer

Who else than the Kärcher brand to offer you the best of cleaning systems and products? Among its flagship products, the telescopic high pressure lance allows you to easily reach heights without having to climb a ladder or stepladder. High quality and above all easy to handle, the Kärcher telescopic lance is a pleasure to use. Focus on its characteristic points.

Manufacturing quality : The Kärcher brand is not the world leader in terms of cleaning systems and accessories for nothing. It is best known for the quality of its products and this telescopic sprayer lance is no exception to the rule. Cleaning facades, roofs, verandas and shutters has never been easier using this telescopic lance, and you can be sure that it will serve you for years with its great robustness.

Ease of use : Kärcher has provided a shoulder strap to allow the lance to hang on and above all to be stable during use. You therefore have good support to carry out your cleaning, whatever the height you want to reach. The lance is also compatible with all high pressure cleaners of the Kärcher brand, moreover, you have a nozzle to do this in your package.

The length : The Kärcher telescopic lance is 1 meter initially and can be deployed up to 4 meters long in use. The telescoping tube portions have a very effective locking and unlocking system, and can stretch or retract lengthwise during use.

High pressure : One of the strengths of this Kärcher telescopic spray lance is its ability to work at high pressure, which makes cleaning quick and efficient. On the other hand, we note that it does not have a low pressure setting in the event that one wishes to use or send detergents, and that at maximum length, it is rather difficult to handle the device because of the power of its water jets.

Passat: The Best Quality / Price Ratio Pressure Washer


For spraying work at height, discover this ingenious lance from the Passat brand. Its main structure is made of brass and its sprayer gives you a continuous stream of several shapes depending on the nozzle you use. The Passat is an ingenious design since you do not have to carry your tank up high thanks to its 4 m extension hose. Find out more about its main characteristics and advantages below.

The design : Passat had the good idea to equip this telescopic lance with an extension hose. You can therefore leave your spray tank on the ground, at a maximum distance of 4 meters, and get down to work while being as light as possible, without being afraid of collapsing under the weight of the container. It does take a little patience to start the jet. Note that the Passat spray lance provides a continuous stream that you push in or remove the movable handle.

The material : The Passat telescopic lance and all its accessories are made entirely of brass. It is a sturdy, strong, impact resistant and most importantly durable material for a garden or spray hose. Thus, you can use your lance frequently and for a long period of time.

Accessories : In addition to the lance, you have at your disposal an extension of the sprayer about 1 meter long, 4 outlet nozzles to obtain different forms of jets and above all a hose 4 meters long which allows you to leave your tank sprayer on the ground, work quietly at heights and treat large areas. Finally, to ensure the tightness of your lance, the Passat brand offers you replacement seals.

The jet : The Passat telescopic spray lance has several nozzles, exactly 4, which allow you to have jets of different shapes, but also of different viscosity. So you will not lack solution in your treatments and sprays, and above all you can adapt your jet to the nature of the surface you are working on.

Ribiland: The Best Cheap Pressure Washer Lances


If your budget to acquire a telescopic sprayer lance is tight, we advise you to opt for the Ribiland model. This is an inexpensive telescopic lance that can extend up to 110cm to help you reach high and hard-to-reach surfaces in your cleaning, spraying or treatment jobs. Focus on the points that characterize this telescopic lance.

The price : The strong point of this Ribiland telescopic lance is its really affordable price. It is difficult to find a product on the market of the same quality and offering the same performance at the same price. However, the latter is explained by the lack of adaptability of the lance. However, if you are a handyman, you surely have in this Ribiland, the product that suits you.

Weight : The Ribiland telescopic sprayer lance weighs only 230 grams, which is a major advantage insofar as the lightness contributes greatly to the handling of the product, to the comfort of its use and above all to its ergonomics. You can therefore work for quite a long time without collapsing under the weight of the lance, since the things to be sprayed are often high up.

The design : The Ribiland telescopic lance has a solid and ergonomic handle. Its handling is easy, because the main controls are intelligently placed there, whether it is the trigger of the gun, or the locking lever. With the latter, you can maintain the opening of the lance without having to exert continuous pressure on the trigger. Note that the nozzle allows several positions for different shapes and power of the jet.

Strength : The telescopic hose of the Ribiland lance is made of aluminum. When folded, the lance measures 72 cm, and 110 cm when extended. The whole thing exudes solidity, and since the extension of the telescopic hose does not make more than half the lance, the risks of the sprayer bending are practically zero.

How To Choose Your Pressure Washer Lances?

If you are afraid of heights, the telescopic lance is a great alternative for all your spraying, cleaning or treatment jobs. Practical and less risky than the others (ladder or stepladder), this accessory is a precious ally if you want to treat your roof, your trees or just to garden. To get the best product for your needs, learn about the features to consider when making your purchase.

The Material Of Manufacture

The quality of the material of the telescope pipe is important insofar as it influences the total weight of the material, its strength and resistance, but also your safety, especially from the point of view of electrical insulation.

The ultimate is undoubtedly the mixture of carbon and fiberglass, very light, but robust and electrically insulated. You can also opt for models in composite material which offer high chemical and mechanical resistance.

Also check the quality of the materials that make up the lance. This part is often plastic, lacquered steel or brass, of different quality and finish.

The Price

Depending on the quality and nature of the materials that make up your telescopic sprayer extension, you will get different prices. In general, the lowest prices correspond to lances of lower quality, which are admittedly not robust, but may be sufficient for occasional work.

If you have the possibility, and especially if you plan to frequently use your telescopic roof sprayer lance, it is better to opt for safe products even if it means paying a little more expensive price.

The Weight

The weight of the equipment is a determining characteristic in the comfort of use of a long-range sprayer, since you will have to hold your lance at arm’s length during the work.

If the length of the spear is minimal, the weight is not too great. On the other hand, if the telescope exceeds a certain length (beyond 6m), it must be fairly light. Be aware that a roof sprayer pole can weigh between a hundred grams and a few pounds. As long as you choose, it is better to opt for the featherweight.

The Minimum And Maximum Length

Determine the maximum length of the telescopic roofing lance depending on the height or distance you wish to work or spray. In terms of maximum length, it is not difficult to find a 10 meter spray lance in stores.

The minimum length is also important from the point of view of storage and size. The smaller the lance when folded, the easier it will be to store and portable everywhere. Note that the best nozzles are structurally configured so as not to deform due to the extension and retraction movements of the telescopic pipe.

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