Best PS4 Gaming Headsets

Top 10 Best PS4 Gaming Headsets Reviews in 2021

To fully enjoy your Playstation console, a quality gaming headset is a must. There are now models that are both comfortable and with good sound quality, all for a reasonable price.

But be careful because not all models are reliable! In order not to waste your money, I offer you an overview of the best PS4 gaming headsets of the moment!

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The Best PS4 Gaming Headsets

1. Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset 7.1 Surround Sound PS4

Sony PlayStation Gold

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If you are looking for the best ps4 compatible wireless headset, the Sony Gold Edition headset is sure to please you! As the name suggests, this headset is made by Sony. Logically, this headset is therefore compatible with the PS4, also manufactured by Sony! No wonder then that the connection is very easy between the two devices.

If you haven’t seen it yet, its design will surprise you! Its lightness, undeniable to the touch, can be guessed at the sight. This will allow you to play for long hours, and completely forget about its presence! You can count on him to be discreet.

However, if you want to use it intensely, do you put yourself at risk for ear pain? According to most users, you won’t feel pain even after spending several hours on the console. Of course, I can only advise you to try it before you buy it to get your own idea of ​​the product.

And since we are talking about sensations, what about the sound of this ps4 bluetooth headset? The sound is 2.0 stereo, which means you will be able to distinguish what is coming from the left or from the right.

This asset can be useful in games, although it is not equivalent to 5.1 or 7.1 surround. Note that Sony also offers virtual 7.1 surround sound. This type of sound allows you to add depth to your sound, and distinguish right, left, front and back.

What can we say about the microphone? Rest assured, there is indeed one! Even if its minimalist design leaves us to think otherwise.

Its noise-canceling microphone will allow you to communicate clearly. This is ideal for those who are used to playing with friends, especially games that require a lot of co-op, such as shooting games among others.

After much praise, what can we fault the Sony Gold Edition headphones?

First of all, the headset comes with a fairly short cable. Don’t expect to play while charging your headphones with the original cable! However, you are free to buy a larger one!

And since we are talking about buying, how much should you budget if you are interested in this bluetooth headset?

2. HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II

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There are some PS4 gamers who will always want to get the most quality for the best price. And that’s quite normal! To all those who love the best quality / price ratios, we dedicate the next product to you. As the best value for money, I chose the HyperX Cloud II.

Let’s start with its appearance. The Cloud II has a clean design, with red trims, hoops and logo. Even if it remains a matter of taste, a large majority of players agree that this headset is visually successful.

Can the same be said for comfort?

You might have noticed it, but this headset is on the ear. This means that the headphone cushions rest on the cartilage of the ears. Depending on your sensitivity, you may prefer a helmet with the cushions resting directly on the head. However, wearing this material is in no way painful if we are to believe the verified reviews of customers.

In addition, the protective foams are shape memory, which means they will conform to the exact shape of your ears over time. This is ideal if you do not lend your helmet to anyone!

Side solidity, the main metal frame will ensure a good longevity for your object. Note that the HyperX Cloud II is guaranteed for 1 year by the manufacturer!

Now let’s go to the heart of the test: sound and microphone.

For sound, users say they are amazed by the virtual 7.1 surround. This effect will allow you to feel a real notion of space, a real dimension that is offered to you during your games sessions. No one will be able to take you from behind!

For the microphone again, it’s a very good surprise. The transmission is crisp and clear, your voice is very easy to hear. It is therefore a very good point for all those who play frequently in teams or between friends! In addition, it can be easily removed from the headphones, for those who only want to enjoy the sound.

3. HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Pro

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Among our dear readers, there are always those who want high-end. Then there are those who want value for their money at the best price. And finally, the last category wishes above all to acquire the object in question, without losing too much money, even if it means making some concessions. For you, I chose the HyperX Cloud Silver.

Before even talking about the helmet itself, I first note excellent packaging with an advanced taste for detail! Even if it remains annex, it is always a pleasure to discover your helmet in a packaging worthy of the name!

But back to the main topic: the Cloud Silver helmet.

The first impression when you observe and test this helmet is a feeling of robustness. The metal frame, the cable sheathed over the entire length as well as the extension cords, we can say without hesitation that HyperX has not neglected the solidity of the object!

Then, we can only be impressed by the sound offered by these headphones. For this price, the Cloud Silver easily outperforms its range competitors. It is not 7.1 surround, but the notion of space remains very correct for shooting games in particular!

The insulation is also good and will allow you an almost total immersion for the parts requiring you the most concentration!

The last asset of this headset is its microphone. You can move it around so you don’t annoy your team when you’re not chatting, but you can also remove it. In this way, the helmet becomes suitable for any other use, such as a walk or in transport.

When you want to talk, its noise canceling feature will allow you to be heard clearly, even if the surrounding noise is high. These headphones have even been certified
Team Speak and Discord, two certifications guaranteeing very good quality for the microphones.

As a bonus, you can connect your headset to PC, Mac, Xbox One in addition to your PS4.

After giving you all its good points, how much would you estimate the HyperX Cloud Silver to be?

Where To Buy A Gaming Headset For PS4?

From the specialized video game store to supermarkets, you have a range of possibilities to buy a gaming headset for PS4. Let’s take a tour of the four options available to you!

If you have made your choice before buying it, you can go directly to supermarkets such as Leclerc, Carrefour or even Auchan. Prices are often slightly below specialty stores.

You can also buy it in appliance stores, where you will find some advice like at Boulanger or Darty.

The third option is of course the more “specialized” stores, such as at Fnac or Micromania. These outlets are ideal if you are unsure of which product to choose. They will be able to offer you different products, and will listen to you attentively to find you the rare pearl!

Finally, you always have the choice to take it online, especially on Amazon. This is a good choice if you want to get the best price, but also if you want to get opinions from previous buyers. And all this from your computer!

How To Choose The Right PS4 Gaming Headset

Now let’s move on to our practical guide to choosing the right ps4 gaming headset! I am going to present you 6 criteria on which I advise you to pay your attention.

The sound

Depending on the games you are playing, you are going to need a certain quality.

For example, if you play games that don’t require a lot of sonic detail, you can make do with 2.0 stereo sound.

Conversely, if you prefer to play FPS games, shooters, etc., you need to hear every grenade pop! This ability to perceive sound in many different directions is called “surround” meaning to surround in English.

You have the choice between 5.1 and 7.1, the latter being more advanced than the former. The 7.1 PS4 headsets are nevertheless a little more expensive than the others!


This second criterion cannot be determined other than by practice! Do not hesitate to ask for a copy in the store window to be able to put it on your head.

By observing the appearance of the helmet, you can still get an idea of ​​the insulation. Materials such as leather insulate better than simple foam for example.

In addition, it is important to check that the headset encompasses your entire ear if you are looking for the perfect insulation. What could be more disagreeable than hearing the other members of the house while you are playing!


It may sound obvious, but not all headphones are equipped with a microphone ! Here again, here are a few tips so you won’t be disappointed with your microphone.
First, you can for example check the reviews on Amazon which are generally quite honest.

Then pay attention to the location of the microphone: is it built into the headset, is it a separate branch that you can adjust?

The little extra that not all headphones have is the fact that you can retract the microphone away from your mouth. Rather handy to prevent your friends on PS4 from hearing the slightest of your breaths! Some models even offer the possibility of removing it from the helmet!

Ease of use

Have you ever used a headset for several hours? I suppose so !

Like me, you must have already experienced terrible pain in your ears after several hours of playing.

After sound, insulation and mic, comfort is a very important consideration when making your purchase.

Once again, Amazon reviews can guide your choice. I still advise you to try the helmet, because each player prefers a certain material of their own.

The connection

Another detail that may be important: how to connect the headset to the PS4. In this register, there are not many solutions.

You have the wireless option, which implies that the headset will connect to the console using bluetooth.

If this is the case, remember to check the autonomy of your headphones! You might have a bad surprise after a few hours of playing depending on the model.

In opposition to bluetooth, you have the wired connection. In this case, no problem of autonomy, but be careful with the length of the cable, depending on whether you play near your console or not.


Finally, the compatibility of a helmet must obviously be checked before proceeding with the purchase. Even if this changes over time, it still happens that headsets are only compatible with this or that game console, or only on a computer.

So remember to ask the seller or consult the product data sheet. This will ensure that you can enjoy your headphones on your PS4.

This is already the end of this guide to buying headsets for PS4!

For the less adventurous among you, do not hesitate to choose one of the 3 compatible PS4 headsets presented in this guide!

And for the more adventurous, you are armed to search the market for gaming headsets!

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