Sleep Pro Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Review

Sleep Pro Review – Is this Really the Number One Sleep Apnea and Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece?

In this Sleep Pro anti-snoring mouthpiece review I will be discussing if this is really the number 1 stop snoring mouthpiece on the market, like their website claims. I will be sharing in depth some of it’s features, pros and cons. You can also visit their official website by visiting the link below.

If snoring is causes problems with your health and relationship, you might want to take a look at trying a anti-snoring snoring mouthpiece. Trust me, snoring had caused problems with my energy levels and my relationship with my significant other. I have been on a quest to find the best snoring mouthpiece on the market and have done tons of research. So let’s dig in and talk about the SleepPro stop snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece…

If you do not know how a Mandibular advancement device (snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece), it is simply a mouth guard that safely (only the good ones) and comfortably adjust your lower jaw forward while you sleep. Did you notice how I said only the good ones safely adjust your jaw forward. Well, there are some on the market that have been known to cause TMJ and other problems. Don’t worry, I got your back and only discuss the best and most effective on the market.

So why do you want to adjust your lower jaw forward? Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea is mostly caused when the tongue and tissues of the mouth “over-relax” more than they are suppose to and fall into the back of the throat. This partially and sometimes fully blocks the airway. When this blockage happens, it causes snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. By safely adjusting the lower jaw forward, it prevents the tongue and tissues from falling into the back of the throat. This essentially and for most people, treats snoring and many sleep apnea cases.

How The Sleeppro Works

So what separates the Sleep Pro from it’s competition and is it really the number one anti-snore mouthpiece? Let’s get into that. There are many great benefits to this Mandibular advancement device, but it is not perfect. It does have some downfalls, but the benefits far outweigh the potential negatives if it works for you.

Sleep Pro Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Review – Benefits and Features

  • The SleepPro comes in 3 different versions. One is a standard version, one is made with a 7 setting adjustable
  • Feature and one is 100% customized to perfectly fit.
  • Company has been around since 1998
  • The snoring mouth guard has a 98% customer satisfaction rating
  • Medically proven to help stop snoring and treat many sleep apnea cases
  • They Have money-back guarantees (only for the standard and adjustable version)
  • Very affordable comparison to Dentist made mouth guards. Costs a fraction of dentally fit models.
  • Increased quality of sleep
  • Increased energy during the day
  • Can help your relationship with a loved one (if you are keeping them up all night with your snoring)

Sleep Pro 1 (Standard version) Features:

  • 10-40 times cheaper than a dentally fitted mouth guard
  • Very effective
  • Molds to your mouth with “boil-and-bite” technology
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee

Sleep Pro 2 (Adjustable version) Features:

Sleep Pro 2

  • Very comfortable and is adjustable
  • Very effective to stop snoring and help sleep apnea
  • Has 7 different settings for exact fit and comfort
  • Medically proven solution for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea

SleepPro Custom Version:

SleepPro Custom Version

  • Fully customized
  • Comes with molding kit that you form and send back to the company for precise fitting
  • Extremely effective
  • Very affordable for a custom made Mandibular adjustment splint (snoring mouthpiece)

SleepPro Review – Negatives of this Anti-Snoring Device

  • May not work for everyone
  • May take time to get use to feel while sleeping
  • Custom version does take some patience to mold, send back into the company and then wait for your final product.
  • Only the Standard version offers a full 100% 30 day money back guarantee. The custom does not have one and the adjustable version has a partial money back guarantee.

Sleep Pro Anti-Snoring mouthpiece Review Conclusion

They claim this is the number one stop snoring mouth guard on the market, which with my personal research I don’t honestly have anything against this claim. I would have to say this mouth guard is in the races and is a close finish to some of the other great ones. Based on my SleepPro review, I am giving this stop snoring device an A minus grade. It is not perfect and does have its negatives. It may not work for everyone as well, but the benefits and cost alone make it worth a shot. If you and your loved one is suffering with your snoring, this may be worth it for you. With the low cost and the huge benefit upsides, Sleep Pro is one of the best.


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