Best Sugar Rush Lip Balms

10 Best Sugar Rush Lip Balms Reviews in 2021

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TARTE Sugar Rush – Best Sugar Rush Lip Balm Ever!

TARTE Sugar Rush

The product that I’m trying out today is from sugar rush by Tarte. It’s the best bud lip butter balm that I got in the shade peony.

I’m so excited about this because I love lip balms and hydrating lip products.

I pretty much cannot go without a hydrating product on my lips because I just have such naturally dry lips, but this is a very exciting product because I’ve been wanting to try out products from the brand sugar rush by Tarte for a while, ever since I saw them at Amazon a long time ago.

Not that long ago, maybe a few months ago or so but this month I got a product from sugar rush.

See that, it’s the cutest packaging ever. I’m just obsessed look at this the box is so cute and then the actual product this is basically decor.

I have the shade peony which is this light pink shade. I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty translucent but they also have it in a darker shade with of a tint to it, which I would really love to try out because I love a tinted lip balm.

I just opened it, I got a whiff of that amazing delicious scent. When I was looking this up online it says that the scent is angel food cake scent. Oh my god! That’s exactly what it smells like I feel like.

Best Sugar Rush Lip Balm

I’m drooling a little bit it just made me so hungry and it made me really want cake which reminds me that I went to Cheesecake Factory over the weekend, and I got the red velvet cheesecake and I don’t have a big sweet tooth. So I eat a little bit at a time and that’s like enough for me and I wish I still had some of that cheesecake left right now. I finally finished it yesterday, so delicious!

It has hope oil and shea butter and lactic acid so it’ll keep lips hydrated and exfoliated it’s cruelty free and vegan.

So it sounds awesome I just want to give a very obvious reminder, you’re probably gonna be like you didn’t have to tell us that but before you use a product like this.

I just want to give this reminder to wash your hands.

Especially, nowadays I just made sure to wash my hands before filming this but our products that you have to use your finger to apply just make sure you’re using clean hands.

You don’t want to spread any germs but so that’s all you have to do. I thought maybe you would come with an applicator but it doesn’t says just use your finger.

So go ahead pick up some of the product just like a balm texture, yeah completely sheer which is nice, but I just love having color on my lips.

You know what, this just reminds me of blistex, the little blistex tub because it has that angel food cake to it, but has the same texture as blistex.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it but has a little bit of a cooling sensation like blistex and blistex this good stuff I haven’t used that in so long but I used to love it.

Like I was saying I like to have color on my lips so I kind of wish that I got the other shade of this but that seems to be the theme with my boxes.

This month me just getting shades of the products that I’m not crazy about or that there would be other shades that I think would suit me better or that I would prefer but I don’t want to complain because this one still is really nice.

I love the feel on my lips, so hydrating but not sticky. When you feel it with your finger the texture of it seems like it would be sticky but on my lips, it’s not sticky, it’s super hydrating, it is not super shiny but it’s not completely natural.

It kind of just has a hydrating texture and finish to it.

It does look very beautiful on the lips. It looks very hydrated and a little bit plumped up like it smooth out

The appearance of my dry lips really really nicely so oh no I think this is a great lip balm what makes it even better truly is the packaging because that’s what in my opinion separates this from any other lip balm because the clear color, the texture of it the hydration I can find that in like a blistex or a very inexpensive lip balm.

But this just is extra cute. I can feel like this would be a really good base hydrating product for other love colors because like I said, I like to wear lip color, but since this isn’t too shiny but it’s still super hydrating and smoothing to the lips.

I think this would be great underneath like a stick kind of bullet lipstick so I’m definitely going to be trying that out.

If you have any recommendations for other sugar rush products that I should try out, let me know in the comments down below.

I especially love when I can get products on Amazon, that’s my favorite place to order makeup from online.

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