Best Ultra Thin Keyboard For PC

10 Best Ultra Thin Keyboard For PC of 2021

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Seenda Silent Wireless Keyboard – Best Ultra Thin Keyboard Ever!

Seenda Silent Wireless Keyboard

Whether you’re a creator, a student or just work on a computer, one of the most important tools you use by far is the keyboard. Yeah today i’m going to be reviewing the led backlit bluetooth keyboard by Seenda which is a Japanese company that make this.

Budget but very cool looking keyboards. Externally, it looks very mac like and that is because it’s designed to work natively with mac

Now I’ll be going over through some of the pros and cons of this keyboard and by the end of the article, hopefully you’ll see if this is a good match for you

Now first of all that design. It is slick and minimalistic, very slim with a low profile so the keys are easy to reach and type on and I’m really digging the simplistic design and also the space gray color just goes great with any mac, and also actually looks great on any series or professional desktop setup

The fonts are also very sharp and clear to read on the keys. Especially, even with the backlight on, it’s still very readable, of course with the seven led backlight keys is not only stylish but easy to type on at night or with dim lighting.

The media keys all work as a label and be mindful that this is a keyboard designed and engineered to work with Mac, so none of the media keys unfortunately don’t work with the windows operating system, and I actually found that most of the keys didn’t work on ios either or ipad os that is.

The led lights do have three levels of brightness and pressing the led hotkey you can toggle between the different brightness, and while holding that hotkey and pressing the up and down keys, you can easily toggle between the colors white, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple and red.

It was very thoughtful of Seenda to include a keyboard cover, but I hate keyboard covers because it just makes it harder for my fingers to type and slide, it’s just too creepy, but it’s there if you want the protection.

Seenda Ultra Thin Keyboard

Now included is a micro usb cable for charging which personally I would have appreciated usb type C, but we have no control over that.

Speaking of which battery life, It expect to run for 400 hours with the back lid off. Now that’s a little over two weeks which is plenty, but with the lights on, that time is cut to just 16 hours which is not a lot.

So expect to be charging this thing every other day and we really can’t complain considering the price is so cheap this. It has an amazing price for what you’re getting.

But not all is perfect there’s gotta be a reason why this price is so cheap and that leads us to the cons which are not many.

Again I really love this keyboard. I’m really digging it, but there might be enough to steer some of you to another keyboard. For example, you can only pair this with one device at a time and that’s just not good.

In 2021 most bluetooth ultra thin keyboard can pair to with at least three devices and of course as mentioned before, the battery life is on the short side when you have the backlights on

Now the keys even though they do have some tactile to it because they are a scissor switch design which is very similar to what mac and macbooks uses. They do tend to feel a little spongy, so it requires a little extra force that what i’m used to, so it could lead to some fatigue

Finally, I don’t know if it has to do with my hacking touch setup or not but it loses connection with my hacking touch very easily. By default the keyboard is programmed to sleep after 3 minutes in idle, which is a little short if you ask me if you get distracted reading something, doing something else, the keyboard will fall asleep and might lose connection, but that doesn’t happen with my macbook only with the hacking touch.

There is also no software to control the sleep or manage the keyboard settings. There’s also no way to upgrade the firmware if there’s any.

So in conclusion what can I say I have mixed feelings on this keyboard. I love the look, the design, the whole features about the backlit and all the media keys. Everything is great just well the typing experience is just not as good as I thought, it’s not even close to the apple keyboard which I got spoiled by it.

I love that keyboard the tactile feel but it’s still compact. It’s just one of the best keyboards that I have typed on. I also have a Logitech K811 that is kind of broken right now and that’s why I’m hunting for a wireless keyboard.

Even that keyboard is a little bit more comfortable to type on while still being compact stylish and has backlit keyboards, but that keyboard will run you about a hundred dollars, so I don’t want to buy it again.

So basically, what I’m trying to say if I’m saying anything at all is that you get what you pay for a pretty good looking keyboard, that performs as good as it’s built, cheap so if you’re in the market for an ultra thin, compact keyboard, that works great and natively with a Mac.

I can recommend this keyboard only for the fact that there are no budget friendly bluetooth keyboards with seven led back lightning. That has media keys working out of the box and looks good anywhere out there.

There’s just isn’t one I haven’t found one that is and if you have please let me know down in the comment section below

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