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Top 10 Best VHS To DVD Converters Reviews in 2021

You have found a nice collection of VHS, and you would like to enjoy it, but using modern tools? So what device do you need to copy video tape to DVD? The answer is simple: a VHS to DVD converter.

However, these devices can cost a certain price. Better not go wrong, and choose one that works for you right from the start. I invite you to discover together three particularly interesting models, adapted to various user profiles.

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The Best VHS To DVD Converters



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This product has two peculiarities that make it really interesting.

The first is that you don’t need a PC to do the recording. Indeed, the box can accommodate an SD card. You also receive one with the device, with a capacity of 4GB (this corresponds to about 4 hours of VHS).

Just plug it into a source via the supplied AV cable or HDMI cable, and press the record button.

The second is that it has a built-in preview screen. So you have an idea of ​​the rendering you will get, even without a computer.

This design ingenuity is obviously the main reason I’m bringing it to you.

In terms of quality, no complaints. The results are generally good. For the recording of a television soap opera, no problem.

On the other hand, when you digitize a VHS, if it is in bad condition, there may be a slight lag in its image. Rewinding the HSV can often significantly lessen the effect, or even eliminate it altogether.

Another of the strengths of the product is its portability. Although the case is slightly larger than that of the usual converters, you don’t have to bring anything else. You can digitize your VHS at home, and take the DIGITNOW iRecord to a friend’s house to record a match of your favorite team.

It’s user-friendly and it has its effect!

Software is included (ArcSoft ShowBiz 3.5) for burning to DVD and converting to formats suitable for tablets, phones, etc. (the recording is in AVI). This time, of course, you have to use a PC.

The program provided is simple, but it’s quite possible to use a different one if you prefer.


  • Works without a computer, 4GB SD card (~ 4 hours) provided.
  • Convenient preview screen.
  • Compact case, ideal for recording a match at a friend’s house.


  • It may be necessary to rewind your tapes a few times.

2. Elgato Video Capture

Elgato Video Capture

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Your goal is simple: convert a large amount of tapes, and convert them into a convenient format? In this case, I can recommend the Elgato Video Capture. This VHS to DVD converter with a good quality / price ratio makes it possible to obtain a file directly compatible with the majority of the devices.

With this unit, you can record in 640 * 480 (4: 3) or 640 * 360 (16: 9) definition. I am telling you now, because to some people it may seem too little.

However, the Elgato Capture Video offers quite a few advantages.

The most appreciable of them is that you get a file whose audio and video correspond perfectly to the standards currently in force (H.264 standard for video and audio AAC 48kHZ 128 kBit / sec).

If you don’t quite understand what this entails, it’s simple: you can play the resulting files on a large number of media (your computer, but also an iPad or some phones) without having to make changes with software.

In addition, you can put the scanned videos on YouTube directly, as they do not weigh too much.

The device is very easy to use. A PC is required.

The software offered by Elgato guides you step by step. The interface is clear, and we explain, among other things, how to make the connections: you avoid big errors.

The connectivity offered makes it easy to connect the Elgato Video Capture to any analog video device.

All this, without any problem of bulk. Indeed, you can easily slip this product in your pocket or carry it in a small bag.

I think right now this is the best value for money that one can find as a private individual. More efficient devices exist, but it becomes necessary to pay really high sums.


  • Video in H.264 format, audio in AAC 48kHZ 128 kBit / sec format.
  • Ease of use and portability.
  • Excellent compatibility (various formats and devices).


  • Proposed definition which may seem a bit tight

3. LogiLink VG0001B

LogiLink VG0001B

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Got a few tapes to digitize, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a VHS to DVD converter? The LogiLink VG0001B can be a solution.

If this VHS to digital converter is accessible, it is mainly because it requires a little effort on your part.

To use it easily, I recommend the AVS Video Converter software: it is the one recommended by many users of the product. There is another program provided, but the results it gives are more mixed.

With that in mind, honestly, I don’t have a lot of complaints. The LogiLink VG0001B does what is asked of it, and if you especially want to recover files to burn to DVD, no need to spend more!

This is typically the kind of product that will satisfy people with a bit of nostalgia, who want to convert a few video tapes and family documents without spending a hundred dollars.

It easily connects to most computers via USB. It also has the advantage of being able to run even on older versions of Windows (up to 2000). So there are chances to get your videos back even if your PC is starting to age.

You can digitize VHS, V8, or Hi8 tapes (the ones you used most often with camcorders).

The device is compatible with PAL and NTSC standards using the included software. With AVS Video Converter there are additional possibilities.

Even though the price is light, you don’t have to worry about strength. The object is sturdy and durable, and some people use it to digitize collections of over 100 cassettes.

If you want to carry it, just place it in your pocket. It is one of the most compact converters that I know of.


  • Super accessible price.
  • Easy to connect to various video sources, compact.
  • Compatible with older computers.


  • May require a bit of resourcefulness.

How to convert VHS to DVD?

To turn a VHS into a digital file, it is helpful to have a VHS to DVD converter. The K7 converter is easy to find online, however, there are a few technicalities to be aware of.

Let’s start with the simplest, the recording and burning procedure, which is pretty much the same regardless of the product:

  • Connect the VHS DVD converter to the device that will play your tape, and, if necessary, to a computer.
  • Install recording software on the PC (usually there is a CD included in the box, or a download link in the manual).
  • Launch it, and launch the tape. The video is displayed in the software.
  • Rewind or fast forward to find the section of the tape that interests you. Click REC or Save.
  • Wait until you get a digital file. You can then burn it to DVD .

The steps are pretty straightforward! However, I must admit that there are sometimes some complications when you want to transfer old video to DVD. Indeed, it happens that there are problems of image-sound synchronization, for example.

This could come from a damaged cassette.

But, often, software tweaks can help you get a better result. For example, making sure you select the right video standard will increase the odds in your favor. Also, sometimes just rewinding the tape can correct some problems.

It is also possible to make corrections after recording, using video editing software. Put like that, it can be intimidating, but these programs are often easy to learn.

There are 100% free options on the Web.

If you don’t especially want to burn to DVD, but intend to play the files on tablet or phone, I recommend you choose a converter that creates files at the H.264 standard.

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