Waste King Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King Garbage Disposal Review

The Waste King Garbage Disposal is one of most famous branches in this industry. This branch has provided a number of models that have served major customers in this niche and has received consistently great recommendation from them.

Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

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Horse Power

There are different options of Horse Power that diverse the basic need of customers in resolving the household food waste in daily life.

  • 1 HP: the most powerful and efficient units that have great service all kinds of food waste and also are appropriate for big family with a lot of household food waste.
  • 3/4 HP: this option will narrow down a little in power but still have great contribution in resolving food waste. It still serve greatly in big family household garbage with more affordable prices.
  • 1/2 HP: units in this level of power work best in cutting down some soft substances like meat fish and small bones. There is no good when using it to cut steak bones, stringy vegetables, peel leftover. You should take care them yourself to make these units more longevity.

High Speed Motors

Waste King Garbage Disposal are using the permanent magnetic motor which leads to a high speed and powerful grinding components. The RPM of most of Waste King Disposal is ranged from 2600 – 2800. Even the 1/3 HP options, units still maintain a great speed motor, 1900 rpm, which is higher than other branch models at the same level of HP as well.

Grinding Components

Stainless Steel: the major material is used in most of the models of Waste King Garbage Disposal. Stainless steel has been use widely in different branches in this industry for longevity of units.

Corrosion material: It is used in some 1/2 and 1/3 models, in order to reduce the cost, make units more affordable.


Most of the units of Waste King are not in a compact size. In 1 HP and 3/4 HP, the smallest size is close to 9.75 x 9.75 x 15.44 inches in 3 dimensions.

1/2 HP and 1/3 HP have got a smaller size but also reduced plenty of features as well. The most compact size of 1/3 model (Waste King L-111) is around 6.38 x 6.38 x 13.44 inches in 3 dimensions.

Sound Insulated Technology

Sound insulated is declared to facilitate in the most advanced units of Waste King Garbage Disposal. This feature delivers a quiet operation which has been confirmed from major customers that it is more silent than other models at the same level of price.

Additional Items included

There are extra items, which have always come along with units when you purchased it. It makes customers more convenience for installation and also reduces further cost for separately purchasing these items. Those are including:

  • Removable splash guard cover: make it easy for schedual cleaning disposal units (only EZ mount units).
  • Power cord for no-hassle installation.


There are two installation types, which are applying to Waste King Garbage Disposal.

  • 3 bolts mount: mainly made from stainless steel material, which delivers a firm construction but not easy to install and clean as well.
  • EZ Mount: mainly made from aluminum material, which is more referable due to being easier to install and clean by using the removable splash guard.

Safe for properly size septic tank

Waste King Legend Series Garbage Disposal is designed for serving a proper size of septic tanks. If your families are using the septic system to resolve your food waste, you can take this disposal branch as a good reference for your own choice.


Waste King has been proud of providing the longest period of warranty in this industry, which is always including a lifetime warranty against corrosion for most of the models using the stainless grinding components.

The Limited Home Warrant is diverse between different models, which is ranged from a lifetime for most advanced Legend Series, L-8000 to 2 years for 1/3 HP Waste King L-111.

The warranty is clearly stated that if your purchased unit develops a material or mechanical defect, they will repair or replace it free of charge.

Who should buy the Waste King Garbage Disposals?

I would recommend Waste King Garbage Disposal to people who:

Want standard quality garbage disposal – Waste King Garbage Disposal has great feedback from major customers not only for fast and efficient in grinding up food waste but also quieter operation than other previous models they used before. For that reason, this machine has continuously been the top best-seller in Amazon.

Affordable Price – Waste King has delivered a Legend series that has great performance in overall but offers wide-range varieties in prices from around $50 to $160. It is not a high for considerable standard quality disposal.

Great assurance of quality – the longest warranty in this industry is a compromise of quality and great service for customer, which make sure you never make regret for choosing Waste King Garbage Disposal to serve your needs.


Waste King Garbage Disposal have been well-known in this industry for reasons. Their models, especially Legend series have developed a great standard quality with affordable prices. Their operation is strongly recommended from many customers due to high performance in the overall, especially in noise reduction, and the longest warranty period on the market.


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