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Top 10 Best Watering Controllers Reviews in 2021

When you have a garden, watering quickly becomes a chore that you want to get rid of. Controlled water distribution makes it possible to optimize the growth of plants so that they always have the volume of water and nutrients necessary for their growth, while taking care not to waste this precious resource.

For the more picky, you can use a timer for low pressure or drip watering. This way, with a well thought out network, you will be able to bring a tiny amount of water to each of your plants and provide them with just what is needed to watch them grow and provide you with beautiful fruits and vegetables.

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The Best Watering Controllers

1. Gardena 6030

Gardena 6030

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Gardena has a complete range of timers for the automatic watering of your garden. Entry to this range is via the 6030, let’s see what it can do for you.

The Gardena 6030 is a simple yet comprehensive programmer that allows you to control up to 6 valves simultaneously. You will have full control over the watering frequency and duration to suit your needs. Where the German brand has a leg up on the competition is in ease of use.

The screen is clear and the information is on display for immediate understanding. Programming is done in a few moments. In any case, you will have crystal clear documentation. As the brand is widely used, you can also easily find information online to help you perfect your programming.

Once this step is completed, you will have to relax and admire the programmer managing the watering completely independently. Saving time is of great benefit. In addition, you can go on weekends and on vacation with peace of mind, your plantations will continue to be watered in your absence.

An automatic sprinkler system also saves a lot of water. By programming your sequence as accurately as possible, you can use the volume of water that corresponds to your plantations. To go even further, it is the installation that will allow you to do it. For example, the Gardena 6030 can control 6 valves. Arrange for the water needs of your plants to be distributed by valve. A plant that must be watered every day should not be placed on the same circuit as one that will be watered every three days. It is the solution adopted by professional gardeners to optimize growth while avoiding water waste.

In the event of a specific need, you will have a forced operating mode for manually controlled watering. You just need to press a button to start watering and stop it when you decide to.

2. Gardena 1890

Gardena 1890

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Are you looking for a programmer for the irrigation of your crops? Gardena has thought of you with the 1890 model. To water your garden independently, it is a tool that fulfills its role perfectly. It also helps you never forget to water or ask your neighbor or a member of your family to come to your house to water your tomato plants.

The programming takes place on the screen that you will install directly on the water outlet of your tap. It will therefore be necessary to remember to leave it open so that it can activate watering when the defined time slot is reached. For your balcony, terrace or garden, this solution adapts to all configurations. Thanks to this flexibility, you can use it as a drip timer or for a classic watering control system.

All settings are easily accessible through the intuitive user interface. You can also use it as a manual sprinkler thanks to the programming bypass function. Activate it when you want to top up watering or if you haven’t done any planning.

The programmer works with a 9V battery. Remember to change them regularly to ensure that the automatic watering system works. You can add a humidity detection system to your sprinkler system. Thanks to it, you will be able to detect the moisture content of the soil of your plants, to trigger watering only when necessary. For example, if it rained today, watering is not necessary. This will save you precious liters of water and avoid drowning your plants.

Its greatest quality is the adjustment range which adapts to all uses. Imagine, you can set the watering duration to the nearest second (between 1 second and 99 minutes). With a so-called “drip” system, you can precisely determine the optimum amount of water for the growth of your plants.

3. Gardena 1169

Gardena 1169

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The best model of automatic sprinkler from a point of view of ease of use is undoubtedly the Gardena 1169. Indeed, this device is screwed directly on the water tap that you use for your garden. Then, the adjustment is done by rotating a large button with the function pictograms directly drawn on it. Nothing’s easier.

With the Gardena 1169 you can save valuable watering time. You will no longer forget to water your still fragile plants that are in a greenhouse, or your tomatoes that ripen slowly under a blazing sun.

Its ease of use is astounding. No screen, no complicated programming where you have to spend long minutes setting everything and getting lost in a plethora of menus. Here, you will only have to turn the dial to choose the watering duration, and leave the device in total autonomy.

For low pressure sprinkler systems, it is also possible to adjust the flow rate. A whole quarter of the dial allows you to vary the maximum water flow. By setting it to a low position, you can connect a complete system that goes around your vegetable garden and thus water each plantation that requires it with a tiny amount of water. All you have to do is watch nature unfold before your eyes.

This operating mode eliminates the need for batteries. And when we know the pollution that this represents, and the drawbacks to use, we greatly appreciate an entirely mechanical system.

To have a perfect use, a timer before the triggering would have been a real plus. This would have allowed a simple entry into the world of programming. With such a function, it would have been possible to postpone the start of watering, while setting the duration of it. A simple option, but unfortunately absent from this model.

How Do I Setup A Sprinkler Timer?

Installing a timer for your watering, whether automated, pressure-less or drip-fed, is the same. You have two main types of schedulers.

The simplest connects directly to the garden water tap. All you have to do is screw it onto the connection provided for this purpose and simply set the duration of use or the maximum flow rate, depending on your choice of irrigation technology. They function as a simple timer which will let the water pass when within the programmed range.

Other more sophisticated systems allow several valves to be controlled simultaneously. At this time, refer to the user manual, because each brand has its subtlety of installation. In general, you will have a wall programmer, which you will place inside your home for more convenience. Then create your own irrigation network with a fitting and pipe system. Try as much as possible to group plantations with similar water requirements on the same circuit.

For example, you can have a circuit for your decorative plants, one for your tomatoes, and one for zucchini and eggplant. Then, depending on the case, the valves are connected wirelessly to the programmer, or it will be necessary to provide a few cables between the devices.

From there, all you have to do is configure your time slots and the duration of it. The valves will open at these times to let the water through and water your plants. You can easily connect a drip system to it , just check the compatibility with the pilot unit and the valves.

You can achieve great water savings with a timer for watering your vegetable garden. With a more complex assembly, you can even use the rainwater that you will have stored in a recuperator and couple the whole with a probe that detects the humidity in the soil as close as possible to your plants to know if it is necessary water or not.

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