Top 10 Best Yammer Competitors and Alternatives (2021 Updated)

Yammer is known as a website that provides you with a social networking platform, where yammer helps you Communicate among team members with collaborators, connect with colleagues to share knowledge, expertise your subject. It also allows sharing files and documents.

Yammer has two basic options: enterprise and basic, but yammer is not the only provider of this service on the internet and there are a lot of competitors and alternatives to yammer. Below is a list of the 10 best yammer competitors and yammer alternative platforms.

Yammer Competitors and Alternatives

1. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks

A place that brings together online course communities and is known to bring your members together in order to grow a strong business is Mighty Networks’ mission. It can be said that Mighty Networks is the first choice for Yammer alternative. It provides you with a platform on which you can run your community as well as online courses.

2. The Hub

The Hub

The hub Known as an intranet and used as a customer portal trusted by major brands in the world such as Nikon, Ralph Lauren,…

The hub helps you securely share your connection to resources, thereby promoting and improving cohesion among employees through features such as smart forms, group forums, and survey

The Hub does not charge any additional fees, not even upgrades. Every time a new update is available, you’ll get the update as quickly as possible, which helps you maintain a smoother intranet.

3. Trillian for Business

Trillian for Business

One of the great alternatives to Yammer is Trillian. Trillian is known for its privacy and security.

Trillian also offers a self-hosting service, which will help you eliminate the worries about third parties accessing your data.

With the self-hosting feature, only you can access your data and no one has access to it.

4. Chanty


Chanty is known for being an extremely popular app for team memberships. You will have difficulty comparing between Chanty and Yammer because Yammer is a social network developed exclusively for businesses, and Chanty is an AI-powered chat group.

Conducting long chats on Yammer is difficult because it’s mostly about microblogging. Even though private messaging has just been introduced, it still hasn’t become an instant messenger.

In addition, Chanty is developed to support, develop communication skills, and perform team work. That is why real-time instant messaging functionality is key. Besides, your messenger becomes a single message center thanks to multiple integrations feature. You can create an online meeting in a flash thanks to the video calling feature.

You will receive full notifications directly to Chanty from all SaaS you are using (MailChimp, Jira, Intercom and more) without having to open multiple windows. Moreover, with the built-in task manager will help you set up new tasks quickly without the need for 3rd party applications.

5. Jive


Are you looking for Yammer alternatives? Jive is full of features that can replace Yammer. Jive and Yammer are both social platforms, where your employees can communicate, exchange work with the tools available effectively.

However, when you visit Jive, you will quickly find that they focus a lot on enterprises – ambiguous user experience, no pricing pages, too many menus, and misinformation. All of this gets you stuck.

On the pricing page, I don’t even recognize plan numbers. Obviously, it’s not a sales site for Jive. Anyway, Jive prices are as low as $ 5 per user for 1 month. It is priced at the same price level as the Microsoft Office 365 plan so it can be said that there is no price competition.

6. Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace

The fact that Facebook Workplace is very likely to become a formidable rival to Yammer.

First released in the fall of 2016, it looks like a normal Facebook – you can set up and join groups, message, post status, leave comments, interact and be share posts by colleagues. What makes Facebook Workplace different from Yammer is – Facebook Workplace is completely self-contained and private, so the security is very high.

7. Bitrix24


Me and my associates, have been using Bitrix for a long time, and most of the time everything has been fine, without too many changes. Bitrix offers a variety of built-in features. The question here is whether Bitrix has enough elements to replace Yammer or not?

To fully get the benefit of the feature, you should charge for the add-ons. This may seem uncomfortable for small teams.

In short, this is a must-have software for employees and some teams from CIS.

8. eXo Platform

eXo Platform

eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution where it helps you bring together your team members, communicate, work, discuss and even reward them. in the group. This will help your team work more efficiently

eXo Platform also has a built-in corporate social network with collaborative workspaces, social collaboration and instant messaging.

With a built-in knowledge management system, eXo Platform helps you organize, share, store and collaborate on your documents.

9. Broad Vision

Broad Vision

Broadvision is known as one of the famous providers of social business solutions in the world. It markets, develops and supports enterprise portal applications. The company offers a legal corridor where you can feel secure and secure to collaborate and share your information on cloud technology.

It includes software solutions such as: Commerce Agility Suite, Business Agility Suite, Clearvale, Clear, QuickSilver and Vmoso.

10. Wrike


Wrike is a replacement for Yammer that cannot be ignored. Has won many awards for online project management with one cross-cutting goal: Improve efficiency as well as improve work speed for both co-location and distributed teams.

This is the winner of the FinancesOnline Best Project Management Software Award 2018.

Thanks to the flexibility Wrike provides, it allows multi-functional teams to collaborate and perform tasks efficiently from one location. The service helps you organize real-time schedules, discussions, and track progress – all in just a few clicks.


It can be said that to find a powerful and useful Collaboration Software is very difficult. Because it has to match 2 criteria that are both to satisfy your needs and just right for your budget.

But here we have helped you shrink your choice to find you the most suitable Yammer alternatives. Besides, you also need to pay attention to factors when choosing such as customer support capabilities, integrated mobile applications, …

Hopefully, with this meticulous research, you will find yourself a satisfying and effective Yammer alternative

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